Monday, August 09, 2004

[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Ron Ng and Sammul Chan were filming yesterday on the cliff faces of Shek O for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" in a scene where the two are competing against each other in climbing a rock four to five storeys high. To ensure the ultimate safety, there were four professional climbers on hand to oversee the scene and even some of the crew had to wear safety gear and Ron and Sammul were both kitted out fully as they acted their roles without a stunt double, but definitely looking and acting the part. During the filming, the crew even threw little stones down at them to give the feeling of danger and making the two eat some dust!

This is the first time that Ron has filmed a climbing scene, but he was not afraid at all and was not shaky as he said: "This is filming close-up shots, so I have to do it myself, but the director needs some wide shots and in order to make it look more professional, there will be stand in to do that scene." When asked if he was afraid, he says: "Not really, the coaches were there and the feeling of hanging from the side of a mountain is quite high." He laughs that there have been many outdoor shoots for the show, inlcuding hill walking at Bat Sin Leng early that morning. When asked if he could handle it, he says: "I am okay, there was some wind and it was not very sunny." After saying this, he took his T-shirt off his back and squeezed out the sweat from it.

Sammul reveals that he ate the wrong food and had food poisoning earlier: "Before at Bat Sin Leng, I had diarrheoa and was looking around for a toilet everywhere. The crew said I was quite brave to drink fizzy soda after that. (Are you okay?) I'm okay." He reveals that his earlier neck injury has almost healed completely now, but he daren't move it too violently and is taking it easy during filming. When the press suggested he could do 'rock climbing physiotherapy', he laughs: "More like 'highly dangerous physiotherapy'!"


[Oriental Daily]

Tavia Yeung has been busy filming for new series "Imperial Layabout" and in response to the reports that last week's ratings for "Twin of Brothers" being less than satisfactory, averaging just 28 points and yet to break 30 points, as one of the lead females, Tavia says that she is not disappointed and is confident that the ratigs will rise later.

Tavia hopes that people will not concentrate too much on the ratings figures and focus on enjoying the unusual filming techniques used in the show. She believes that beautiful people and beautiful sets will attract more viewers. However, Tavia has heard criticisms from friends that the storyline is moving too slowly and it is rather boring. She says that you shouldn't be so impatient because there are forty episodes to the show and the story will slowly emerge. Also, this is not a normal martial arts show in that you do have to put some thought into it and the audience may need some time to adapt to this.


[Oriental Daily]

Gigi Lai and Michael Tong were working on filming for "Healing Hands III" yesterday in a watery kiss scene. The two were very focussed and succeeded in creating a fiery passionate scene that started in the pool and moved to the poolside.

In the 33 degree heat, what better way to beat the sun than to go for a swim? Wearing a one piece swimsuit, Gigi appeared at the swimming pool of a residential area and not having appeared in swimwear for a while, Gigi looked ravishing. To start with, Gigi and Michael just did some speaking scenes, but after some warm ups, the couple ended up wrapped around each other in the water in a rather suggestive scene that was sensual and racy. As the passion raged, they ended up kissing in the water, with the help of a cameraman in a wetsuit.

Afterwards, as she waited for the director to get the placings right for the next scene, Gigi took the opportunity to go for a swim, showing off her breast stroke and freestyle with great ease. Maybe she was afraid of revealing too much, so when she left the pool, she immediately wrapped herself with a towel and upon entering the pool, she made sure she was well covered and looked around vigilantly. More fun was in store as after a short rest, the crew moved over to the water slides to continue filming. Lying in the middle of the pool enjoying the sunshine, Michael is provoked by Gigi as she splashes him with water and unable to resist her beauty, Michael grabs her and pulls her into the water as they kiss again, one after another, like passionate lovers as the crew look on wide-eyed, wary of pushing the boundaries of television decency.

On the other hand, also filming for "Healing Hands III". Moses Chan looked rather odd as he appeared wearing a suit on a beach. The bathers were rather alarmed and worried he would suffer from sunstroke. Moses said wearily: "You think I want to dress like this? The story tells that I lose my son on the beach, so I run around looking for my son, not worrying about what I am wearing."

Moses says that he has not had the time recently to be able to enjoy the sunshine and seaside like the people around him because as well as filming for "Healing Hands", he has also been rehearsing for his dance routine in this year's Miss Hong Kong final. He laughs: "Dancing is my weakness, so I have to work even harder."


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