Thursday, August 12, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan were shooting their pictures for next year's TVB calendar yesterday and this is Roger's fourth time in the official calendar, working opposite Jessica for a second time. Roger has just finished filming for "Same Work Same Bowl" and their photo will have the ancient street as their background. After this series, Roger will be heading into the mainland to make more money to get married with and when asked why he does not go away on holiday with his girlfirend, he says that as he has his work fully scheduled for the next couple of weeks, including recording the theme song for "Same Work", so he has to take time out to rehearse and so has no plans to go away to recharge.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Myolie Wu took part in the opening ceremony for "Gourmet Expo 2004" yesterday as a guest and she indicated that she has always loved to eat, so she will be taking a look around at the event. Recently, she has been busy filming and the little sleep has left her a little hoarse, but she will be working through the night hosting the Olympic Games opening ceremony, so she is speaking softly to rest her voice.

Myolie says that it was an honour to be alongside Nancy Sit at the opening ceremony yesterday and she took the opportunity to ask Nancy to introduce her to William Hung. She says that she admires William for being lovable and determined, with his own targets and knowing how to fight for what he wants. Myolie also says that everyone has the chance to fight for their own ambitions and she hopes that William can be a role model for students. She laughs that if she had not taken part in Miss Hong Kong, then she would never have become an actor. When asked if she would have entered a competition like "Pop Idol" if she had not taken part in Miss Hong Kong, she says that there may have been a chance because she loves singing and she encourages people to do more exciting things whilst they are young.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

TVB's new production "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" held a blessing ceremony in Beijing earlier for its cast and crew before starting filming there. The show's cast includes Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Sharon Chan and Sherming Yiu, who were the focus of the local press when they arrived.

The ceremony took place in a rural film studio and when they arrived, the cast immediately donned their costumes and took part in an incense offering and cutting of the roast pic. For many of the cast, this was their first visit to Huaiyou and they seemed very interested in the ancient street sets, comparing them with those at TVB City. When the mainland press saw the beautiful costumes, they were also very interested and praised the designs, especially the beautiful clothes worn by the girls. Although some of the artistes' Mandarin was only so-so, they all did their best to co-operate with the press.

Charmaine did not seem to break into a sweat despite wearing a thick costume and the soaring heat. She laughs that she had to film ancient shows not long after she entered showbiz, so maybe she is used to it all now and does not think much of it any more. Charmaine will be taking in the rest of the summer in Beijing and returning to Hong Kong in October.

As the wages are cheap on the mainland, almost all the cast have hired a local assistant and there is even a labour shortage, with some of the latecomers like Sherming Yiu only managing to hire male assistants. She says: "My assistant is dark and well built, so when Charmaine saw him, she laughed: 'Why have you hired a 'black hand' [illegal worker]?'. At first I wasn't very used to having a male assistant, but he is very responsible and it doesn't matter now."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

The Miss Hong Kong 2004 pageant will be held this evening in TVB City and the 18 contestants met the press yesterday in their bikinis, where number 9 Lulu Ng was picked at random to try the crowning ceremony that was carried out my guest of honour Miss Hong Kong 1987 Pauline Yeung with the winner's crown worth $1.42 million.

Just before the ceremony, TVB Managing Director Chan Chi Wan appeared and revealed to the press that after the girls met the judges yesterday, one of the judges received a phone call from a long lost relative that informed them one of the girls was related to them. Although the relation was in no way direct, but to avoid any conflict of interested, this judge notified TVB. TVB then consulted with the auditors and the other judges and reached the decision that this judge could continue their duties and there was no need to change the judge.

There are five judges to this year's contest, who are businessman Cheung Wing Lam, Jessica Hsuan, polar scientist Dr Lee Lok Si, director Johnny To and violinist Yai Jue. As for which judge and which contestant was involved, Mr Chan refused to reveal this because it would be unfair to both parties, but all the contestants have also been told about this and everything will go ahead as planned. Afterwards, the press set about asking every contestant if they were the one related to the judge, but they all seemed to have been primed beforehand and they all replied with no comment, saying that they respect the decision made by the contest and believe that the pageant will proceed fairly.

Lulu was very happy to have been chosen to try on the crown and in response to Pauline's comment about being very lucky to be chosen, she says that she was very lucky and maybe this will continue to the next evening. Number 6 Kate Tsui was pointed out by Pauline as being very eyecatching and is one of her choices for the winner. Kate was very pleased about being praised and is confident about her performance. Number 18 Jacqueline Wong had once been accused of having breast surgery, but it could clearly be seen that her bust had reduced yesterday and she explained that this was because she had lost some weight, going from 105 lbs to 101 lbs and as for her scar, it was caused by some clothes she had worn before. One of the favourites to win number 14 Kayee Tsang has actually put on some weight since taking part in the contest and although she is tipped to win, she is not nervous and will face tonight's performance calmly, treating it like a show and just doing her part. Another hot favourite number 2 Irene Yu is confident of entering the top three, but she is a little confused emotionally because she can breathe a sigh of relief after tonight, but she will miss the group life of the last three months.

Having moved to America after her marriage, Pauline Yeung returned to TVB City yesterday for the Miss Hong Kong press event and she revealed that she was back in Hong Kong for her mother's birthday, so she was invited to take part in the Miss Hong Kong activities. As she was also chosen to try out one of the crowns when she took part in Miss World and then went on to take one of the awards, she indicated to Lulu that she was very lucky to be chosen.

Although Pauline has emigrated to the states, she will still keep an eye out for Miss Hong Kong news and has her own choices for the winners, who are Irene Yu, Cecilia Yeung, Winnie Shum and Fu Sze Sze. When the press asked for a photo of her with her choices, she also asked Kate Tsui to join the group because she noticed her when she arrived as being very eyecatching as well.

After getting married, Pauline has kept her figure and skin very well and she laughs: "I have just done all my preparation, such as wearing a cap for driving and having a collection of gloves in various lengths for different outfits. Even if I am in the house, then I will wear anti-sun cream because of the full length windows in the house. For swimming, I asked my husband to build the pool in a space where the sun cannot get to at three or four in the afternoon."

Pauline says that she is very happy after marriage and is enjoying life as a couple, so she has no plans to have children just yet. She smiles: "I went on vacation with my husband and his family in a group of eleven, including some children, but I got a headache from their noise, so I don't think I am ready to be a mother just yet. (Are you using protection?) Just go with the flow."


[The Sun]

Bernice Liu, Sam Chan and Bowie Lam were filming earlier in Lan Kwai Fong in a scene for "Healing Hands III" where Bernice is drunk after going to a bar with Bowie and Sam was left to take her home. Afterwards, Bernice reveals that her character is very extreme and tries to slit her wrists after she gets drunk and nothing like her real personality. She says: "Although my father is afraid of me losing out to people, so he taught me to drink in my teens, I am still really weak and can't take even a little alcohol. Also I rarely go to bars, so I am very different to my character."

In order to carry out her performance in this year's Miss Hong Kong contest, Bernice has been in secret training and fell over at home: "I have been practicing Middle Eastern dancing at home, but I fell over whilst kicking and my hip is quite sore."


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