Thursday, August 05, 2004

[Sing Pao]

King of newcomers Ron Ng and beauty Tavia Yeung are trying something new away from their usual acting jobs as they take part in Metro Radio's radio drama "Lab Stories on the 28th Floor", where they play a pair of lovers. This is their second time paired up after TV series "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" and their show will be airing on the 9th of August when you can hear Tavia play the lady at the lab and Ron play the drug company salesman. Ron says this character is a new experience for him and it is very cute.

Working on a radio drama for the first time, Ron and Tavia are both very happy and on the day of recording, the two were very serious as they went about their debut on the airwaves. As their acting training has paid off, then reading the scenes from a script is of little challenge to them and as they have worked together before, then they already have an understanding and therefore completed the recording very quickly.

On the day of recording, there were a number of people present, including the original author Wai Yuk and producer Chan Siu Chi who had prepared some snacks and drinks for them before they went ahead to scrutinise the script in a very happy and relaxed atmosphere. Ron indicated that he was not nervous for his first radio performance and it was not hard work, but a good laugh. His character was a little different from any he had played in the past, so the more he read it the happier he became. He would most like to have the chance to play a bad guy because just using his voice to act this has some difficulty to it. You don't need expressions to act on the radio,so he finds this even more interesting than filming in front of the camera.

Also making her radio debut, Tavia feels that the process was very enjoyable and she was a little nervous to start with. She is looking forward to seeing the reception to her performance and she will be telling all her friends to tune in and hopes that she will have another chance to do it again.


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