Tuesday, July 27, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Joe Ma, Vivien Yeo, Yoyo Chan, Charmaine Lee Carlene Aguilar, Koey Wong, Vivian Lok and Charles Szeto were among the cast members from "Prints on Red Sands" who were filming on Lido Bay in a beach volleyball competition scene. As the beach was opposite the bay where the poisoned mosquitos are said to originate from and all the cast were wearing just shorts and sports tops, did they all have protection against the mosquitos?

It turns out that the majority of them did not know how to avoid the mosquitos, saying they had not done any preparation. Koey looked puzzled as she said: "I don't know, I haven't put on any repellant. Luckily I have not been bitten. Recently I have been filming for this and 'Police Cadet Brave Hearts' and have only had about an hour's sleep a day." As for Vivien, she also said: "I did not know that Ma Wan was opposite, but I have not been bitten."

Vivien was praised for having a great figure and she laughs: "This outfit is very difficult to wear, even if you are a little bit fat, it will be very obvious, so I am always afraid that I am looking fat and trying not to eat too much. Sometimes I am so hungry that I get a little dizzy, so it is hard work, but I have to eat because of the amount of exercise we do when we are filming and the pressure is quite hard. Being praised makes it all seem worth it though because I have gone from 54 kg to just 50 kg. (Have you been heckled on the beach at all?) Some guys have come and said 'Hi' to me, but they have not been rude and are quite nice."

Also, producer Chin Kwok Wai indicates that Jacky Cheung will have a guest appearance in the show and in August, the cast and crew will be heading to Australia for location filming at the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef. He says: "There is an 80% chance of us going to Australia, but it has not been confirmed yet and we have to go and check the locations again. Cathy Tsui has to go back to England for her studies, so she will be leaving us on 3rd or 4th September. Also Jacky Cheung will be guest starring on Thursday as a member of the audience on the beach, watching the competition."

Joe says that if they go to Australia, then he will definitely go diving at the Great Barrier Reef. He says: "Filming 'Hearts of ...2' has been very comfortable, but I have been swotting up on my Olympic Games knowledge recently because I will be hosting the live Olympic broadcast for the first time. I remember when I hosted a live show for the first time around nine years ago, I was so inexperienced that my lips were shaking during the show!"


[Ta Kung Pao]

Lawrence Ng, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Maggie Siu, Raymond Cho and Michael Tong were among the cast appearing at the Happy Valley Cemetary yesterday on location for "Healing Hands III" in a scene where they appear at the funeral of Yoyo Mung's character, so they were all dressed in black. As the weather was extremely hot, Lawrence and Moses were continuously wiping away the sweat and after filming, they immedialtely took off their jackets.

Lawrence and Yoyo play a pair of lovers in the show, so he has to be very upset in the scene and he quickly entered the emotion as his eyes filled with tears, touching everyone else. On the set, everyone refers to Lawrence as 'Dai Siu' (master), but don't be mistaken that this is down to Lawrence being arrogant. The reason for this is that Lawrence's character in the series "A Loving Spirit" was called 'Dai Siu' and so this name has stuck with the crew. He responds to the name very quickly and does not feel it is a little odd, saying it is just a nickname. Lawrence reveals that he has other nicknames, because he likes to make up names for other people that include the word for 'poo' in them, but sometimes they end up calling him the name instead.

Also, Bowie Lam has recently moved into a new house and as he is a firm believer in Feng Shui, he has taken a special day off work to move house. He laughs: "I have saved up for so long and can finally move into a bigger house, buying a thousand foot home. Actually, apart from cars, I will not buy many other things and buying a house is fulfilling my parents' dream. Originally this was going to be a surprise for them as I had hoped to finish decorating before telling them, but the magazines spoiled the surprise. (Does buying a new house signify you will be starting a family soon?) Nearly, but it will not be in the next year or two, because I am a very traditional person and I have to choose very carefully."

Also, Moses appears to have lost some weight and he indicates that whenever he starts work, he will slim down, denying that he has been slimming intentionally. He has been losing weight since filming "Blossoming Hearts" and he does not know why.


[The Sun]

Having just finished filming for "Treasure in the Family", Shirley Yeung is now repaying her 'advertisement debts' as she films her first skincare ad. In order to show her appreciation, Shirley appeared in a sexy low cut dress for the shoot, saying: "There are a few looks for this shoot including a young girl in her twenties and a mature OL [office lady] look. In order to add to my femininity, I have chosen a few evening dresses to wear and try to get the very best results."

Known for her beautiful skin, Shirley received a lot of praise during the shoot and even the foreign photographer kept chatting with her, making her very happy. She smiles: "The photographer was very creative and had a lot of patience, so I do admire him. (No wonder he was always chatting with you!) Haha! He was discussing how to take the photo with me, don't get the wrong idea!"

Shirley will be the spokesperson for the company for a year and she will earn a six-figure fee. With her renewal of her contract with her fashion sponsors, Shirley is well and truly in the money! She says: "It's okay! I will keep on working hard."


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[The Sun]

Whilst filming in Beijing for "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud", Bosco Wong was injured during an incident in a bar and although TVB insist that his injury was caused during filming, there have also been reports that the injury was actually caused during leisure time.

Bosco is currently resting at home and should be back to Beijing to continue filming within days. As there are now further rumours suggesting that Bosco has upset some powerful people in Beijing and with so many stories surrounding his injury, TVB will soon be holding a press conference for Bosco to tell his story in order to quash any more rumours and stories from his colleagues. His good friend Matt Yeung says: "I have called him, but I couldn't get through to him. (Will you tell him not to go out so much?) No, he rarely goes out anyway."


[The Sun]

Fiona Yuen held a signing for her dessert cook book at the book fair earlier and good friend Yoyo Mung was there to lend her support with a bunch of flowers for Fiona. Keen to return the favour, Fiona took Yoyo out for a dessert buffet and says that she was very envious of Yoyo for not putting on any weight no matter how much she eats, so she does not have to watch how much she eats. Fiona's book is set to have a second print and she says: "With the book being so popular, of course I am happy! Sometimes when I have time, I will make some desserts for my boyfriend and it is extra sweet!"


[Sing Pao]

The 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants are filming in China at the moment and during a ball on Sunday evening, the contestants all had to introduce something for Guangzhou and number 1 Queenie Chu sung Roman Tam's "Red Cotton" to introduce the local speciality cotton flower and took the title of 'Tourism Ambassador'. 14 Kayee Tsang introduced her item in a Chinese counting rhyme, but 16 Emily Wong was overcome by nerves and stage fright as she froze after a couple of lines and hid her embarrassment with smiles. Queenie takes the second of the Miss Hong Kong awards, winning travel vouchers to the value of $50,000. She says she will be taking her family on holiday.

During the event, the press discovered that Queenie's parents and cousins, together with the mother of number 9 Lulu Ng were lending their support from the audience. When Queenie's parents saw her take the award, they rushed onto the stage to have photographs with her and Queenie was overcome with emotion. For her act, she had changed the lyrics to the song slightly to reflect her item, because she wanted to convey her thoughts differently from everyone else who just spoke about their items.

The 18 girls were parading in their swimwear yesterday morning in the hotel and 17 Bonnie Cheung's bikini bottoms were rather tight and she was accused of revealing herself too much. The contestants with the best figures yesterday included 1 Queenie Chu, 6 Kate Tsui, 14 Kayee Tsang and 8 Winnie Shum. Kayee says that her figure is rounder than when they were in Kenya because she has put on 4 lbs in weight and she feels more energetic now. At first she was not used to it and it was quite hard work, but now she feels quite comfortable on this trip to China and she is getting enough sleep.

Kate Tsui seemed to be trying to cover her bottom during the shoot and she was asked if she was wary after being accused of showing cellulite whilst filming in Kenya. She says this is not the case and she is just posing for the shot. As for her nickname 'Posing Queen', she says she does not understand it and does not feel that she is arrogant, so she will ignore it. Her cellulite problem has also improved. Winnie Shum has lost some weight and she says she will keep doing the routine, pointing out that as she is quite tall, then her upper body will be larger.


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