Friday, July 23, 2004

[The Sun]

Deep Ng pleaded guilty in court yesterday to charges of drug possession and the case has been adjourned until August 19th for sentencing. The judge has also imposed a curfew on Deep, prohibiting him from leaving his home between midnight and 6 am every day. Deep will be keeping to this instruction and will not be going out in general if he does not need to, but he will not be wasting this time at home as he says he will be spending this time at home writing songs. Although the sentence that will be passed is not yet known, he will write his painful lesson into his songs in the hope that the young people who listen to his songs will take heed and be warned. Deep has indicated to his friends that he would like to perform this song himself, but as he does not know what will happen to him yet, he has made other arrangements so that even if he cannot perform them, other singers will sing on his behalf to get the message across.

Also, Deep will be back to work today at TVB City, making up a few fighting scenes for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" and producer Wong Wai Sing said: "He has known all along that he has to film this, but I did call him earlier to make sure he was okay and to find out what had happened." As for whether Deep's plea would affect the airtime of the series, Wong says: "This is not a very serious crime, so it will not affect it. Although we are working with the Police Public Liaison teams, he is not playing a police officer, so they will not mind."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Roger Kwok and Myolie Wu were filming at the Shaw Brothers (Clearwater Bay TV City) studios yesterday for "Same Work Same Bowl", where there was a special memory lane market place set built for the show. In the scene, Roger's character is pursuing Myolie's character and in order to win her affections, he has to eat some rancid dumplings, so no wonder Myolie is touched by him and he finally wins her heart.

In order to recreate a scene from the late Tang Pik Wan's classic "Sister Ho sells Dumplings", Myolie has to act out "Sister Wan sells Dumplings" in the show and the crew had provided her with a steamer full of real dumplings. In order to get close to her, Roger often comes to buy them from her and chat her up in the process. As the sun was shining, the temperature was in the thirties and causing the dumplings, fried shellfish and dried seafood to give out a rather nasty odour, but Roger still had to put them into his mouth and seem to be enjoying it.

Myolie says that she only has to sell the dumplings, but Roger and some of the extras have to put them in their mouths. She also reveals that Roger is quite smart in order to reduce the number he has to eat, he improvised and added a few more lines. Although Myolie did not have to eat the dumplings, working under the intense heat still made her feel a little unwell.

However, Roger did not mind eating the smelly dumplings, saying that he can only believe the prop team colleagues when they said that the dumplings were fine. HOwever, he says that he will not be eating the seafood because he might end up with cholera. Roger also revealed that on the Chinese midsummer a few days ago, it was extremely hot and the director saw how uncomfortable everyone was and allowed them all to finish work two hours early to go home and rest. Roger denies this was not as a result of the recent criticisms of TVB working practices leading to accidents. He says that having worked at TVB for so many years, there has always been space for discussion and whenever you cannot take it, then as long as you explain to the director that you will be two or three hours late, then they can make the necessary arrangements and not have to wait around, so they will not mind. As for the good results of his recent series "To Get Unstuck in Time", Roger says: "The producer says that this is the highest rated show for this year. (Will you go and celebrate?) I have not had time yet because I have been filming."


[Oriental Daily]

Bernice Liu was taking part in a promotional event yesterday and was asked about the breakdown in her relationship with Hawick Lau, but she says that she and Hawick have never admitted to having a relationship. As for whether this friendship will result in 'good friend' or 'boyfriend', Bernice says: "It is difficult to say." As for being spotted together as a couple earlier, she explains: "I will not avoid anyone in particular as a result of rumours, but we have not seen each other for a while."

As Bernice has been busy with two series recently and also her performances with Sam Hui and for the Miss Hong Kong final, she only has about two hours sleep every night and has little opportunity to contact Hawick. In the past, when she was working late, Hawick would act as her chauffeur, so why has he not been to pick her up lately? She says: "In the past I did not know the roads very well in Hong Kong, so as a friend he would help me out. Now I have my own car, so I can drive myself."

Having worked with them both in "Virtues of Harmony", Nancy Sit was quite surprised to hear about their news and said of Hawick's sudden decision to leave Hong Kong: "His part in 'Virtues' was quite a large one, I was surprised that he had given it up."


[Oriental Daily]

The 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants headed into China for four days filming on location in Dongguan, Zhangmutou and Guangzhou. Earlier there were reports that the negotiations about a prize apartment for the winner were still underway, but yesterday Variety and Sports Departmen Manager Wong Ka Leung appeared at the blessing ceremony and indicated that the developers had agreed to sponsor an apartment worth $600,000 for the contest and the girls would be visiting the development as part of this trip. Wong revealed: "As well as visiting Dongguan and Guangzhou, the girls will be looking at the apartment in Zhangmutou as well as splitting into groups to take part in the Tourism festival carnival there - singing, dancing and hosting. The 'Tourism Ambassador' award will also be selected there."

For most of the contestants, this will be their first visit to Guangzhou and Dongguan and as the weather has been very hot recently, they are well prepared, bringing with them fans, towels and parasols to avoid getting sunstroke. Number 5 Cecilia Yeung says: "I am not really worried about sunstroke, if I am hot and sweaty, I can treat it like I am losing weight. However I will be bringing more anti-sun products because I don't want to have a streaked tan." As for number 2 Irene Yu, she says: "I have brought a lot of masks and mosquito repellant. When we went away last time, I took a lot of snacks with me, but as the contest date is drawing near, then I don't want to eat too much as I need to keep fit. A lot of people say that there is delicious food in Guangzhou, but I daren't eat wild game because I am very frightened just looking at it."

Also, the girls will be filming their swimsuits and with earlier reports that 9 Lulu Ng had exposed herself too much, she was asked if she would be more careful this time and she replied: "I have always done my preparation and I don't believe I did expose myself last time."


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