Wednesday, July 14, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Hong Kong's Disney Theme Park announced its promotional plans in conjunction with TVB yesterday in a grand launch to a string of promotional events. To start with, TVB Jade will be airing three special shows to introduce Hong Kong people to this fascinating world. At yesterday's press conference was TVB Manager Cheng Sin Keung and HK Disneyland Marketing and Sales Deputy Managing Director Chan King Hau together with a group of TVB artistes all there to help with the promotion, including Timmy Hung, Carlo Ng, Annie Man, Mandy Cho, Linda Chung, Rabee'a Yeung, Carrie Lee and Selena Li.

Mr Cheng indicated that this is the first step of promotional activity for Hong Kong Disneyland and TVB are honoured to be on board as a partner. In order to bring the Hong Kong Public closer to this amazing world, Disney Hong Kong has sponsored TVB in buying the airing rights to many Disney cartoons that will also bring many benefits to the company.

Among Disney's cartoon character, Mandy Cho says that her favourite is Cinderella and when asked if she felt she was like Cinderella in real life, she joked: "Although there are three sisters in my family, we are all real sisters. (Are you like Cinderella in that you have to be home before midnight every day?) In the past it was like that!" She has been to the Disneylands in Tokyo and America and she loves all the rides there because no matter how many times they spin around, it does not frighten her.

Linda Chung's favourite character is Nemo from "Finding Nemo". She also likes "Beauty and the Beast" as she believes that appearances are not important, the most important thing is a good heart, so she will be looking for inner beauty when she seeks her other half. Linda has never been to any of the Disneylands, so she is waiting for the Hong Kong one to open so she can go along and support it.

Rabee'a Yeung will be away from Hong Kong for six months of this year because she will be away filming for travel shows, however she does not mind because it will be fun and she is happy. So that people do not realise she is always away, she has asked a relative to collect her mail for her regularly. When it was mentioned that she seems to have put on some weight, she says tha she has been doing exercise and swimming, but has paid little attention to whether her weight has gone up. Also she adds that she has been filming some ads for a slimming tea. As for her favourite Disney character, she loves the Sleeping Beauty and owns many items with her pictures on.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Annie Man will be 28 years old on the 20th of this month and although she has never liked diamonds, she asked her boyfriend for a pair of diamond earrings this year, leaving him rather shocked and accusing her of being materialistic. Annie laughs: "I rarely ask for presents, but I saw an article in a magazine on this and wanted them. (How many carat of diamonds did you ask for from your boyfriend?) The most important thing is the design, the weight is not important." As for her boyfriend calling her materialistic, she offers a valid reason, saying that her ears are very sensitive, so she can only wear 'real' jewellery.

When asked what she would do if her boyfriend gave her diamonds and proposed to her at the same time, would she agree? Annie laughs: "No, that wouldn't be right. Birthday is birthday, how can you be so insincere? Anyway, he knows my personality, if he comes on so suddenly, I will fall out with him." Annie and her boyfriend have been together for almost ten years and it is about time they got married. She smiles: "I still have some youth, I can still choose some more and we are not mature enough to start a family just yet." She says that she is a very traditional person, so she will not divorce after she gets married and as a result, she needs to be absolutely sure before she gets married to avoid any future regrets.

Also, Annie says that she likes Mickey Mouse and Snow White and she remembers that five years ago, she went to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time, where as well as going on all the rides, she went on a major shopping spree, even keeping the soft drink cups as a memento after drinking out of it. She laughs: "I remember just before they closed, I was still buying like crazy when my boyfriend disappeared and later I found that because he was so tired, he had fallen asleep on the seat behind the door, like a homeless person and I felt a little bad about it."


[Ta Kung Pao]

With the rampage of drug related incidents in the entertainment industry, Timmy Hung's father Samo Hung has recently indicated that he does not mind about Timmy having rumours about his love affairs, as long as he does not come into contact with drugs. To this, Timmy responded to his father's concerns, putting his mind at rest by saying: "I will definitely not take drugs and I have never come into contact with them before." As for the other stars who are suspected of taking drugs, Timmy feels that they should be given a chance to change because everyone will make mistakes.

Talking of his former rumoured girlfriend Cathy Tsui opening a second hand clothes shop and saying she would ask Timmy for his old clothes, he says that she has not yet asked him about this. As for the reports of Cathy dating a rich guy, Timmy says that if this is true, then he will be happy for her, but you cannot believe everything you read nowadays. So will he be asking her about it? He says this is her personal life and he has no right to ask her and he does not want to put pressure on her because if it is true, they will reveal it naturally.

Timmy is entering his thirtieth year, so is he dating? He says plainly that he is concentrating on his career at the moment and hopes to find some success first. When asked if he feels he is lacking because he has not yet established a firm career and so lost out on Cathy, he says: "Dating is about feelings and not about criteria. Although the women of today are rather realistic, everyone has their place and as long as you are contributing to society and have no wrongs to others, then you don't have to be a millionaire."

Timmy adds that whether you are dating or getting married, you need to have a foundation in your career to provide a happy and fotunate life for your partner. As for the reports suggesting that Cathy will go for anyone, Timmy continues to protect her, but feels a little envious as he says: "I don't think that Cathy is that kind of person and hope that she is not that kind of person, but the norm is that pretty girls go for rich guys. (Do you think that Cathy is a pretty girl?) I have always found her to be a pretty girl."


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