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[The Sun 01/09/04]

Ada Choi has been hurt before in the past, so she has learned how to protect herself even more. As everyone wishes for her to talk more about her romance with Zhang Jin, she would rather choose to avoid the matter, saying: "My experiences in the past have made me realise that not everything can be openly spoken about."

Experience brings maturity and Ada has learned this. In the past, she loved to openly discuss her work and her loves, but Ada now feels that her personal life and her romantic affairs, whether happy or sad should not be shared with the public. Ada believes that she was too innocent in the past and this left her being hurt.

"I know that many people are very interested in the private lives and families of artistes and in the past I was very innocent, telling people anything about myself. In this industry, you have to be 'as sly as a snake, but as innocent as a dove' and it is very difficult. I have been hurt in the past and after that I have learned to become smarter, especially when after things are said, it is not only me who is hurt. There are some things where it is not that I don't want to talk about it, but those who see it positively are few and this can turn bad, so I would rather not say anything." Although this is the case, whenever people ask about her relationship, although she says very little, Ada's smile and expression give everything away. "You can keep on asking as long as everyone is happy!"

Ada has earlier indicated that if she decides to get married, she will reveal this to the public. At the age of 28, her friends are starting to worry about her getting married, even if she isn't. "When I was younger, I had thought I would be married at around 22 and have children at 25." However, working in the industry for so many years, marriage is no longer part of her life plan. "Although I am happy now, I have no intentions of getting married. Working in showbiz, you cannot have to many plans, so it is not too late and I can let things develop further first." However, one thing can be confirmed is that Ada loves children and after marriage, she will not be against carrying out the mission of continuing the next generation. "I do love children and will have babies. The greates thing a woman can do is to have children and I would like to experience what it is like to have the life of the next generation growing inside me."

Recently, TVB series "To Catch the Uncatchable" has become the talk of the town and as well as gaining top ratings, Ada's character 'Vivi' and Dayo Wong's 'Constable Mok' have gone down well with the viewers. However, as Ada's character has a similar personality as Carol Cheng's in "War of Genders" and with the common factor of Dayo, she has been accused of copying Carol in the role. "Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for thinking this, maybe it was because Carol's character in 'War' made such a big impression. I did really like that show too and admit that the roles were very similar, but I just followed my own imagination to play the role and only thought about my own performance and whether I was up to scratch. I do not need to force myself to have a breakthrough in every role, just to live up to my own expectations."

Ratings directly affect the position of artistes in the company and with the good results of "Uncatchable", Ada's position at the top is safe. As for whether Vivi will win her the best actress award at this year's TVB anniversary, she dare not guess. "I don't think I will get an award because everyone has their own talents. Positions are placed by other people and whether it was good or not was judged by others and this would put a lot of pressure on me if I took it all on board. After acting for so long, there are two types of show I will not accept, the first is pornographic shows and the other is stories about ghost and spirits." In the future, Ada would like to play a disabled person so that she can really bring out the character.

Ada took part in Miss Hong Kong at the prime of her youth at the age of 17 and entered showbiz after taking second runner up. At the time, she had no idea about what fashion or style was, wearing whatever she thought was nice. "I did not know how to accessorise or match clothes then, so I would just put on all my jewellery to go out, regardless of whether it matched or not." Ada believes that although appearance is not everything, it is a factor in raising confidence. However, throughout the interview, she would point out that what she is looking for is not the beauty on the outside, but the true beauty that lies in the heart.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 01/09/04]

This year's Miss Hong Kong winners Kate Tsui, Queenie Chu and Fu Sze Sze were in Guangzhou for an awards ceremony earlier, receiving prizes of skincare products and prize money to the value of $50,000 between them. When it was estimated that Kate's prizes so far are reaching a six figure number, she laughs: "I have not calculated it because I have been busy, so I have no idea how much it totals."

Kate's skin is looking a little worse for wear, with her usually smooth skin showing a little spotty. Kate indicates that this is because she has been rather stressed with her work and with the make up and lack of sleep, it is taking its toll on her skin. She has been to see the doctor, who says it is a skin allergy and suggested that she needs to get some rest. She laughs: "I should be okay now with all these skincare products!"

Being a host at the Children's Song Awards earlier for the first time, Kate was very happy with her performance on the night, but realises that she has a lot of places to improve on. She thanks Lydia Sum and Roger Kwok for teaching her so much. Queenie and Sze Sze also performed for the event and Queenie felt that she was very calm for her performance as she found her innocence again working with the children and having great fun.

The girls were also paid for appearing at a shopping mall show and Kate was very pleased about this, saying: "This is the first paid job I have done and I have heard that there are a lot of designer labels here, so although I rarely buy them usually, I will take a look around and improve my fashion sense."


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[The Sun]

TVB's new series "War and Beauty" has opened well with first week ratings of 30 points and the most captivating part of the show so far has to be the storyline that tells of the conflicts and power struggle within the palace that has been a strong talking point. However, TVB's official web forum has revealed groups of Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung fans leaving personal attacks and derogatory remarks against each other and their idols.

Among the remarks that have been left are - on Maggie: "so fake... not even worthy of being a maid.. so cheap", Charmaine: "poor acting with a horrible voice", Gigi "breathes too loudly when she speaks..." and on Sheren "so old looking, but at least she can act". Also Charmaine has been nicknamed 'Snake Poo Man' and Maggie 'Big Mouth Yee' with calls for other fans to join in the battle of words to support their idols. Fortunately there are the more positive net-friends who do praise the two for their acting, saying "Charmaine is beautiful and Maggie is a great actress" to try and urge both sets of feuding fans to calm down and not respond to the rumours of their hostility in such a way.

In reality, there have always been rumours of disharmony between the stars and after the incident at last year's anniversary show where Maggie was seen to be smirking at Charmaine, the hostility had reached a peak during filming for "War" when they had little to say to each other. During recent publicity events, the two were seen to be at odds and ignoring each other, keeping their distance and troubling producer Chik Kei Yi, who was unable to make peace between them. The biggest headache for the poor producer was the Charmaine and Maggie appear to be holding a stance of 'if she is here, then I am not', so whenever TVB ask Maggie to take part in an event, she will try to avoid it and Charmaine. Even for the celebratory event on Thursday, it is still not confirmed whether the two will be present.

When Charmaine, who is currently filming in Beijing was contacted about this incident, she said: "I didn't know about this, but I know my fans are very supportive. Of course I don't want them to do this. (Are you feuding with Maggie?) Our view is that we do our own work and as long as we do a good job, then we don't care about anything else." Maggie was unable for comment at time of press.


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