Monday, August 02, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Member of TVB's "Six Olympic Stars" Bosco Wong was filming in Beijing earlier for new series "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" and in the early hours of July 24th, was attacked whilst socialising after work with fellow colleagues, leaving his face full of blood and was immediately taken to hospital to have stitches to his wound. Afterwards, he headed back to Hong Kong for further checks and after a week of rest, he has returned to Beijing to continue filming. Before heading off to the airport, Bosco was joined by TVB production assistant director Tommy Leung in a press conference to openly explain the story behind the attack.

Bosco wore a set of sports clothes and despite wearing a cap, a scar measuring around two inches long could clearly be seen on his face at the top of his nose, where there was also a plaster. Before the reporters' questions, Bosco first described what had happened. He said: "That night, I was with Benny Chan, Akina Hong and Sherming Yiu eating in the hotel's open air cafe and some fans recognised Benny and asked for his autograph. As we were about to leave, we felt something like a wet towel being thrown in our direction. When we looked over to where it had come from, we saw a group of locals who were jeering at us. As they were speaking the Beijing dialect, we did not know what they were saying, but it was roughly complaining about us being noisy and the flashes from camera lights. We could see that they were rather drunk, so we got up to leave quickly. Benny went to pay the bill and I went with the two girls out to hail a taxi. However, the rowdy people were there on the street. Originally, the girls walked out first, but I saw these people were doing something, so I ran in front of Akina and looked around for Benny. At this time, something came towards my face and I fell over."

When asked if he had been 'glassed' as the reports suggest, he continued: "I don't know what it was, at first I thought it was a fist, but later Benny said that he saw it was a beer glass. (Did you call the police?) No, because we were all too frightened, especially me because I have never experienced having blood running down my face before. We didn't think about calling the police, as they took me to hospital immediately. (Did you fight back at the time?) No, because it was so sudden and I did not know the place well, so I never wanted to cause any trouble."

After going to hospital, the doctors helped him to stitch up the wound, but he did not ask how many stitches he had. After staying in hospital for a night, the producer Cheung Kin Man instructed him to return to Hong Kong to get checked out, so he returned the next day, but in order to get some rest, he has not made any appearances until yesterday when he wanted to give out the real story of what happened. During the interviews, Bosco was so overcome by emotion, that he could not hold back and shed some men's tears and he also revealed that when his mother heard about his incident, she immediately flew to see him in Beijing, making him feel incredibly guilty.

Bosco was asked if he was worried about ruining his good looks. He said: "At first I was worried, but the Hong Kong doctor says that I am improving well and there will not be an obvious scar. My stitches have been taken out, but I still have to put a plaster on to hold the wound in position." At this point, Tommy Leung interrupted, saying: "If he has a scar, he can always become a character actor!" To which Bosco laughed: "It doesn't matter too much to male artistes. (Will you cut down going out at night when you return to Beijing?) I will try and avoid it, but totally not going out is impossible because we have to go out to eat and buy things. Maybe we should check with the local crew before going."

As the filming schedules were changed after Bosco's accident, then the progress of filming has not been affected, but as the show will be holding its blessing ceremony in Beijing tomorrow, Bosco will be duly paying his respects and thanking the gods for helping him past this misfortune. Talking of this story having many different versions in Hong Kong with suggestions he was being cocky and causing trouble, Bosco says candidly: "I know, maybe I had some negative press in the past, so people have a bad impression of me and they naturally think of the worst when they hear news like this. I understand this and will not be mad about it, but I would like to explain it clearly now and if people can believe me, then I will be okay." As for Tommy Leung, he was very supportive of Bosco, saying: "The company has heard his explanation and feel that it was an unavoidable incident, so we should come out and explain it. These things don't just happen in China and on the whole, filming in China is safe."

As he has no ideas about who the attackers were, Bosco has no way of pursuing the matter and when Akina was asked how she would repay his protection, she laughed that she looked after him when they took him to hospital. When asked if she will give herself up to Bosco, Akina just laughed.


[Oriental Daily]

Since becoming spokeperson for a breast enhancement product, Shirley Yeung has not only taken her bra size from a 32B to a 34C, her confidence has also taken a step up and she appeared in a hot bikini for her latest advertisement shoot. Although this attracted many male swimmers to stop and watch, Shirley did not seem embarrassed at all and put on a bit of a show for them. Afterwards, Shirley indicates: "They are just curious about people filming advertisements and not just interested in my sexy clothes, but since I have improved my figure, there have been more people looking at me."

Although Shirley is totally confident in her figure now, she indicates that she was worried about losing her figure at one point and this had left her a little depressed. She says: "Since filming series, I often have no fixed eating or sleeping times and eat supper every night, gaining nearly ten pounds. At the time I was so afraid of people mentioning the word 'fat' and afraid of people calling me 'fat Ki'."


[Oriental Daily]

Miss Hong Kongs Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung and Priscilla Chik were the guests at the Tai Po Interactive Nature Centre for a TVB Children's Festival event, playing games with the children, but as the weather was extremely hot, they were covered in sweat and Mandy Cho indicated that she was not worried about heatstroke, but more worried about getting a tan in the strong sunshine, because she will be filming an ancient drama shortly, playing a conceited and stubborn Tang Dynasty lady. She laughs: "Since when do Tang Dynasty ladies have such a dark tan? (But Tang costumes are quite sexy!) That would be good, because I don't need to wear such a heavy costume in the summer and it will be very floaty." Next week, Mandy will hand over her Miss Hong Kong title and she will be a guest performer on the night of the final in a song and dance item. Mandy says: "I am not very good at dancing, so I will spend more time on rehearsals."

As for Rabee'a, she will soon be joining Bobo Chan and Annie Man in hosting a food show, focusing on vegetarian gourmet. She laughs that she has 'a face for food' so the company keeps sending her to host this type of show. When asked if she has ever tried any revolting food, she says: "I have not me this yet, maybe because I will eat anything. I like Durian cake and 'smelly tofu' and in Taiwan, I have eaten worms that are like shrimp sticks. (Would you dare to eat a rat?) It would depend on how it had been prepared, I would give it a try as long as it is hygienic."


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