Saturday, September 11, 2004

[Oriental Daily 12/09/04]

Fiona Yuen was the host for a Jaguar presentation event earlier and she reveals that as well as bringing her a five figure fee, it has brought her a lot of fringe benefits: "Recently I have bought a new car and not only have they given me a discount, they event added a lot of extras into the car for me as well as my own plate and a respray. (Has your boyfriend subsidised your car?) A little, I hope to be able to afford it myself though and we talk love, not money as the most important thing is to be happy." As the new car will not be available until November, Fiona's mode of transport at the moment is by taxi.


[Oriental Daily 12/09/04]

Since the photos of her 'liaisons' with Moses Chan were revealed, Bernice Liu has become rather wary of the press and earlier whilst filming for "Healing Hands III" with Bowie Lam, she lost her temper after some intrusion from reporters and the shoot was called off. This kiss scene was re-shot on Friday and when the press caught wind, they visited again and this time, Bernice indicated she was unwell and needed the toilet, so again it was called off when she did not return and Bowie, who had hoped to complete the scene had to go home.

Yesterday, the press contacted Bernice to find out what had happened and she indicated via a friend that whilst waiting for the crew to set the lights, she did not have a coat on and she caught a chill. When she went to the toilet, she felt very shaky and had to go home to rest. Afterwards as her situation did not get any better, her mother took her to hospital to be checked out.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 12/09/04]


Having just celebrated her birthday on Monday, Halina Tam had to shoot a funeral scene for "Healing Hands III". Her character in the show develops a brain tumour that is malignant and fed up of life, she commits suicide. During the scene, Halina has to play the corpse and lie in a coffin, which some people would find rather unlucky. Although Halina says she is a professional artiste and has no superstitions, her buddhist mother was concerned and gave her a protective charm and lucky packet. However, when she arrived at the hall and saw her own face on the funeral picture coupled with having to lie in the coffin, she seemed a little wary and immediately displayed a frown. The crew then reminded her to keep her lucky packet on her person when she lay in the coffin.

As for the reports that her co-star Lawrence Ng having upset the crew by losing his temper, not rehearsing and playing with his phone, Halina supports him saying : "I am always with him and I don't notice it. He is quite good fun." When Lawrence was asked about this yesterday, he was not upset by this and said: "Every artiste has their emotional ups and downs. Did I swear at anyone? I really can't remember, but I have a habit that during the celebratory party for every show, I will think back to my issues and apologise to the directors and crew."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 12/09/04]

Shirley Yeung was a guest judge at the "Slender Mature Lady" pageant held by her figure enhancement sponsors, where she had to take measurements for several contestants. However, Shirley seemed rather clumsy and nervous when she did this and afterwards, she did admit that she was a little shaky: "Yes, it was quite embarrassing, so it took a long time before I could get a reading." Also, Shirley declined the request from the organisers to do limbo dancing on the stage, explaining that they had not asked for this beforehand and it was rather awkward with so many people around.

When it was mentioned about her boyfriend Gregory Lee's plans to buy a luxury apartment, Shirley says she is happy for him, but when asked if she would be moving in with him, she evaded the question, saying: "My living environment at the moment is very good, so I will visit him when I am free." When asked if she has any intentions of buying a property, she laughs: "I have not thought about it for now, let me make a few more ads and save some money first! The place I am living now is quite good and very peaceful."


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