Thursday, July 29, 2004

[Zaobao News (Singapore) - 26/07/04]

Hong Kong TV star Moses Chan once made a Category III movie "Twenty Something" for producer Chan Ho San and thinking back to those days of filming makes him feel rather uncomfortable. In the film, Moses played a worker whose girlfriend had left him and this led him to become very depressed and to have one night stands with many women. Having come to Singapore to promote Hong Kong series, Moses says: "That was my first category III film and my only one." He admits: "I was very uncomfortable making it at the time." However, Moses feels that despite the rather seedy material in the film, the storyline was very true to life.

Moses is currently filming for "Healing Hands III" and with the recent news of Lawrence Ng's romantic outings, he says that Lawrence keeps his working life separate from his personal life: "Lawrence has a very professional attitude and this has not affected his work." He reveals that he will be reprising his doctor role from the last series. "Although this doctor is very materialistic, he is not an evil person. I will focus on his emotional scenes with his son." In response to the recent news of traffic accidents involving artistes pushing the blame onto the company and saying they are not getting enough sleep, Moses says that having entered showbiz, then you should be prepared for this: "When I am not working, I will try and get as much time to rest as I can."

[Moses's series "The Family Man" is currently airing in Singapore. Also "Better Halves" will be airing on 30/7 and "Take My Word for it" on 3/8.]

Female star Bernice Liu appeared as a guest recently at the concert of Sam Hui and she reveals that many girls went for the audition and maybe she was chosen because she has a foreigner feel to her. She praises Sam as a good person, saying: "He is willing to give me a lot of opportunities. I like to dance, so he let me sing and dance at the concert and I was very happy."


For more news of Moses in Singapore: http://moseschanho.com/interviews/straitstimes.htm

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