Saturday, August 28, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 28/08/04]


"To Catch the Uncatchable" aired its final episode last week and caused a huge reaction from the audience who were appalled at the apparent sad ending dished out onto leading stars Dayo Wong and Ada Choi's character. In order to appease the viewers, TVB aired an alternative ending on yesterday's edition of "Jade Starbiz" in a re-edited ending scene that shows Dayo's character returning to the photographic studio to continue shooting his wedding photos and a happy ending was indicated as the words "Constable Mok and Vivi lived happily ever after..." flashed up on the screen.

Dayo was due to be in the studio yesterday at around 6:15pm for the broadcast, but he did not emerge until 6:30 along with the producer Tsui Ching Hong. Seeing the press waiting for him, Dayo laughed: "So sorry, I have just been for a grilling!" Afterwards, he indicated seriously later that he has been discussing the possibility of future co-operation with the executives and when asked if there will be a sequel, he says that anything is possible, but he personally does not lean towards sequels because he hopes to make some fresh creations. However, life brings surprises and no-one would have imagined that this would occur, so he daren't confirm anything yet.

As for the disputed ending, does he have any opinions? Dayo indicates that everyone has given him their opinions and he feels both agreement and objection towards Mok's death. He guesses that most of the viewers will be very against the death of Mok, because he also felt bad about it when he filmed the scene, especially dying away from everyone, that left him feeling rather sad. He feels very sorry for Mok and he has shed a tear for him.

Dayo also denies that they had filmed two alternative endings and explains that this new ending was simply taking some of the edited scenes and extending the shoot. He felt very conflicting towards the happy ending because as a creative, he would like to try new experiments, but on a more human side, he feels that it is very sad.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/08/04]

Fu Sze Sze and her mother took part in an awards ceremony for the "Search For Miss Hong Kong Informants Project" and it turns out that it was Sze Sze's mother who contacted TVB about her daughter, so she also received prizes totalling $30,000.

Ms Fu, who looks more like a sister than a mother to Sze Sze, indicated that she did obtain her daughter's agreement before nominating her. The reason why she contacted the project was because she was confident in her daughter and felt that she has a graceful air, is tall and beautiful and she supports her daughter making a career in showbiz, but will leave the decision to Sze Sze. Sze Sze also indicates that she has three sisters and she is the eldest and she feels that her second sister is the prettiest, but she is only 18 and is currently studying in Singapore. When Ms Fu was asked if she will allow her second daughter to enter the pageant, she says it is up to her daughter, but she must complete her education.


[Ta Kung Pao 28/08/04]

Sonija Kwok was reported once again earlier by a magazine to have split with boyfriend Deric Wan, but taking part in an event yesterday, she insists that they have not split and they are still dating, albeit past the initial stage of passionate love and now being happy by immersing themselves in their work.

Sonija says: "I have been flying around a lot lately, so I have not seem Deric very much lately. (Have you split up?) You ask so directly! (Don't want to turn corners with you.) It's still him, we haven't split and are still together. (Boyfriend/girlfriend or just friends?) Boy and girlfriends. (Still close?) Although we don't see each other as much, this has not affected our feelings for each other. We are just putting work first for now. (Not thought about getting married?) Not at all. (Do you not worry about your boyfriend being away?) I am confident in myself. (Are you not confident in him?) Not thought about it. (Does he trust you?) I don't know about him!"

Sonija has just returned to Hong Kong from Beijing, where she is filming "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" and later she will be heading out to do some TVBI promotional activity in America. With her former rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan currently linked with Bernice Liu, she smiles: "I have said before that I have no comment."


[Ta Kung Pao 27/08/04]


Belinda Hamnett and Cheung Chi Kwong were appearing as guests at a real estate promotion yesterday and spoke about the ending of "To Catch the Uncatchable" and the displeasure of the audience at the death of Dayo's character, leading TVB to change the ending to a happy one. Belinda indicates that before the ending was aired, all the cast had watched it and there were no objections, so they never imagined that the response would be so great. She has heard the comments from many housewife fans as well as young girls who hoped for a sequel. Cheung Chi Kwong is very supportive of a sequel because a good story should be continued. He admits that after the ending was aired, a lot of viewers were very unhappy and he hopes that he can see a happy ending too. When TVB received a huge number of complaints, the press immediately contacted the producer, but there was no response.

Also, TVB's External Affairs Assistant Director Tsang Sing Ming indicates that up to yesterday, a total of 83 calls had been taken regarding this issue and as TVB would like to take on board viewer comments, they have decided to re-edit some of the scenes filmed previously to make a short 'viewer's choice' ending lasting a few minutes that will be aired on "Jade Starbiz", with Dayo Wong commenting on the ending in person. Producer Tsui Ching Hong indicates that the huge response was probably because the majority of viewers find the tragic art ending difficult to accept. When asked if this was a planned publicity stunt, he laughs that it is not so sinister. As for whether there will be a sequel, he says that they will consider it but it will be at least six months before they begin filming because it will need some preparation.


[Ta Kung Pao 27/08/04]

Bobby Au Yeung has is currently filming in Zhuozhou for mainland production "Return my Innocence" and on one day he was filming in a studio where the temperature reached the thirties, but there was no airconditioning and the fans just blew onto the crew, so after just half a day, he as feeling unwell and showing signs of sunstroke. Bobby says: "At the time, I ffelt that my lips were going numb and my brain went blank, then I felt a little faint and I lost control of my hands. When I realised I was suffering from mild sunstroke, I told the director and he immediately halted filming and turned the fan towards me, giving me some water to drink. After a little rest, I was fine."

In one scene, Bobby's co-stars were two corncobs and his performance left everyone on the set in roars of laughter as the females had streams of tears on their faces. The director predicts that there will be plenty of corn oil and corn product advertisements coming Bobby's way in the future.

Also, Eileen Yeow has recently been in Shunde for a stage performance, but she has not done many of these in the past because she feels her singing is not very good and also she has had a bad experience in the past with a drunken member of the audience who tried to kiss her. However, since signing for a new manager, she has received a lot of encouragement and learned ways of protecting herself on stage as well as taken singing lessons, so she is more confident now and she smiles: "My manager has even been teaching me magic tricks lately and although they are very simple, it is another skill!"


[Ta Kung Pao 27/08/04]

Niki Chow took part in "The 37th Inter-school Science Fair" as the 'Star of Science' to encourage the youth of today to utilise their potential. Checking out the exhibits at the show was an eye-opener for her. Niki was not one for reciting passages at school and as she was good with numbers, she chose to study science, but she has never seen herself as an inventor, opting for some research work instead. She smiles: "In the days when I watched 'Dr IQ' (Dr Slump) and he created 'Arale', I was very curious about it so I bought an Arale doll and broke its head off to see how she moved. Later when I watched 'Toy Story' and it showed that toys come to life, I felt sorry for my doll that I had taken the head off!"

Niki says that it would be great if she could discover Doraemon's 'Wishing Door' because then she would be able to go wherever she wanted without having to fly. When she was studying, the majority of students in the science class were male and she laughs that although she did not look too bad in those days, the boys would all still concentrate on their books with their thick glasses, like true scientists.


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