Friday, August 13, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Miss Hong Kong 2004 Results:

Winner - Number 6 Kate Tsui Tsz Shan
1st Runner Up - Number 1 Queenie Chu Wai Man
2nd Runner Up - Number 12 Fu Sze Sze

Miss Photogenic - Number 6 Kate Tsui Tsz Shan
Miss International Goodwill - Number 6 Kate Tsui Tsz Shan
Tourism Ambassador - Number 1 Queenie Chu Wai Man
Miss Beautiful Figure - Number 6 Kate Tsui Tsz Shan

Tsang was forced to retire his mic, she replied simply: "It is because the company wants to promote me as MC!" Also, she was supported by her parents and in the final four section, she thanked them for sending her to America to study. She says that she was very happy and had never imagined that she would receive an award. She only asks of herself to perform calmly and after the pageant, she would have to take part in the Olympic opening show, so she will have little time to celebrate. She has been rather busy beforehand with non-stop working, so she hopes to take some rest for a little while and would also like to take part in filming series.

Eric Tsang made a small slip up at the ceremony when his shortening of the words for "crowning the winner" sounded a lot like the rather ominous "closing of a coffin". Nat Chan used his quick wit to help Eric explain himself, but neither Kate nor her parents minded, saying that they understood Eric's meaning. Eric said that he often used the phrase during rehearsals and did not mean anything bad by it. He also said that he had thought Kate and Sze Sze would win. Fallen favourite Winnie Shum seemed rather uneasy and seemed rather breathless.

Queenie Chu did not agree with suggestions that she was a black horse because she was earlier tipped as one of the favourites. She also said she was very happy because everything was like a dream. In rehearsals, she was randomly picked as a 2nd runner up, so to have gone up a level in the real thing. Sze Sze does not feel that Eric was making fun of her and feels her performance was still good. Neither does she feel that Eric was helping her out. When it was mentioned that Eric found her quite cute, she says: "I am quite cute!"

When one of the judges Jessica Hsuan was asked whether the results matched her own selection, she said not to say things that way because the standards were very even and she agrees with the results. As for Karen Mok as a Miss Photogenic judge, she praised Kate for being very outstanding and good all round, especially during the dancing as she has a lot of potential to develop in the world of performance.

The top eight also included Tiffany Leong, Lulu Ng, Flora Chow, Kayee Tsang and Jacqueline Wong. Old partners Eric Tsang and Nat Chan seemed to go quite easy on the girls during the question and answer session, losing some of the comedy value and toning down the show somewhat. The girls' performances were mainly quite wooden and nervous and in one rather unusual section where the contestants had to appear in their own personal choice of costume, there were some rather questionable costumes among the business suits, black seethrough lace numbers like those from the ladies market as well as school uniforms and nurses outfits! Very strange indeed. However, some were quite tasteful, such as Kate's rather eyecatching outfit.

TVB used the contest as a prelude to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and so the 'six Olympic stars' Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Kenneth Ma and Lai Lok Yi were jumping around between the items. With a song and dance every time the girls appeared, the show could easily have been mistaken for a variety show rather than a beauty contest! Other performers included Hacken Lee, Gigi Lai, Mandy Cho, Bernice Liu, Moses Chan, Anne Heung and Shirley Yeung. Moses and Mandy gave a rather steamy performance in their dance routine, bordering on indecency as they appeared to 'feel' each other.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Raymond Lam and Claire Yiu were guests at the opening of a slimming centre and Raymond has just returned from filming in Beijing to take part in the Miss Hong Kong and Olympic Games shows. Currently filming for "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud", he says that he was suffering from flu and a fever earlier and he immediately went for an injection and a drip because he would not have been allowed on the plane with a fever and he was worried about not being able to return. Seeing a rather obvious scar on the right of his nose, he was asked if he had met with the same incident as co-star Bosco Wong who was earlier assaulted. He insists there is no such thing and the injury was caused by too much rubbing of his nose because of his allergy.

Raymond will be in Hong Kong for just over a week and he has some advertisements to shoot and a theme song for "Wandering Hero Medics" to record. His record contract with Cinepoly will expire this year and if there are other companies approaching him, then he will be willing to consider them. After all he has been taking singing lessons since he was in his teens and has put a lot of work into it, so he would like to make use of this and make a name for himself in the music industry.

Also Claire Yiu received a generous fee for her appearance at the opening and she hopes to become their spokesperson because as well as being able to improve her figure, she can also make some money at the same time.


[Oriental Daily]

After his assault whilst filming in Beijing for "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud", Bosco returned to Hong Kong again earlier to take part in the Olympic Games shows and he still shows a scar on his face and he seems to have lost a little weight. When asked why he has lost weight, Bosco joked: "I daren't go out at night now, actually I haven't been out since returning usually just cooking out in John Chiang's room."

Also Bosco responds to reports that after this incident, none of his co-stars, such as Sonija Kwok, Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh have commented anything regardless of whether they know him or not and keeping away from him, denying this: "Really, I don't think so. Take Charmaine for example, I am always chatting and joking with her and she has not been evading me. After returning from Hong Kong, all the cast and crew have all been to ask how I am."


[Oriental Daily]

Raymond Cho, Selena Li and Lee Yu Yeung were promoting the airing of "Mission Impossible 2" on TVB Pearl and talking of his recent developments, Raymond incidates that his relationship with his girlfriend Keung Yi Lan (daughter of veteran actor John Chiang) is stable and they have moved in together, looking after their four dogs, making a family of six. When asked when they would be getting married, he laughs: "She has not saved enough money yet... actually I have not saved enough money, we are still young, so we will concentrate on work for now."

Also, with Selena Li a departing Miss Hong Kong, she will still be a "Pearl Ambassador" until the end of the year and she is also filming for "My Wife, Your Honour" as an evil character who tries to steal Jessica Hsuan's husband Sunny Chan from her. As she lacks acting experience, Selena has been asking Jessica for help and she says feeling rather worried: "It is easy to be noticed as a bad guy, but I am worried that I will be scolded in the street, but this is still a mark of success, so I have very mixed feelings."


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