Monday, July 12, 2004

[The Sun, Oriental Daily & Sing Pao]

Adam Cheng, Sheren Tang, Joyce Tang, Marco Ngai and Tavia Yeung took part in a costume fitting for TVB's new period drama "Imperial Layabout" and producer Tsui Ching Hong requested that Adam is surrounded by ladies, arranging for Tavia to bathe him in their first scene and not even worrying about revealing too much. Adam laughs: "Working is about making money just to live, I will reveal one point at the most! (How much do you charge?) I charge per point, we'll discuss how much later. However, it will be great this time because there are a lot of pretty girls."

Earlier, Adam was worried that filming ancient dramas would lead to his hair loss problem getting worse and he was asked how he keeps his hair looking good. He indicates that he does nothing special before changing the subject speedily, saying that Joyce Tang is losing weight because she is well loved by the Emperor (Marco Ngai).

Adam indicates he will be heading out to Japan with his family for a holiday before he starts filming his new show. As his daughter Joyce will be filming an ad out there, he will arrange to meet her there. Adam says: "Joyce has lost weight, but she still has some to lose so that she is fitter and prettier! She is making me want to keep fit!"

As for Sheren, she will be playing the landlady at the local brothel and she laughs that this type of character is one of her weaknesses because she has a rather blunt personality and does not know how to play up to men and even Adam felt that her performance in telemovie "The Quickstep of Passion" was too wooden. Adam told her that if women were too strong, men will not find this attractive and suggested that she should try and emulate some of Angie Chiu's femininity, with her watery eyes open wide. Talking of their bold performance in this show leading to complaints, Sheren reveals that originally, Adam had asked for a bed scene, but this was cut in the end because this was filmed just to satisfy Adam's whim.

Playing the empress, Joyce admits she is not used to wearing the Qing heeled shoes, but she is yet to fall over. Earlier, she thought that she would have fighting scenes with Adam in the show, so she bought a dance machine to practice her moves at home and ended up losing about 8 lbs in a month, toning up some of her 'loose ends', then she found out that she will be playing an Empress and does not need to go on location or fight, so she is rather disappointed.


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