Saturday, August 28, 2004

[The Sun 27/08/04]

Jessica Hsuan and Dave Wang were filming in Central earlier for new series "My Wife, Your Honour" and Jessica tells of an earlier scene where she has to slap co-star Sunny Chan four times and although the filming went smoothly, she still felt very bad about it afterwards: "I would rather be slapped by someone than be the one doing the slapping because I have heard that if it is not done properly, I could injure his ear. The worst thing was I had to do it whilst Sunny was holding the baby and beforehand I had built a relationship with the baby, but he was so scared that he daren't look at me now!"


[The Sun 27/08/04]

Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee were filming together for an advertising special and as this story tells of Gregory chasing Shirley, does this bring back memories for Gregory of his pursuit of Shirley in real life? He smiles and says: "It wasn't the same, we started dating when we were filming in Mongolia for 'Blade Heart' and I don't really remember it." Shirley indicates that working as a couple with her boyfriend is not awkward at all: "This was arranged by the company and it is not that we want to see each other all the time!"


[The Sun 26/08/04]

Jerry Lamb and Joe Ma were filming yesterday for "Hearts of Fencing 2 - Prints on Red Sands" where Jerry plays three parts, including the school caretaker, pot-bellied driver and curvy cleaner in three hilarious costumes. Afterwards, he sighs emphatically for the pains of being a woman: "I really did buy the wrong bra this time, no wonder the female assassins don't wear bras when they do somersaults! It is very painful on the ribs!"

With his wife Lily Hong due to give birth again soon, Jerry is both excited and worried as he says: "I am so nervous that I am being sick! Whenever I think about the baby being born, my heart beat quickens, I wonder if this is ante-natal stress!" Conversely, Lily is very relaxed, apart from the hard work of the oversized baby!

Joe will soon be working opposite Myolie Wu in new series "Passion for Black Forest" where he plays a crazed psychopath and this will be a great challenge for him.


[The Sun 26/08/04]

Filming in Lan Kwai Fong for "My Wife Your Honour" yesterday, Jessica Hsuan explained that although she is already a mother in the show, Dave Wang plays her boyfriend and they are not having an affair! She smiles: "I have been promoted to 'mother level' and my son is five to six months old. (Is it tough working with children?) Yes, we have to have three babies on hand whenever we film, so there is a replacement when they start crying." She says that she was very afraid of babies in the past, but now she has even learned how to change nappies: "Sunny Chan really loves kids and he is making me grow to like them too, but I am not getting broody yet." Earlier, she fell down some steps when she was filming and she displayed a bruise on her arm: "My bum is a little bruised, but it is minor. Earlier when I was filming for 'A Chinese Ghost Story', I hurt my thigh and even after recovery, there are still some bumps in the muscle."

As for Dave, he says that he has not had enough time to rest, so his voice is a little croaky: "In October, I will be touring in America and Beijing and releasing my album, so I am very afraid of losing my voice. I have not been drinking rehydration formulas though because the most important thing is to have enough rest." He emphasises that apart from working, he has not been out partying late, saying he prefers to get together with a few friends in a quiet bar.


[The Sun 24/08/04]

Fiona Yuen was spotted in Wanchai yesterday in a Jaguar showroom checking out four or five different cars in the space of around fifteen minutes under the welcoming attention of the salesman. When some fans rushed in asking for her autograph, she willingly complied before choosing to test drive a grey car before spending $368,800 on a rather stylish touring car with black exteriors and interiors.

Spending just half an hour in the process of choosing, trying and buying her car, Fiona was very straightforward with her purchase, little wonder that Mr Salesman was so happy! When asked what the rush was, Fiona explained that she has not had a car to drive for a while and she had fallen in love with the Jaguar, because she likes the space and comfort. She adds: "When I have time, I can drive my friends and family out and the price was not too expensive, so I made a decision very quickly and I should have the car by November."


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