Sunday, August 01, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

With the 2004 Olympic Games set to start next Friday, TVB arranged a special "Twin of Brothers" promotion in the countdown to the games as cast members including Ron Ng, Evon Yung, Leila Tong, Nancy Wu, Choi Kit Man, Mary Hon and Johnson Yuen joined fans in their own games at a Tseung Kwan O mall. Most of the audience consisted of Ron's fans and those who were lucky enough to go onto the stage held onto Ron's hand and asked host Choi Hong Nin to help them take photos.

Ron is currently busy filming for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts", but as some of the other cast were working on a gun battle scene that does not involve him, he has no work scheduled and was able to take a day off. However, he was called in to do some replacement dubbing for "Twin of Brothers" and then had to take part in the promotional event in the afternoon. When asked why there was still dubbing required for "Twin" when it had already been aired, Ron explained that in episode 17, there was a line that was originally "Why do you think?" but it sounded too much like an expletive, so in order avoid any misunderstanding, they had to change the wording slightly and this needed to be dubbed over.

During the event, the artistes joined members of the audience to play games and Ron and Evon both chose some children to have a sword duel. When asked if they were worried about giving them the wrong message, Ron said that they were not worried because he and Evon were there to guide them, telling them to be careful and in any case, the swords were just made of polystyrene. As for fans who went onto the stage to grasp his arms for photos, was Ron embarrassed by this? He says he was a little, but luckily they did not do anything too crazy like come over and give me a kiss. With his day off yesterday, what did Ron have planned for after the event? He says he will go home and spend time with his family because he has been busy filming and not seen his family properly for a month, so he will be heading home for dinner and to play mah jong.

Also, after getting married and moving to America, Evon has put on some weight and she laughs that this is because when she first got to the States, all she did was eat and sleep and she has gained over ten pounds. However, she will be heading to Beijing to film a series this month and when she starts work, she will start slimming down again. As she will be apart from her husband for a while, they will not be having children just yet.


[Oriental Daily]

Michael Miu and Lok Ying Kwan were filming for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" yesterday in a gun battle and explosion scene that tells of the two, who play training school instructors meeting with criminals and during the exchange of shots, their car is hit and explodes. Michael has not filmed series for over ten years, but he is still used to the big scenes and seemed relaxed and not afraid at all. He says: "I have prepared for hard work in filming series, maybe because I am mentally ready, this is actually better than I imagined it to be."

Having obviously tanned somewhat, although Michael is constantly in the hot sun, he has not uttered a word of complaint because he believes that the first criteria of being an artiste is to be able to bear the hardships. No wonder he says: "The first rule of being an actor is to be able to stand the hard work, so I would warn the newcomers that they must be willing to bear this. (How do you find the newcomers in the series?) Ron and Sammul are not bad at all, they are very smart and tall and handsome. (Do you feel that the other newcomer Fiona Sit has a lot of gossip?) No, she is still a little girl and gives me the impression that she is very naive. Maybe because she is a singer, so the reports are a little tainted."

Talking of the many accidents that have occurred to the cast of the show, Michael was asked whether this was down to the lack of the blessing ceremony? He says: "They were just accidents, but this show does seem to have more than its fair share, luckily every time they have been okay and there have not been too many injuries."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Ada Choi and Joe Ma have been chosen as ambassadors for the Hong Kong Post e-Cert service and were at a promotional event for the internet services in Tsing Yi yesterday, where they were presented with certificates of appointment. Joe indicates that he often buys things from the internet and he feels that it is a very convenient way to buy the things he likes and with the digital certification, he is even more at ease with this. When asked if he has ever met with criminals using his identity, he says he has never encountered this, but he has been concerned about identity theft, so he will always check his credit card bill carefully every month and he will only buy the things from the internet that he cannot buy readily in Hong Kong from internet sites that have been recommended to him by friends he trusts in order to stay safe.

As well as being the e-Cert ambassador, Joe will also be an election ambassador and he laughs that he keeps seeing himself on a lot of posters, even on the postboxes and this is quite amusing. Talking of reports that due to a bad reflection that some artistes give to showbiz, then there is consideration being given to stop allowing artistes to represent governmental campaigns, Joe responds to this, saying that not every artiste has negative press and even if some do wrong, they will be punished by the law and they should be given a chance to change. Anyone can make mistakes and he hopes that they will not measure artistes by this standard.

Ada says that she will usually buy VCD's from the internet because it is not always convenient for artistes to buy them from outside because it loos bad if they have to climb to the top shelf to get things, but on the net, it is easier and more convenient and these embarrassing situations can be avoided. She also says that she is quite careful of her money and being able to use credit cards on the internet, it is both convenient and rewarding in terms of loyalty points on the card. With the digital certificate, then it is even more convenient because in addition to the extra offers, you can even pay parking fines on the internet and this will save problems when you forget.

In response to the suggestions of the government departments being wary of using aristes for promotion, Ada says that artistes have a certain element of attraction and they have the respect of many citizens and therefore have a great value for promotional purposes, as a result the government should be careful who they select. However, being careful does not mean discounting particular artistes, after all everyone has their own merits. She is part of Hong Kong and also an artiste, so she hopes that she is able to give something back to society within her ability. As for why she was chosen for this job, she laughs: "I am pretty! Actually, it is because I am stable and serious about my work and have a healthy image."


[The Sun]

Bernice Liu and Bowie Lam were filming yesterday in TVB City for "Healing Hands III" and Bernice's character is often being scolded in the show. She says: "Because I am always making mistakes, Bowie will tell me off, but I will not be mad at him because I am wrong and I will only scold myself."

Bowie openly admits that he often loses his temper. He jokes: "Bernice messes up over little things, but it is not only me who tells her off, there is also a big group of nurses because she cannot even hold a surgical scalpel properly and forgets even after being shown several times, so we have to tell her off!" Respected for being serious about things, Bowie will even give his opinion about scenes that do not involve him, but denies feeling the pressure of this third series, saying: "We all get on very well and they have all been well trained by me, so I am very happy."


[The Sun]

Myolie Wu and Cherrie Kong were filming in Sheung Wan for "Same Work Same Bowl" yesterday in a scene where Cherrie mistakes Myolie for going out with many men and slaps her on Roger Kwok's behalf.

Before the start of filming, Cherrie was very nervous and said: "Because I don't know how to hold back the strength, it would be terrible if I really hit Myolie." Conversely, Myolie was very accepting over it and laughed that she would rather Cherrie really hit her: "That would make it easy to get into character!" Although the director only requested that they used the camera angles for the shot, they still NG'ed five or six times and Cherrie joked: "I'll save a little strength, because the four of us leads still have to go and record the theme song later and I need to save my breath!" The series will be heading out to Zhongshan early next month to film on location.


[The Sun]

Alex Fong held an autograph signing yesterday in Causeway Bay and seemed to have a little bit of a croaky voice when he spoke. It turns out that he has had a throat infection and says: "I have had an infection twice in two months, but I don't plan to have an operation because it will mean I cannot speak for a week and that would kill me." Alex will soon be heading out to Athens to cover the Olympic Games and host the opening ceremony/ When asked if he was worried about fluffing his lines, he laughed: "I am more worried about the shot cutting back to me suddenly and I am picking my nose, that would be terrible!"


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