Wednesday, July 14, 2004

[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung were filming for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" in Kowloon Tong Park in a wet kiss scene where Ron is feeling particularly depressed because of family problems and whilst talking to good friend Tavia in the park, they end up hugging and kissing. In reality, Ron and Tavia have known each other for a long time and are good friends, so even when they are filming such a nervous scene, they are still very relaxed and are not embarrassed at all, even giving out the odd mouth wiping and lip licking expressions, much to the amusement of everyone around them.

Ron and Tavia kissed about four or five times for the different camera positions, but the funniest part as when they gave a most romantic and passionate performance for the camera, but as soon as the director called "Cut!", they immediately sprung away from each other and Ron asked Tavia: "Wah, why is there a hair?". It turned out that Tavia had a hair in her mouth that made the kiss rather uncomfortable.

Also, when the two were asked if there was any awkwardness, Ron and Tavia both said that there wasn't any at all. Ron even added: "How can you be embarrassed with so many crew around? Had we done any special preparation? No, we filmed it straight after having dinner!" When it was mentioned about his kiss with Shirley Yeung in "Find the Light", he says that it was just a gentle kiss then, not as passionate as this one. Tavia went on to reveal that Ron had previously been filming a drinking and being sick scene and then he went straight on to kiss her!


[Ta Kung Pao]

Having suffered earlier from food poisoning, Bondy Chiu was back in TVB City yesterday filming for "Virtues of Harmony" and she says that she has been eating congee for three meals a day and has lost some weight from her waist. She says: "Whatever I was eating was coming straight out, so I have even lost my belly. The doctor had told me to rest more, but I have to work so I can't." Bondy is glad though that it was food poisoning and not Enciphilitis. "If it was then I would be a lot more serious because I would have to stay in hospital. Now I will be taking all my anti-mosquito equipment with me out on location just in case."

Also, today is Michael Tse's birthday and he says he will not be spending it with his fiancee, but with a group of friends. In order to prepare for his wedding, Michael will be away from "Virtues" for a month, so his screen wife Bondy will probably have a month off too. Michael jokes: "Why don't you arrange it with your husband and get married in that month too?" To which Bondy replies: "Don't you worry about me!"


[The Sun]

Currently living in Sai Kung, Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok have had to sell their last home recently for the very low price of $2 million, losing out on the original value by a massive $1.4 million, despite the recent upturn in the value of property in Hong Kong.

The couple moved into this house in 1997 and at the time, due to the number of luxury homes in the vicinity, the cost of their love nest was above the odds, but it seemed to be a lucky house for them, because not long after moving in, both their careers took off. Frankie immediately received constant offers of work, as did Kenix, who went on to become one of TVB's highest paid female stars at $100,000 per month and also receiving many offers of advertising work. With the house being branded as their 'Feng Shui Home', Kenix once announced that even if they moved out in the future, they would not sell this home, unless an extremely good price was offered.

However, this Feng Shui house was good for their careers, but not so good for their relationship with others as not long after moving in, there were reports of rows with the neighbours and even claims that Kenix had sworn at them during a slanging match. This was followed by a small hitch to their relationship as gossip and rumours were spread about Frankie. Two years ago, the couple decided to move up in the property market and moved into their current home that cost $7 million. Having previously attempted to sell their old house for $2.4 million, they had little interest and have only recently managed to get $2 million for the house.

Frankie was shooting his photo for the 2005 TVB calendar yesterday along with this year's partners Kenneth Ma and Michelle Ye and although he is currently working alongside Kenix in new show "Ten Brothers", they will not be seen together in next year's calendar. Frankie says he doesn't mind as he points out: "I have been in the calendar shots for ten years now and we have never appeared together, but it doesn't matter as we see each other every day anyway!"


[Oriental Daily]

Tiffany Lam and Victoria Jolly are great Miss Hong Kong sisters, who have flown away to America and Britain to continue with their studies. Tiffany arrived back in Hong Kong earlier and immediately headed to celebrate the birthday of fellow Miss Hong Kong sister Priscilla Chung (Gigi). Tiffany says that she has arranged to meet Victoria in Hong Kong too as she smiles: "With one of us in the UK and one in the US, it is difficult to see each other, so we had arranged for a reunion in Hong Kong, but as I have to rush back for a summer school in America so I only have about ten days and we have to make the most of it."

As for the reports earlier that TVB had planned for her to return in her summer break to film for them, this fell through because Tiffany's return is so brief. She says: "I have just over half a year before I finish and I would like to concentrate on my studies first. The company did ask me to film for 'One Minute English' and some promotional clips for the Miss Hong Kong pageant, but I couldn't find the time and did not take part. (Do you have any wishes to come back to showbiz?) At first I had to think for a while to go back and study, and seeing my mother look after the business on her own, I feel that my decision to go back was the right one."


[Oriental Daily]

Roger Kwok and Myolie Wu were filming on location yesterday for "Same Work Same Bowl" and although the intense heat left them both sweating profusely, they still remembered to shower each other with praises as Myolie commended Roger for bringing her into the scene and Roger showed his admiration for Myolie's singing in the style of the old Cantonese classics. They revealed that they will be singing a lot of little tunes and Roger laughs: "I hope that it will be like 'Old Time Buddies', not only releasing an album, but also taking the show to the stage and making another packet!"

Myolie was afraid of being mistaken for having had another period of puberty or breast implants, so she pointed out: "I have added an extra pad, it makes it a lot hotter, but it also acts as a sponge, soaking up my sweat! The worst thing about it is that if I lift up my arms, the buttons on my costume come apart really easily and that would be very embarrassing, so I have to put some clothes on underneath. She also says taht this is just for the needs of the show: "I am very happy with my figure, so I will not have implants because that would be too fake. I also can't accept putting something inside because I am afraid my body will reject it or it will have to be taken out when I am older."


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