Monday, July 05, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok were among the cast members gathered for the costume fitting for TVB's new series "Ten Brothers". This is the first time that they have worked together on a series for ten years and also after their recent marriage and in the show they play a married couple who have ten sons, among them including roles played by Don Li and Lai Lok Yi.

Kenix says her role is the precious daughter of a dessert business, but after drinking a sweet soup one night by accident, she has ten sons who grow up in one night. As her sons age much faster than normal people, they will have to have some 'older' make up. As for when she will be having children of her own, she sasy that as Frankie is quite patient, then she will consider having children, but she will only have two at the most. Also, with Nancy Sit succumbing earlier to the hot weather, Kenix has taken the lesson and will be wearing cool pads inside her costume to keep warm.

With suggestions that married couples usually meet with friction when they work together, will Frankie be worried about this happening to him? He says that they have both been filming for such a long time and although they each have their own opinions, they also have some common ground and they have agreed not to take their work home with them. He believes that as long as one side is willing to take a softer approach, they they will be able to get along harmoniously. This is the understanding that he and Kenix have managed to gain over the years, that he never knew before. Now that they are husband and wife, he will try his best to compromise with her and will back down when they meet with problems. Will working together be a big challenge for the couple? Frankie says: "Don't make it sound so serious, I feel it is a good thing, because we can find a different way of getting along through our work and I am confident this will help us to build an even better relationship."

Frankie supports his wife, saying that they have a plan for children, but he hopes that Kenix will be able to put aside all her work so that she can get some good rest whilst she is pregnant as a healthy body will be good for the child. However, they will not be stopping work straight away because he has seen people who have left work to have children but are still waiting and he understands that these things cannot be rushed. He also says that after the passing away of his father, his mother has still not come to terms with it, so he has paid for her to go on holiday to Singapore with some friends to take her mind off things.

Also, Frankie and Kenix have been invited to be spokespersons for a slimming product with a seven figure sum. They will be saving the money up for the future.

In the show, Lai Lok Yi will be playing "Thousand Mile Eye" and in order to play up his character, he not only has to have a bowl haircut, he will also have to wear fals eyelashes and a pair of special contact lenses for when he uses his special powers.

He says: "I already have about 900 degrees short sightedness and in general the contact lenses on the market only reach 800 degrees, so it is difficult to get the correct fit. I think it will also be quite hard work wearing them, but the producer is kind to me in that I don't need to wear them usually, only when they are shooting close-ups." As for his 'mushroom cut', will he feel embarrassed when he goes out? He says he will not because he has bought himself some sun hats and he will not have to put up with it for two long as the filming will only be for just over two months, after which he can grow his hair back again.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Deric Wan and Louisa So were filming in Fanling for "Grey Tracks" in a scene where Deric falls from a building and is rescued by Louisa, but he is still left with a broken leg.

Afterwards, Deric indicates that this scene was originally planned to be filmed in TVB City, but as there was no rain and the the grey skies tied in with the story, they decided to film on location at the last minute. As for the weather being hot and rainy, was it difficult filming on location? Deric says: "The weather has been a little better, when I was filming on the streets earlier, I almost had heatstroke! Luckily this is the last day of location shooting."

As for this falling scene, was he afraid of the height at all? He says: "No, this is not my first time filming falling scenes and there are all the safety precautions, such as pads." After filming for this show, Deric will begin recording for his new album and originally he wanted to write some of his own songs, but he has not had any inspiration because of the hot weather.

Also, Louisa has been suffering from a skin condition, so she laughs that she can take time out to cure this after finishing filming. During her treatment, she will be taking her family on holiday because since filming for "Grey Tracks", she has no seen her mother for two months and she wants to spend some time with her before she receives her next job.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Nancy Sit was filming a basketball scene for "Virtues of Harmony" earlier when she suffered heat stroke , but after a couple of days rest, she was back to work yesterday filming on location again in a scene with Johnny Ngan, where she is chasing him before jumping on top of him.

Although it was quite cloudy yesterday, it was still very hot and muggy and with a weary expression, Nancy rested in an air-conditioned place before she was needed to film. As she is still not totally recovered, the director arranged for a dummy to take her place in some of the more strenous shots. Nancy said awkwardly: "After my sunstroke, I am delaying the filming of over ten episodes, so I decided to start work again as soon as I could. As the director doesn't want me to faint again, he has arranged for a stand-in."

As for the story behind yesterday's scene, it tells of Nancy, Michael Tse, Joyce Chen and Bondy Chiu trying to stop Johnny who is only wearing his underwear to get to the betting station and as they all jump to stop him, it is Nancy who manages to land on top of him and they both end up on the ground.


[Ta Kung Pao]

After over six months away filming on the Mainland, Lawrence Ng has returned to Hong Kong despite all his recent negative press and after his absence from the earlier costume fitting for new series "Healing Hands III", he was back in TVB City yesterday for his fitting. Originally TVB had arranged for him to be in at 3 o'clock, but he was two hours late and missed meeting his ex-girlfriend Iva Lo in the make up room.

When Lawrence arrived at make-up, he first found a seat, then he immediately apologised to the press for his earlier poor attitude, saying a few times: "I am very sorry about last time, I was wrong." He explains that he was angry about the false accusations that had been made in some magazines and also received a call from a friend, whose wife was complaining about him, so he was not very happy and lost his temper with the reporters. He says: "If they (the magazines) write about me, then I accept it, but if they write about my friends, then it is not good. After so many years of negative press, I think I really need to get along with you guys. (Is this because you still have to face the media in the coming months?) Yes, but I understand that it is only a minority who make up the news."

As he easily attracts negative press, will he be cutting down on his clubbing in the future? He says that he rarely goes out at night usually, and hides at home. When he was spotted that time, he was actually going to see a tailor in the building and not to the club. As for the magazines suggesting he was wearing his white 'party gear', he says that he does like that style of shirt a lot, so he bought a lot of them from Thailand in black and white. As for the incident with the PR girl in Beijing, he says: "That was out of order, writing about my friends like that!"

If this press was all lies, why did he not stand out to explain himself earlier? He forces a laugh and says that in his twenty years in showbiz, he understands that some things are not worth explaining because people will still write rubbish afterwards and this will just create more ammo for them. When asked if he was worried about this news affecting his image, he says that he cannot be too bothered about it and he feels his image has not been affected.

When Lawrence was asked why he was so late coming into TVB City, he explains that he had just returned to Hong Kong recently and he had to go for a haircut and costume fitting yesterday as well as buy some new glasses, making him late starting work. When he was told that his ex-girlfriend Iva Lo was also in TVB City working, he returned with the question: "Really? (Everyone thought you'd bump into each other!) Has she left?" He also adds that although they have split up, they are still in contact, but it was pointed out that Iva has indicated that they are not in contact any more. He replies: "No, we are still friends! However since I have been filming in China, I haven't contacted her." When asked if he is dating again, he says he does not want to discuss personal matters. He will be filming for the next four months in Hong Kong and he indicates that in "Healing Hands III", his character Ching Chi Mei will be suffering from a mental disorder, but he has not looking into the details of the script just yet. His main opposite in this series will be Gigi Lai.

Iva Lo had been filming earlier for "Treasure in the Family" and she had been spotted studying her Japanese notes with Cherrie Kong. When the press asked for a photo, she seemed rather nervous and later she was relieved to hear that no news had broken about her. When she was told that ex-boyfriend Lawrence Ng was back in TVB for a costume fitting and whether she had greeted him, she said: "I am a girl, I won't take the lead on this, if the enemy doesn't move, then neither will I. (Do you see him as the enemy?) Just joking!"

Since splitting up from Lawrence, Iva indicates she has not been in contact with him and has not been reading his news. As for her current love life, it is a blank page, so she is taking the time to fulfil herself by learning Japanese and computing. When asked if her current status is better than that of Lawrence, she says: "His standards are not that high, but I just have not met the right person yet. Age is not an issue, I only found out after we started dating that he was fifteen years older than me."


[Oriental Daily]

Alex Fong has been busy filming for his television series in the hope that he can finish soon and prepare for his passing of the Olympic torch in Athens on 21st of July. However, the long exhausting hours and sleepless nights have taken their toll and with his rather active events that he takes part in, his body finally gave in, leaving him rather nauseous and dizzy.

Alex said yesterday at an event: "I have been very tired recently after filming and I haven't slept today. I read the reports about Nancy earlier and realsied that filming on location is very hard work, the worst thing is going straight into the cold studios to continue filming and this contrast in temperatures makes it very easy to catch a cold. (Are you afraid to film series again in the future?) I will be afraid because it is such hard work, but I don't know if I will be brave enough to do it again, maybe I will get used to it."

Alex also reveals that he started napping whilst driving home earlier. He says: "Because I was really so tired after filming and it takes half an hour to drive home, so there were a few times when I fell asleep at the wheel and I was lucky I didn't cause any accidents."


[Oriental Daily]

Having previously been appointed as the "South District Safety Star", Sammul Chan had described himself as being a safe driver, never having had any penalty points, but yesterday morning, he had an accident in Kowloon City at the opening to the Kai Tak Tunnel, with his car losing control and crashing into a barrier and he was taken to hospital.

At around 2am yesterday, twenty-six year old Sammul was driving alone in his silver vehicle towards Tsimshatsui along the Kai Tak Tunnel, where he claims to have seen a black shadow darting out from his right and as he made an emergency stop, the car lost control and crashed into the electric gate at the right hand side, seriously damaging his car. When the police officers arrived at the scene to investigate, they took a breathalyser test and confirmed that he had not been drinking.

Sammul gave his account of the incident on a radio show yesterday, wearing a neck brace and he tells of how he saw a six foot shadow rush out from his right hand side and in his panic, he turned the steering wheel to the right before losing consciousness. He says: "When I woke up, there was no-one around and no-one took any notice when I sounded the horn, I couldn't speak and I couldn't open the door. Finally a tunnel worker came and opened the door on the other side and called the police. Then I was taken to hospital for treatment, where the doctor says I have injured my chest, neck and pelvis."

After the accident, Sammul is full of regrets as his $300,000 car has been written off after less than three months on the road. He says: "I really don't remember what happened at the time of the crash, I was very afraid and just saw that the 'shadow' was very big and long, but with no apparent limbs. (Was it a spook?) I don't know, I can't say..."

As Sammul is currently filming for the series "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" and with so many things happening to the cast members of this show, he reveals that this series is yet to have its blessing ceremony and this is scheduled to take place tomorrow when all the cast members are back together. However, as he is a Christian, he will not be making an offering and he is in no way superstitious. However, there will be some delay to his filming due to this accident.


[Oriental Daily]

Joyce Tang was at an opening for a real estate company in Dongguan and with her recent spate of promotional work, Joyce says she is interested in buying a property. When asked whether she already has enough for her deposit, she says: "I am not saying because I am afraid of the taxman chasing me for money! However, if I buy a place, I would choose Sai Kung or Clearwater Bay where it is nice and quiet." Joyce also reveals that she would like to buy a property in Australia so that she can retire there in the future and rest over there. Also with so many reports about artistes taking drugs and other bad habits, Joyce was asked whether she has come across anyone taking drugs in the television circles. She says: "I don't know, I think if they did they would keep it to themselves, no-one would make it so public."


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