Saturday, August 28, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 29/08/04]

Kate Tsui, Roger Kwok, Shirley Yeung and Ander Jen hosted a Children's festival special show and Roger indicates that he will be heading into Zhongshan in China tomorrow to film some location scenes for his series "Same Work Same Bowl". Among the scenes that will be shot there include a split scene with Myolie Wu and some scenes in water with Kenneth Ma and Cherie Kong. Roger laughs: "We will be staying in a five star hotel, but it is a five star hotels of twenty years ago. Nowadays, it is just a three star hotel but with a twelve inch television." Roger says that the four leads will also be singing the theme song and film the music video whilst they are in Zhongshan.

Hosting a show for the first time brought some nerves for Kate, but because she has some experience of hosting the Olympic Games coverage, she hopes that she will be natural and calm. As for recent reports that she was dating two people at the same time whilst at university and even had an abortion, but this was all denied by her, along with the suggestion that she had played up to the professor for higher marks. She says: "I admit that when I was dating, there were other people asking me out, but this does not represent that I was two-timing. (Did you upset a lot of people as a student so they are trying to target you now?) No, because I still keep in touch with a lot of friends from university and we all get on well." She also says that none of the allegations are true, so she will not mind.


[Ta Kung Pao 29/08/04]

Maggie Cheung has been filming in Shanghai recently for mainland production "Song of Everlasting Sorrow" and with a few days off from filming, she has returned to Hong Kong. She plans to return to Shanghai at the end of September. She forces a smile and says: "It has taken six months to film 16 episodes, if it was in Hong Kong, then we could have made two and a half 20 episode series in six months."

Talking of the good response to her new series "War and Beauty", Maggie is very pleased about this and says: "I daren't say which series made me happier to film, but the most enjoyable thing is the good co-operation between cast and crew, because the script and the artistes were all very serious and it has been ten years since TVB filmed such a female orientated series, so all the artistes taking part were very happy about it." As for some parents complaining that "War" has scenes that are unsuitable for children, Maggie says that the show is being aired after family viewing time, so young children should be asleep and the show is for a more adult audience.

Despite the constant rumours about her animoscity with Charmaine Sheh, Maggie was full of praises for all the female stars of the show, including Charmaine. She says: "My character is rather cool, Gigi's is more conceited but with an evil heart and Charmaine is very calm and collected." In the show, she has some romantic ties with Moses and Maggie laughs: "There are plenty of people who envy me!"


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Cathy Tsui earlier indicated to the producer of "Hearts of Fencing 2 - Prints on Red Sands" that she admired co-star Joe Ma and suggesting they should add a 'good scene' for them. After appearing at a Gucci party on Friday evening, she headed out to Australia yesterday for location filming for "Prints" in Queensland and she expressed her surprise about the script for the scenes there. "There is really a kiss scene with Joe Ma! I have never tried this before, but it is my own fault. I am not worried about my boyfriend being jealous and haven't told him about it, but the most important thing is to ask my parents." Always the filial daughter, Cathy asks her mother's opinion on everything, so TVB have also paid for her mother to go with her to Queensland for filming. Cathy says: "TVB know that I need my mum with me so they respect me by taking her with us."

As Cathy has never filmed a kissing scene before since entering showbiz, she is currently considering asking the producer to try camera angle shooting or to kiss the cheek instead of the lips. She says: "My boyfriend would not mind me kissing on the cheek, he will understand. There is no pressure on our relationship, at first there were press following us, but now there are no more. There won't be any rumours between Joe and me anyway because he has a son already."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Charmaine Sheh has been filming in Beijing for "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" recently and yesterday she took some free time to return to Hong Kong and take part in an opening ceremony. As for her new series "War and Beauty" that is currently airing, her character in the show is very openly evil and Charmaine is worried this will spoil her image, however she feels that after playing the good guy for so long, this is a great challenge for her acting ability and she hopes to make a breakthrough with her performance. As for whether she will win an award, she says it is too early to tell.

Charmaine reveals that she has just extended her contract with TVB for four years on a salary and although she has not had the same treatment as Jessica Hsuan who could lay down her own terms, TVB still agreed to her requests, especially on the pay rise, so she is very pleased. With so many leading stars heading outside of the nest, Charmaine expressed that she came from TVB and has some affiliation with the company and she is also afraid of pointless engagements, so staying with TVB saves her these problems. It has been seven years since Charmaine emerged from the Miss Hong Kong pageant and she laughs that she would like to receive the 'Ten Year Service Award' as this would be very memorable. She says: "It's a TVB Gold Medal! I know that many female leads are leaving the nest, but I am very realistic and as long as I get a pay rise, then I am happy. There is a lot of risk going elsewhere, so I feel a lot safer staying with TVB."

With her rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan also working in Beijing at the moment, Charmaine was asked whether they have seen a lot of each other. She smiles: "If I say we haven't seen each other for a while, you would say I was lying. If we have time we will go for a meal, but we don't visit each other at work."


[The Sun]

As an artiste, the most important thing is being able to react, so when Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng when singing in a shopping mall show earlier and the music suddenly stopped mid-way twice in a row, Tavia calmly continued singing without the music and raised huge applause from the audience, getting by beautifully.

Afterwards, Tavia revealed that she was very scared, but she managed to keep going: "At first I couldn't hear the music very well so I was already half a beat out, then the music went altogether, so I just pretended nothing had happened and carried on singing! Next time I will have to do a duet with Ron, it won't be quite as scary with the two of us." As for Ron, he has been practising his singing hard beforehand and although he is still not great, the audience is sure to appreciate his sincerity.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Niki Chow and over a hundred of her fans met yesterday in Sai Kung for a BBQ party to celebrate her birthday and although the weather was quite terrible, their moods were not affected. Talking of birthday wishes, Niki says that she has just accepted an ancient series with TVB: "I have wanted to do an ancient drama for so long and TVB have finally asked me to do it this year." As for birthday presents, Niki doesn't forget to promote TVB by saying: "I don't have a video recorder at home, so it is difficult for me to catch the Olympic coverage and 'War and Beauty', so I have to trouble my friends, so I would like a video recorder for my birthday!"

Niki received many presents, including the news that her film "Love Battlefield" has been nominated for the Tokyo Film Festival. She says: "This was my first birthday present, I would also like crystals and a flourishing romance, but these are not birthday wishes, they are my wishes all the time!" Niki reveals that she has a suitable partner from outside showbiz, but they have not known each other for long and as they are both busy with work, then there are no plans to start dating just yet. She says: "Just go with destiny, but my boyfriend will need to have a high EQ and be smarter than me."


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