Wednesday, September 08, 2004

[Oriental Daily 09/09/04]

Kelly Chen, Leo Ku, Kathy Chow and sister Niki, Gigi Lai, Carol Cheng and Miss Hong Kong Kate Tsui were all guests at the opening of a new hair salon yesterday and the ladies all appeared in their sexy attire, with Kelly wearing a mini skirt and Kathy in a deep V-cut top both catching the attention of the press. Niki appeared wearing shades and when asked about this, she said: "I have an eye infection, so I can't put make-up on. The doctor also says that there is a slight misalignment in part of my spine and I am worried that this will affect filming of my wire scenes with TVB in October when filming starts on my new series."

Kelly indicates that the crystal lamp in the salon was bought by her and the stylist when they were in Europe, so going to the salon was like going home for her. Leo says that this salon not only cuts his hair for him, but also designs his image: "My image at the moment is really working, turning from innocent to mature."

As for Kate Tsui, who was the brunt of much criticism after her performance in the Chinese Athletes Show on Tuesday, she responded, saying: "Some of my seniors said I am doing okay and I felt that I was fine. I need to take part more in order to make improvements." Mandy Cho also supported her successor, saying: "She was very calm and I hope that she will continue working hard because she has a lot of potential as a host."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 09/09/04]

Yoyo Mung took part in a fashion show as a model yesterday, but as she has not been on a catwalk for over half a year, she felt a little uncomfortable. Yoyo says: "I don't wear heels very much, so I am a little frightened when I walk in them." In order to make the most of her opportunity for exposure, she has taken on a lot of fashion jobs for the future, but she will definitely not model fur because she feels it looks better on animals and she would not be happy wearing it, especially as she is allergic to it. With some British extremists saying that they would poke the eyes out of the supermodels such as Gisele, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss if they wore fur, Yoyo was rather shocked to hear this and said: "Surely not! You don't need to get so worked up, if the animal died of natural causes, then their fur could be used."

As well as receiving a fee for her performance, Yoyo also received a sponsorship of a winter wardrobe and she says that for this type of show, the attraction is in the clothes sponsorship and not the fee. She laughs that she would prefer the money, but in the current climate, she has to accept the goods and it is not such a bad thing. As this label has very patterned clothes in its range, it is rather contrasting with her preference for plainer clothes, but many people reckon that with her slim figure, she should change her image. She is now hoping for a car sponsor like Simon Yam and Alex Fong (Lik San) who are able to buy new cars all the time and make her jealous. She has wanted to buy a new car for a while, but feels it is too much hassle to sell her old car, buy a new car and pay the difference.


With "War and Beauty" currently airing, the female characters are busy scheming away against each other in the show and the off screen hostility between Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung is also rife. The two themselves have not responded to the matter, but earlier Lawrence Ng commented in passing whilst filming for "Healing Hands III" and changed his usual tune by criticising Maggie, bringing up her lateness record that was giving a bad impression and believing that the two were at odds.

After the report was printed, many readers have responded to Lawrence's comments, saying that he commented without thinking of the consequences of his words and his comment about women being petty shows what a little man he really is. However, Lawrence feels no regret towards his actions, but indicated on a telephone interview that he should not really comment on this and as an artiste himself, he was wrong to discuss other artiste's business with the press.

Currently filming in Shanghai for "Song of Everlasting Sorrow", Maggie Cheung was not angry about what Lawrence had said and although he accused her of always being late whilst filming on "Police Station No 7", Maggie felt comforted by the encouragement from the fan letter and seemed at ease as she smiled: "Thanks for all the promotion that Lawrence has done for my show! I will not talk about the rumours about conflict, we are all getting along and I am happy that the hostility from the show can be brought outside of the screen because it just makes it more convincing."


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