Sunday, September 19, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun 20/09/04]

TVB's grand production ancient drama "War and Beauty" has had good results since it began airing and a group of cast members including Gigi Lai, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan and Sheren Tang gathered yesterday for a mid-autumn festival promotion that attracted a crowd of several hundred members of the public in a very packed venue. During the event, the artistes joined the audience in playing games and in one 'xiunui pageant' game, they followed the storyline and sniffed some little girls' body odour, causing a few laughs.

The cast of "War" agree that the show has become the talk of the town and Bowie even says confidently: "Almost all of Hong Kong is watching the show, it has become a trend and if you don't watch it, you will have nothing to talk about the next day when you get back to work. I am very happy because I have never made a show that has gripped the public like this and motivate society." Bowie goes on to suggest that the producer should film a prequel to the show and laughs that this should tell of Gigi's romances when she was 24.

When Gigi was asked whether she is confident that her character 'Yuk Ying' will win the award for 'My Favourite Female Lead Role' this year, she shakes her head and says: "To win good reviews and the praise from everyone is already an award. If TVB will give me the award, then it would be even better, but I am not a TVB person and I have not made that many series for TVB, so the award is down to the time, the place and the people. However, I have pledged that apart from giving my fidelity to my husband after I get married, then my faith belongs to TVB for life because I do not like filming elsewhere as I get homesick." As for the suggestion of the fighting and conflict in "War" being a reduced reflection on society, Gigi indicates that to live happily is the best and she hates all the deception and conflict. If she was really the character she plays, she would rather not live. She also hopes that the show will reach the results of "War of Genders", saying: "If the show passes 40 points, I will wear a bikini!"

Moses indicates that even Chow Yun Fat is watching the show: "I heard from a friend that Brother Fat said that as TVB has not produced this type of show for a while, then it is worth watching." As for what happens in the end, none of the cast would let on, with Sheren saying: "Two die and two live. (They say you will go crazy in the end?) The person who wrote that is crazy!"


[The Sun 20/09/04]

Fiona Yuen was an hour late for a promotion yesterday and when she arrived, she apologised, saying: "I had to go to Sha Tau Kok this morning at 6am to film for 'My Wife Your Honour' but we started late because it was raining and did not finish filming until 11am. Luckily Metro arranged for a car to pick me up, so I rushed home to get changed and that was why I was late." Fiona says that she is paired up with Johnson Lee in this show and there will be some kiss scenes: "The shot was filmed in Sha Tau Kok and the scenery was very beautiful, so the feeling it created was very good."


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