Sunday, September 12, 2004

[Oriental Daily 13/09/04]

After his car accident two months ago, where he injured his neck, arm and chest, Sammul Chan was involved in another accident resulting in a three car pile up on Saturday evening on his way home from work in the early hours. Sammul was not heavily injured, but the strength of the crash was such that it strained his old neck injury and after inspection, it was found that there is a hairline fracture in his sixth vertebra that could have serious consequences.

Sammul was back at work in TVB City yesterday, wearing a neck brace as filming went on to schedule for his new series "Courageous Kunlun", but a stunt double was required for his fighting scenes in the show. He says: "The doctor told me not to move my neck and I don't know when I will get better right now, so I can only keep wearing the neck brace and keep going back for x-rays and check ups. (Will this injury have future effects?) I don't know, I just know that after the injury, the blood circulation to my head will not be as good and this can make me drowsy at any time. (Do you need to rest a while?) No, because I am not as seriously injured as last time, but in the short term I will not be driving. It is too freaky, so I will ride in the company transport now." Also, talking of the damage to his car, Sammul says that this was his father's car and after the accident, the back has been totally smashed, with an estimated $20-30,000 needed to repair it, so bad news does not come alone.

With so many trouble surrounding Sammul lately, little wonder that his 'big sister' in the series Joyce Koi has been giving him a couple of tips to protect himself. She says: "Although Sammul is a Christian, but I have taught him that when he films funeral scenes or death scenes, then he has to pay his respects to the spirits in four directions and ask them for permission. After all, it is all about manners and you can't be too sceptical about these things."


[Oriental Daily 13/09/04]

Bernice Liu returned to TVB City yesterday to continue filming for "Healing Hands III" and as for reports that suggested she was unhappy with the press intrusion on her work and once again abandoning the kiss scene with Bowie Lam, she pleaded innocence as she explained: "I will not refuse to film just because the press are there, it is not that I haven't done a kiss scene before. The reason the filming was cancelled was due to the unexpected strong winds at the beach that I was not prepared for. Coupled with the two hour wait for the lighting checks, I was so cold I became unwell. (Did you run away?) That night I wanted to be sick when I went to the toilet, so when the director saw me so unwell, he told me not to film and go home. Afterwards, I went to see the doctor and I am still taking flu medication now." As Bernice is still not fully recovered, she is wearing the woollen socks that her mother bought her to keep warm.

Talking of reports that co-star Lawrence Ng is often late, losing his temper and not rehearsing, Bernice supports him, saying: "Although I don't have many scenes with him, when I do film with him, he is always joking and I don't notice his 'three faults'." Also, when asked if she feels that there is too much gossip surrounding "Healing Hands III", she says that there are a lot of cast members in the show and as this is a high profile production, then there is bound to be more news, but she is thankful to the producer for inviting her to join in this show.


[The Sun 13/09/04]

Having voted since she was 21, Shirley Yeung and her mother joined together to cast their votes in Shek Kip Mei polling station yesterday and with two votes to cast, Shirley said: "As well as my own region, I have an extra vote from the education field because I graduated from the Educational College."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 13/09/04]

As a spokesperson for a wedding gown company, Lily Lei was modelling for a catwalk show at the Gold Coast yesterday. Even with four inch heels on, Lily's petite build was no match for the other models such as Sofie Rahman, but luckily the organiser Annie Liu had arranged for her to appear on a lower stage away from the other models, so that the difference was not so obvious.

Lily had been practising hard to get her catwalk appearance up to standard and Ms Liu indicated that her dress weighed nearly twenty pounds and the length meant that it dragged along the ground, so there was a special method needed to walk in the dress. Afterwards, Lily gave herself 70% for her performance, saying that she cannot be compared to the professional models, but it was acceptable. Although this is the third or fourth time that Lily has worn a wedding gown, she insists that she has to wear one when she gets married in real life. She tells of her dream wedding: "I like the feeling of nature, so if I could have it on a beach with a bikini wedding gown, then it would be very special. (Has your boyfriend proposed to you yet?) We have only been dating for six months so not so soon, but as long as we feel it is the right time to get married, then it could well be a lightning marriage!"


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 13/09/04]

The "2004 EEG Singing Contest" took place at TVB City yesterday and the ten contestants were split into the Beijing team and Hong Kong teams to battle for the "Golden Microphone Award", 2nd place, 3rd place and the team award. Although the Beijing team were the favourites, the result was that the team award went to the Hong Kong team and the top award also went to Hong Kong representative Wong Kei. Second and third place went to Beijing's Li Jing and Zheng Dong respectively. Many artistes from EEG were there to support the contestants, including Boyz, Yumiko Cheng, Deep Ng and Isabella Leung. The judging panel was also quite impressive, including EEG Executive Mani Fok and experienced singing stars such as Jonathan Li, Anthony Wong and Elisa Chan.

"Golden Mic" winner Wong was moved to tears when he received the award and he says that he had never thought about winning because he felt that the other contestants were very talented. His winnings include a golden microphone, $100,000 cash, white gold jewellery worth $88,000 and Karaoke vouchers. The centrepiece is either a record contract with EEG or an actors contract with TVB and when asked which he would take, he indicated that he really does love singing and feels that he is a skilled singer, so he hopes to make a career for himself in the music industry. As for the prize money, he will be taking the other contestants and his family for dinner.

Joey Yung, who was an MC on the night had originally planned to join Deep Ng in testing the four finalists, but she pulled out of this section, due to a throat infection and explained later: "I am still not very well, so I did not want force myself because it would look bad if I sung worse than the contestants." Hosting a big show for the first time, Joey used her sore throat as the perfect excuse not to say too much and leave her two co-hosts to do the talking. This also reduced the risk of her fluffing her lines and so she gave a reasonable performance. As for Hong Kong's results despite the better performance from the Beijing singers, Joey says: "The results are okay, I quite like Wong Kei. He is a good singer, but the Beijing team were very good too."

At the celebratory party later, Joey, Boyz and Isabella Leung were invited to join EEG boss Albert Yeung and his wife at the top table, showing their special place in the company.


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