Tuesday, August 03, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of TVB's Mandarin channel TVB8, a music festival was held outside the Cultural Centre, featuring singers such as Hacken Lee, Christopher Wong, Shawn Yue, Emme Wong and 2R, with a blessing ceremony in the afternoon. However, even in the hot sunshine, Hacken had a bandage around his head and he explained that this was due to a head injury caused by his dog!

Hacken says he likes to play golf and he often practices on the first floor of his home. On that day, he put his club down on the stairs, but his dog knocked it over and it fell and hit him on the left hand side of his skull, leaving him bleeding and needing five stitches from the hospital. He could easily have escaped this incident because his girlfriend Emily Lo saw the club falling down and yelled out "The golf..." but her reaction was not as fast as the speed of the falling club and this freak accident could not be avoided.

Hacken says the stitches will be removed on Friday and the doctors have already been good to him as they know he is an artiste and have allowed him to receive treatment without having to shave his hair away from the affected area, but needing additional assistant from the nurses. However, Hacken is not allowed to wash his hair for a few days and he says he has not washed his hair now for three days already and he feels very uncomfortable. He would be wearing a hat for yesterday's performance. Hacken laughs that usually the dog poops everywhere and he would reprimand it, but he never thought that the pooch would reap its revenge!


[Oriental Daily]


Fiona Sit, Ron Ng and Sammul Chan were among the cast members at the Police Cemetary, filming a funeral scene for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts". After all the gossips, the prosecutions and accidents striking cast members since filming began, the producer made sure that he followed the usual tradition and handed out lucky packets to every cast members for their safety and even for Michael Miu, who was not present at the shoot, but whose character had died in the course of duty, a lucky packet was placed over his prop funeral picture to ensure that everyone was safe and there were no more problems.

The filming for "Police Cadet" is now nearing its end and Fiona Sit indicates that the first thing she has to do after finishing is to rescue her deeply tanned skin and take it back to its previous pale complexion. She says: "My record company has given me an instruction that after filming, they will give me two days rest in the hope that I will do 48 hours of treatments and see if I can rescue it. I will also use speed hair restorer in the hope that my hair will grow back soon."

Also, with a constant stream of gossip following her since the start of filming, will Fiona be breathing a sigh of relief once filming finishes? She says: "No, there will still be gossip if I was doing any other work. Although the filming has been hard work, I have lots of memories." Are they bad memories? She says: "Well there are bound to be good and bad memories."

The storyline tells of how instructing officer Michael Miu's character losing his life in the series and his group of young students sending him on his final farewell. At the same time, Sammul's character finds out that Michael is actually his father and is devastated.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Ron Ng has recently been signed to make a set of ads for a photo processing company and after filming for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" yesterday, he and Chan Hoi Yee headed to a press conference that also attracted a crowd of over a hundred fans who waited to see him, leading to some chaos outside.

During the event, Ron and Hoi Yee were asked by the hosts to recreate their pose from the advertisement, where Ron had to bend over and carry Hoi Yee on his back in a funny position and hold the pose for ten seconds, but he seemed a little awkward and became very flushed. When asked if he rarely carries girls on his back, thus leaving him embarrassed, he says: "No, it is just the blood rushing to my head. In the past, when I was a dancer, I could pick a girl up with one arm, but I can't do it any more." When asked what kind of photography he likes, Ron says: "I rarely photograph pretty girls, usually I will not take pictures of people's pretty sides, but more of their weird expressions."

Also, Ron's good friend Bosco Wong was attacked earlier in China and he says that he did not know that Bosco had returned to Hong Kong, but he will call him later. Ron feels that it is better for artistes not to frequent the late venues. He says: "I don't like going to those places, I feel more comfortable at home, so I don't bother going out and being accused of pulling girls. If I am dating, I will tell everyone."


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