Wednesday, July 28, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

TVB's new series "Ten Brothers" held its blessing ceremony, with on and off screen couple Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok seeming more loving than ever since they got married. They say that there have been no arguments since they started working together on the show and Frankie uses playing soccer as a description of his relationship with his wife. He says: "Arguing is like playing football, you pass me the ball, but then I have to pass it back to you in order to move down the field. If I don't kick the ball out in the first place, the argument will never succeed." Good point!

Frankie says: "There are many stages in life and when I was younger I used to have a hot temper and was easily agitated by other people. I remember when I was driving a Porsche too slowly and someone laughed at me telling me to just sell it, I was quite angry, but now I just let things pass because I don't want to remember so much hatred." Earlier when he attended a ball with Kenix and he heard someone talking about having to exterminate vengeance from one's life, Frankie feels that this is a good ideal to have. He says: "You really should not let it keep coming and going, it will happen whether you are happy or unhappy, so I would rather have a peaceful home and working life." He adds: "After all, I have worked hard for so many years and have some savings, so I can live peacefully now."

Agreeing that she is working well with her husband, Kenix says that her husband is a safe driver, so she was quite shocked when she read the news about the Lamborghini driver who was driving at 150 km/h and crashed into a taxi, killing the passenger who was tossed out of the car. She says: "In the past, I did drive in the East District Corridor at around 140 km/h and the car was very floaty, but luckily I was okay and kept my good looks. Thinking back, it was so stupid of me. I am now very precious, so I have hired a driver as this is convenient for when I go shopping because no-one will challenge me to a race."

Also, although Don Li is a Christian, he also offered incense at the ceremony and he laughs: "Because this studio was the one used for 'Police Cadet Brave Hearts' earlier and so much has happened with that show, my mother instructed me to offer incense, so I am breaking the rule today and turned up for the blessing and of course for the roast pig!"


[Ta Kung Pao]

Joe Ma has been extremely busy lately and as well as filming series, he has also been shooting one advertisement after another. Earlier, he was invited to be the face of an internationally renowned courier company in a rare move for them to ask an artiste to help promote their services. It would appear that Joe has a lot of ties with Hong Kong International Airport, being able to film in many highly restricted areas. After "Triumph in the Skies", there were some openings of stores on the airside shopping centre and now he has been invited into the cargo operation for filming by the courier company. Joe indicates that it was a new experience for him filming in the cargo centre and although we often use the courier companies in everyday life, this is the first time he has seen at first hand exactly how busy the Hong Kong logistics business can be.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Flora Chan was at the premiere for "King Arthur" earlier and other guests included Linda Chung, Michelle Ye, Chan Siu Wan, Jerry Lamb and his wife Lily Hong. Flora has recently returned from Singapore, where she has been filming for local series "Like My Own". This has now finished and she will soon be heading into the mainland to film a modern series, filming on location in Shanghai, Beijing and Kunming.

Talking of filming for "Like", Flora says that there are artistes in the show from five different places, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, America and Hong Kong. As their English accents were all very different, this was a great challenge for her. Most of the scenes had English dialogue, but there were a few in Mandarin, but Flora had three months to prepare and she managed it fine, however if the whole show had been in Mandarin, she would not have been able to do it. Also, she has a new image in the show because the series is set in the 20's and 30's, she has to sing and dance. Originally she was planned to sing 'Never Ending Love' (Bu Liao Qing), but this was scrapped in the end because of copyright problems.

Also, she had to work with many children, among them was a 23-year old girl with learning difficulties and the mental age of six. She has learned a lot of communication skills working with the children. As for the good results of her series "To Get Unstuck in Time", Flora says that the producer had told her about it and they have arranged to go out for a celebratory meal, but she has not been in touch with Roger Kwok as yet to sort out a time and date.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

TVB series "Treasure in the Family" had a celebratory dinner to mark the end of filming, where the cast and crew occupied three tables in a Tsimshatsiu restaurant. Leading stars Alex Fong, Shirley Yeung, Hawick Lau and Sam Chan were there and Hawick arrived with a dozen bottles of red wine. However, Alex and Shirley both refused to drink on the grounds they are not well and they have to drive later, with Alex saying: "I can take my alcohol, but I can't drink tonight because I have a throat infection and don't feel too well."

Also, Alex indicates that he is very happy with this filming experience because the other artistes are like a real family, so he will miss them after the filmiing is over. He says: "I have learned a lot of things from making this series and I am very happy to have made so many friends. Completing this show has proved that I am not afraid of TVB and if I get the chance, I would very much like to film for them again."

Also, Shirley indicates that she has confirmed as being one of the guest performers at this year's Miss Hong Kong Pageant as she says excitedly: "Although I don't know what I will be performing yet, I am very pleased to be one of the guests and as I will be guest starring at Sam Hui's concerts again in August, I have learned from the experiences last time and will be doing a lot of preparation so that I don't lose my breath." When she was praised for looking good in her slimming ads, she says modestly: "Ever since the contest, I have not dressed so sexily, but I felt that the ad was very healthy and sunshiny and I hope you all like it."


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