Sunday, August 08, 2004

[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Filming for TVB's "Virtues of Harmony" earlier reported Nancy Sit suffering from sunstroke after shooting a basketball scene and yesterday, during another basketball scene, there were more incidents as Bondy Chiu suffered a nosebleed after being hit by the ball in the face and another actor Poon Chi Lui suffering from the heat and having to be taken to the treatment room.

Hawick Lau immediately apologised to Bondy after hitting her with the ball and helped her to one side to rest, but he was met with jokes from Louis Yuen, who accused him of 'courting Bernice and then flirting with Bondy'. After putting an ice pack onto her face, Bondy's pain subsided and she said: "I am not as swollen now, my nose is straight with plenty of cushioning at the top and this is a lucky sign, so if there is any damage, I will definitely have it fixed and then pass the bill to Hawick." As for being the brunt of Louis's joked about Bernice, Hawick said: "I don't mind, he is just messing! (Bondy will make you take responsibility though.) It is obviously this was an accident, so it will be a claim from the company. I was very irresponsible, but for Bondy, I will be more responsible!"

As for another artiste suffering from heat stroke, Nancy Sit says it is quite freaky. Kingdom Yuen who was by her side laughed: "Don't play basketball in the future, play kissing instead!" As for the news of "Virtues" being axed at the end of the year, Nancy says this will not affect her income: "My work will not stop because there is no more 'Virtues'. Take just now, there is another mainland company who wants me to film for them, so I have decided to take a month off after 'Virtues' and do an eye operaion, regain my health before starting work again."


[The Sun]

Niki Chow was a guest at a summer carnival promotion yesterday sponsored by McDonalds and it turns out that as a child, she had always wanted to have a birthday party at McDonalds. She says: "This is one of my regrets. When I was younger, I was always just a participant at friends' parties, but never had one of my own. I will be celebrating my birthday this year with my fans, but as there are around four hundred of them, their restaurants are not big enough. Hopefully they will have their own theme park sometime."

Filming for "Prints on Red Sands" as a guest star earlier, Niki suffered sunburn to her shoulders and arms as she says: "I was like a roast pig! It was only filming for about two hours and I never thought I would be burned, so I did not put on any sun cream. Afterwards, I plastered myself with Aloe lotion, but it is quite painful." She reveals that she will be dubbing a cartoon show for the first time soon: "The cartoon film is a grand production and I will be playing a beautiful female fish. The Hollywood version will be played by Robert De Niro and Renee Zellwegger, so I am very honoured to be involved in this project."


[The Sun]

Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung took part in a make-up demonstration at a promotion yesterday, but Ron made quite a hash of it all and even told the female fan not to move around so much, causing quite a few laughs! He says: "Men are not quite as used to putting on make up as women, so it was not that bad really! However, I feel that not wearing make up is the best, so getting a tan is enough and it saves some money too!"


[The Sun]

Currently over in Athens, Michelle Ye is already a step above the rest! In her debut appearance as a reporter, she arrived at the Olympic village to see a crowd of people gathered, so she rushed over to see which famous athlete it was. When she found out that it was actually the Greek president Kostis Stephanopoulos, she was very happy, but still remembered her responsibility as a reporter and immediately prepared to interview him. However, the President had already indicated that he would like to speka to her and the first thing he said was: "I would like to be a reporter too!" Although faced with the President of Greece and rather nervous, Michelle smiled and asked: "What are you doing?". To which the President replied: "I am here to check everything and I am pleased with the Olympic Village!", after which he left.

After such a short time of representing TVB's coverage team, Michelle has already made her mark with a short interview with the President, winning the first battle for TVB, so the crew went out for a lamb dinner that evening to celebrate!


[Oriental Daily, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

TVB special "Lively Action from Zhangmutou" was held on Friday and as well as handing out a luxury apartment in Zhangmutou to a viewer worth $230,000, they also awarded an apartment and club membership worth $600,000 to one of the artistes appearing in the show. Guests on the show included the cast of "Virtues of Harmony", Andy Hui, Kelly Chen, Edmond Leung, Candy Lo and Emme Wong. Eventually, this was won by Johnny Tang and afterwards, he smiled: "Of course I will use it to keep my mistress in! (Will you sell it?) It is not up to me, we'll see what the other cast members of 'Virtues of Harmony' say because we had agreed that if we won, we would use the house as a holiday home for any of us to live in, just that I need to register it in my name."

Due to Kelly's throat infection and loss of voice, her singing item was cancelled and Andy performed instead. Also, Emme Wong performed her new song in the show and there was a part of her routine where she has to throw the microphone. She was rather worried about this and laughed: "When I arrived, I asked the crew how much the microphones cost and when I found out that they cost around $20,000 each, I was worried that I would not be able to catch it. The company then told me to throw it carefully, because I would have to pay myself if it broke, so I could not make any mistakes. Next time I will use my own mic to be on the safe side." Although Emme appeared in hotpants, the dancers all around her were quite revealing and sexier than her!


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