Friday, August 20, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 20/08/04]

Newly crowned Miss Hong Kong winners Kate Tsui, Queenie Chu and Fu Sze Sze were on the next leg of their award ceremonies, during which they were all smiles and chatter in contrast to the magazine reports suggesting that Kate and Queenie were not getting along with each other. They both showed a lot of friendship towards each other and they denied the rumours, saying that the lies will end with the intelligent.

Queenie says: "These rumours come around every year and it is definitely not the truth. I have admired Kate all along and I feel that I have a lot to learn from her, especially her great dancing." Kate also says that there is no such thing and as they have been out claiming their prizes lately, they often join together for dinner and have never had any arguments.

However, the magazines have printed a photograph where Kate is talking to Sze Sze and Queenie was left to check her script on her own. Queenie explains: "At the time I was concentrating on my script and that does not mean I do not get on with them. Of course there is no animoscity between us." They go on to say that they will not be wary of the press because there is no problem between them, Kate received $90,000 worth of Spa treatments and she will share this with her family, saying that her mother keeps very well so she does not need to slim.

Also, a group of losing Miss HK contestants took part in screen tests yesterday in the hope of forging a career for themselves in television.


[Ta Kung Pao 20/08/04]

After "To Catch the Uncatchable", TVB will be airing "War and Beauty" as of next week and a group of cast members including Charmaine Sheh, Maggie Cheung, Gigi Lai and Moses Chan took part in a costume parade in a Shatin Shopping Mall yesterday, showing off their Qing costumes on the catwalk. As some of the winter costumes had fur trimmings and the weather was very hot, they all found it quite hard work. With rumours of conflict between Charmaine and Maggie, the couple exchanged no words throughout the event and during the group photo, Charmaine stood with Gigi in the middle, chatting and laughing, whilst Maggie stood to one side, before being pulled back to the middle by the producer.

Charmaine has been busy filming in Beijing recently for "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" and returned to Hong Kong especially to promote "War and Beauty" before returning to Beijing again later today. She indicated that filming in Beijing this time is quite comfortable, because filming at night in the mainland is difficult, so they focus all the scenes during the day and she can rest at night. When asked if this was also because she has boyfriend Benny Chan in Beijing to look after her, she immediately feigned ignorance and replied: "Why does he have to look after me? He has not done that especially. (Do you see each other a lot?) Yes, because we are working in the same studio. Although we meet up for dinner sometimes, it is usually with a big group of other people."

As for magazine reports with photos of them spending a night together in a hotel, Charmaine laughs: "We were just having a party and that was not my room, it was Sharon Chan's. As it is not convenient to go out at night there, then we will usually go to someone's hotel room to socialise and watch video discs. (But you did not call out Sonija to join in?) From what I know she had to go back to Hong Kong to be a guest at Miss Hong Kong and she was not in Beijing at the time. What relationship with Benny? We are friends, good friends but not best friends yet."

Also, there are reports that a rich businessman is actively pursuing Charmaine and she laughs: "I have not seen the report, if that is true, then it would be good! (Are you being courted?) Of course there is someone after me, but he is a professional and I don't know if he is rich, but there is definitely no chance because I am not in Hong Kong and we don't see each other enough, so it is difficult to get to know him. (Will he follow you into the mainland?) There are no more men who are so sincere any more." Talking of her being with Benny all the time, will this put her suitors off? Charmaine says: "Just go with destiny, I don't want to get married yet anyway." When asked if she has enough understanding with Benny, she smiles and says that sometimes if you know each other too well, then you cannot become lovers.

Maggie is currently working in Shanghai, filming for mainland production "SOng of Everlasting Sorrow (Chang Hen Ge)" and she returned to Hong Kong especially for the "War and Beauty" promotion before rushing back to Shanghai today. She smiles: "I only have this series airing this year, so I am depending greatly on this. If I can get an award at the anniversary, then I will definitely fly back for it especially." Talking of the incident of why she stood to one side during the group photo, seemingly avoiding Charmaine, she says: "Actually we had all been on the catwalk earlier, so I hoped to give the other cast members a chance because the success of a show does not depend on just a few people."

As for Maggie and Charmaine's animoscity, Gigi has heard of the rumours and says: "It is usually quite easy for female stars to cause gossip, maybe because they think that women get jealous more easily. Take this show for example, in the story, the women are all fighting furiously against each other, but I hope it is not like that in real life." Gigi admits that she gets on better with Maggie and they will join together to go shopping sometimes, but she has never been out privately with Charmaine. Talking of who she would side with if they really were fighting, Gigi says with some frustration: "I don't know, it is very awkward. We are all independent parties and we are all bad (in the show)."

Rumour-ridden couple Moses Chan and Maggie Cheung have a rather fruitless relationship in the series and it was joked that Moses is having the same experience in real life with Bernice Liu. When he heard this, Moses laughed dryly twice before saying that he did not want to discuss this any more. After this, whenever Bernice's name was mentioned, he seemed rather embarrassed.

Talking of so many people being concerned about his rumours with Bernice, Moses says: "It's enough! I have already explained the situation and I don't want to make it any bigger. (Will you avoid letting Bernice visit your home in the future?) No, we have nothing to hide, but I will not talk about this any more to avoid hurting her or affecting her work. Even as friends, I feel bad about it, so please give me some space."

Also, talking of the complaints around his rather steamy dance act with Mandy Cho at the Miss Hong Kong final, Moses says that this was arranged by the choreographers and part of the performance. He hopes that people will not see this in a sordid light and look at it as an art form. With comments that he danced quite well, he says: "Dancing is actually a weakness for me, so I have tried my best. Of course Bernice dances well, she has a dance background!" When asked if he would ask Bernice for advice, he laughs that he does not know how to respond.


[Ta Kung Pao 20/08/04]

With the Mid-Autumn festival approaching, slimming company boss Shirley Cheung has led her band of spokespersons including Nat Chan, Mandy Cho, Linda Chung, Mandy Tseung and Chan Wing Yin to hand out mooncakes at an old folks home. The event was supposed to start at 10 am, but the group was very late, leaving all the pensioners waiting for 45 minutes. A total of 200 boxes of mooncakes were passed out.

Among the stars, Linda Chung proved to be the most popular and many of the grannies called her by her character name from "Virtues of Harmony" - 'Hung Pak Lam' as well as fighting to have their photo taken with her, making her very happy indeed. Recently there have been reports that Hawick Lau has been holding hands with a girl resembling her in public, Linda denies this, but does admit accepting a lift from him after work sometimes because it is dangerous for a girl to go home by taxi at night. She also praises Hawick for being friendly and caring for newcomers, but she does not see any intentions of courting her.

Also, Mandy Cho found herself on the cover of a magazine after her rather steamy dance routine with Moses at the Miss Hong Kong final with suggestions that Moses was stroking her behind throughout the dance. Mandy says that she hopes that people will not look at this with coloured lenses and she would never have imagined that the magazines would change the name of the routine or publish the still frames. As for whether she felt Moses's hand on her bottom, she says it was just the camera angle and the still frame is different from what the live audience saw, so she hopes that this can be taken in the correct light.


[Ta Kung Pao 20/08/04]

Chilam Cheung tok part in a charity run event yesterday, where he was a little out of breath and he explained that this was because he had been up all night recently watching the Olympics so he was a little tired. He laughs that he is watching sport at night and doing sport in the afternoon, so he is living the life of an Olympic athlete.

Chilam says that he usually watches TVB coverage of the games and as for the criticisms of the hosts talking a load of rubbish during the coverage, he does not agree. In fact, he feels that the hosts are very relaxed during the broadcasts. As for the suggestions that the hosts lack professionalism, Chilam disagrees, praising Vincent Kuk for his work. He says that he has always watched TVB's shows and so he has an affinity for them. When asked if he has 'TVB blood' running through his veins, he says that is a little exaggerated.

Although Chilam likes watching the Olympics, he is not brave enough to be a host because he says that his wit is not quick enough. Having signed with a new management company earlier, Chilam says that his workload has not increased and he has had to turn down a lot of work because he wants to make some recognised films. When asked if he has made less money as a result, he says that in showbiz, you cannot just look at money and he would most like to make some films that give the audience confidence.


[Ta Kung Pao 19/08/04]

The three newly crowned Miss Hong Kong winners were at a sponsor's event being presented with some of their prizes and as winner Kate Tsui also took the Miss International Goodwill and Miss Photogenic awards, she was awarded a total of three diamond watches, worth a total of $300,000. Runners-up Queenie Chu and Fu Sze Sze also received watches worth $150,000 and $99,800 respectively.

During the ceremony, as Kate only has two arms for three watches and in the confusion during the presentation, one of the watches was dropped on the floor. Afterwards, Kate laughed: "It doesn't matter if it falls on the floor, it just proves how durable the watch is. (How will you be wearing your three watches?) I will give one to my mother and one to my sister." With the value of the winner's watch being $230,000 - what will happen if her mum or sister choose that one? Kate says that is not a problem because she will share everything with her family and she has already won the title of winner, so everything else is a bonus.

As for Queenie and Sze Sze, they say that their watches are their most valuable material posession, so they will not be wearing it often only using it for special occasions.


Deep Ng is given a rather lenient sentence

[Ta Kung Pao 19/08/04]

Artiste Deep Ng has been found guilty drugs possession charges and was sentenced on the 19th to pay a $5,000 fine.

In court, Deep indicated that he was very regretful of his actions and he respects the decision of the courts, accepting that he has done wrong. He indicates that he will concentrate on his work in the future and he hopes that society and his fans will give him a chance to change for the better. Deep also urges young people not to do things that will cause your parents to worry.

The judge indicated that there is a serious problem with young people using drugs and this is unacceptable by the courts and society, but he cannot increase the sentence on the grounds that Deep is a public figure. During his bail, the defendant has not tested positive of any further drug use and the assessment from the court has indicated that he requires no further supervision.


[Ta Kung Pao 19/08/04]

Sheren Tang has recently undergone a successful slimming programme and yesterday she appeared in a pink bra top and see through top together with shorts as she caused quite a scene. The organisers had arranged for three handsome men to accompany her onto the stage in a Cinderella image, changing into modern beauty. Special guest Sammul Chan presented her with some glass slippers and placed them onto this Cinderella's feet.

After her slimming success, has she met with more people courting her? Sheren says that she is not sure if there are more, but she has received a lot more praises. However, she says that she will not accept men who court her only for her looks because a person's inner beauty is more important. When the time comes and looks fade turning her into a fat old woman, she does not want her other half to run away. Talking of her embarrassment before losing weight, Sheren says that she met Tse Yin once and when he described her as a tiger with a bear's waist, she responded awkwardly: "Yes, I can be a body double for a man."

Carried onto the stage by three men yesterday, Sheren laughs that she was not embarrassed because she just treated it like acting.


[Ta Kung Pao 19/08/04]

Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Christine Ng and Leila Tong were among the stars appearing at a promotion for "Twin of Brothers" at a Shatin shopping mall yesterday, during which they played games and Raymond sung the theme song to the show. During this, the other cast members offer their support at the side and Christine was the most enthusiastic even loosening her belt in the process. Luckily, she reacted quickly and did not cause embarrassment. When they had a group photo taken, Christine and Ron gestured a kiss at each other, but they did not really touch lips.

Afterwards, Christine indicated that she has not seen Ron for a while, so she could not hold back her feelings, but she was not worried about the fans being jealous. She also laughs: "Working with this group of young people this time, at first they all thought I would be very cool, but in fact I am the craziest of them all. These two are very good mannered and well brought up, so I would like to adopt them, but we have to check that our horoscopes match up first. (Are you not worried that you will seem old with them?) Not at all, everyone knows my age and I am keeping so well, the most important thing is to keep a happy heart."

When asked if he would like to be adopted by Christine, Ron says that as long as their horoscopes match, then there is no problem because Christine would make a good mother. During filming, as well as taking everyone out for dinner all the time, she would give little gifts to him and Raymond and she is a very caring predecessor, so he sees her as a mother all along. He adds: "I am lucky that I have had seniors looking out for me in all my shows, so up to now, I still call Maggie Siu my mother, Kiki Sheung big sister and in 'Police Cadet Brave Heart', I have Michelle Mai Suet as my mother."

Raymond was back in Hong Kong last week to guest star in Miss Hong Kong and the Olympic opening ceremony show, after which he shot a fashion ad before heading back to Beijing today. When asked if he would be adopted by Christine, he laughs: "She adopted me a long time ago! However we have not gone through the ceremony, it is all still in the heart!" He adds that he has been watching Christine's performance on the screen since he was young and she has not changed at all in appearance. He adds that she treats her juniors very well.


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