Sunday, July 18, 2004

[Sing Pao]

TVB series "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" has been plagued with accidents on its cast since it started filming and after Tavia Yeung and Sammul Chan, another accident involving four female newcomers took place and left them nursing some injuries. Coupled with the drugs arrests of Roy Chow and Deep Ng, it is difficult not to think that this show could be cursed.

The four artistes injured yesterday were Kwan Yee Tung (21), Chan Man Ching (21), Ng Lik Man (24) and Ha Chuk Yan (24). The accident took place at 5:41 am, during a 12 hour shoot that first finished a session in the studio before heading out on location to the Police Training School at Wong Chuk Hang for 7am. As the four were rushing to go home for a shower before going to the location, Kwan Yee Tung acted as chauffeur in her yellow beetle, but not long after leaving TVB city, her car ploughed into the opposite lane during a right turn, straight into the front of an oncoming taxi, destroying the front of both cars. The four women, together with the taxi driver Suen xx Kwong (36) and male passenger Hui xx Ho (28) were all injured and fellow cast members Michael Miu and Lee Ka Sing who were passing by and saw the accident immediately stopped and offered assistance, calling the police. The six people were taken to Tseung Kwan O Hospital and were discharged after treatment apart from Chan Man Ching who was kept in for observations. As for the reasons behind the accident, the police are still investigating and both drivers passed the alcohol tests.

The press contacted Kwan Yee Tung later on and she indicated that the airbag pushed into her chest and the pressure exerted on her by the seat belt made it hard for her to breathe, but after a few x-rays, the doctor says she is fine and she will be taking a few days off to rest. Her family are telling her to sell the car and take the taxi instead. As for suggestions that they were too tired to drive, Yee Tung insists that she was wide awake at the time: "I did the tests and proved that I was awake, but I am very sorry to the others. I did call them and they say that they are fine, so I shouldn't worry about them."

One of the lead stars Ron Ng left work at the same time as them and it was him who called the police. Ron indicated on the phone: "Because they left just before me, I was about 30 seconds after them and when I saw them, they were very shocked and a little swollen." When Ron was asked if he would be especially careful with so many accidents, he says he will be very careful indeed.

Also assisting with the accident, Lee Ka Sing indicated that as they finished the studio work at 5am and then having to start again in Wong Chuk Hang at 7am, they had arranged to go to Kwan Yee Tung's home for a shower and maybe they were a little too eager to get home and that caused the accident. He says: "After finishing, the girls' car was the first to leave and when I passed with Michael, the accident had already happened. They were very awake, but maybe they are just girls so they got a little confused and we helped to call the police for them."

As for Chin Ka Lok who plays their instructor in the show and is a experienced professional driver, he suggests that they should use the company provided transport. When he found out about the accident, he was very shocked: "Wow, I was just working with them yesterday and we started working at 5pm, I finished at 3am and they finished at 5pm, so I didn't know they had an accident. (Do you think that you need to pay respects to help calm the incidents?) Having a religion is good, but a lot of things are down to yourself and maybe they are newcomers who are not as used to doing these long hours. To be honest, working for so long, especially for them playing cadets, takes a lot of energy and if they do not have the concentration, then they should take the company transport provided. I have tried falling asleep at the wheel and it is very dangerous, so I had to scare myself by singing to keep awake!"

This show will be filming unti August - let's hope it will be the last accident they see.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Shek Sau has been invited to shoot an advertisement for a hair salon, who has decided to go against convention and use a stylish guy for their spokesperson. On a recent internet poll, Shek Sau was voted as "The Most Lasting Stylish Male Star", proving that his appeal stretches across a broad age range.

The salon's new set of ads will be based around the theme of flowers, comparing hair to different types of flowers that need great care and nurturing. Shek Sau indicates: "This is the first time I have represented a female product and I agree that hair is very important to women as it can fully display their attractiveness."

For the shoot, a beautiful model called Hera was arranged to partner Shek Sau and he praised her for having very pretty looks as well as having healthy and shiny hair that was very suited to the ad. During the shoot, Shek kept telling jokes that brought out Hera's smiles. The shoot lasted nearly twelve hours, but Shek Sau was very professional and was not tired at all. In front of the camera, the scene showed Shek posing with a saxaphone and he immediately performed a quick song to show off his abilities and causing Hera and the crew to pick up their cameras and phones to film the scene, proving that Shek Sau's appeal is just irresistable.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Shirley Yeung, together with Mandy Cho, Rabee'a Yeung and Priscilla Chik took part in the "2004 TVB Children's Festival Storytelling contest" yesterday and as a Children's Ambassador this year, Shirley was very well accepted by the kids. She says that she has always loved children and she will have kids of her own, the best being mixed twins so that she can have both a girl and a boy at once. Shirley laughs: "I have not thought about having them so soon though because I do not have the basis of my career yet and am not married either so there is not yet the preparation to have children."

As for Mandy, she says that she will be concentrating on her career and she plans to leave having her own home and children until she is at least 30 years old. She says with vision: "I hope to have a daughter because I can dress her up and I think that girls are better behaved, but with three girls already in my family and it is so noisy, so three will definitely be my limit. As Mandy will be handing over her Miss Hong Kong title in just a few weeks time, she was asked if she felt upset by this, but she says: "I don't really feel anything because I feel that this is just moving into another stage. In August I will have a new series to film that is not a modern show, so I feel this will be another challenge for me."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Victoria Jolly was among the guests at the premier of "The Chronicles of Riddick" after returning to Hong Kong on her summer vacation from studying in the UK. When she was asked for her opinion on this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants, she replied: "There is no-one outstanding. (The standards are very ordinary?) Yes, there is no semi-final this year, so you can't see their individual personalities or get to know them a little more." Since going to the UK, she has been unable to keep up her relationship with her boyfriend due to the distance, so the couple have had an amicable split. As for whether they will get back together again when she finishes her studies, Vickii says: "We'll wait and see."


[Oriental Daily]

TVB's music show "Jade Solid Gold" has had great difficulty in confirming a male co-host for Denise Ho and with time getting tight, they have hatched a plan to resolve the situation, inviting two different male 'guest hosts' every week to work with Denise on the show.

The show in its new format was originally due to begin airing last Wednesday (14th July), but as they were unable to confirm a male host, being turned down by stars such as Eason Chan, Ronald Cheng and Paul Wong, who were too busy, then the new format was postponed by a week as a new plan was sought.

Being a JSG host will increase your exposure and the addition of a live band on the show attracted the interest of many music stars, but the commitment to the once a week, minimum three month job was too restrictive for many people who were put off the idea. This has led to the idea of using guest hosts with a different male host every week, allowing even the more popular stars to have a try at hosting the show as well as resolving the issue of the vacant position. Reports indicate that this proposition has gone down well with the record companies and many stars have signed up for the job, including Andy Hui, allowing TVB to breathe a sigh of relief.


[Oriental Daily]

This year's Miss Chinese International winners Linda Chung and Carlene Aguilar were offered a five figure sum to attend a promotion for a skincare product. As Linda's popularity is rising after appearing on "Virtues of Harmony", there were many fans there to support her and she responded: "I have had a lot more offers of work after I started filming, maybe this is because 'Virtues' is so popular and my character is so perfect with a good image."

Also, Carlene indicates that she has filmed a music video for Ekin Cheng's new song "Internal Wounds" during which she gave him her first screen kiss. She says: "In the MV I had to kiss Ekin's cheek and although it was quite embarrassing, I was very happy because I have always liked him and think he is very good looking."


[Oriental Daily]

At a tourist festival in China on Saturday, Nancy Sit led a group of cast members from "Virtues of Harmony" for a special concert, with performances from Joyce Chen, Kingdom Yuen, Johnny Tang and Tony Lam. There was also a fireworks display as over a thousand local residents joined together in a buzzing atmosphere to watch the show.

During the concert, Joyce sang four songs, in her heaviest role so far in "Virtues of Harmony" promotions to date. Her singing does seem to have improved and she admits that she is looking for a voice coach to improve her 'karaoke-style' singing and train her into being able to manage a whole evening's performance on her own. She laughs: "Apart from earning the entire fee, then I will also be proud of myself... In the past I have only sung karaoke and not done any singing at my stage performances because I can't remember the lyrics. Now I am braver and even if my singing talent is lacking, I believe that the audience won't mind because I am not a professional singer, they only come to see my face!"

Also, at Nancy's summer schools, she reveals that originally they had planned for around a thousand places, but they only had about two hundred applicants. She is still pleased with the results, but she did receive a complaint from parents that as the classes are for children aged six and above, four and five year olds could not be catered for and Nancy will take on board the comments in the hope that they can be improved for next year.


[Oriental Daily]

Sherming Yiu has signed as a spokesperson for a slimming company and together with Alice Chan and Maria Cordero, she handed out bottled water at a promotion yesterday in Causeway Bay to encourage the people queuing to be the first five hundred contestants in a slimming contest. Sherming and Alice wore quite skimpy clothes and created a crowd of onlookers, but they kept good order and the two were fine.

Sherming indicates that her fee this time is a six-figure sum and she is very pleased with this. The most important thing is that she can start afresh again. She admits that after splitting up with her boyfriend of three years, she has been bored and aimless, staying at home eating and drinking, putting on a lot of weight on her lower body in particular. Now she has become a spokesperson for the company, she can slim for free and maybe if she is successful, then she will appear in a bikini for the ads.

When asked why they split up, Sherming says she does not know, but she insists that there was no third party. Now she just hopes to slim successfully and face her work again as she believes when she is pretty again, there will be a new target for her affections.


Number 5 - Cecilia Yeung & Number 2 - Irene Yu

[Oriental Daily]

The "Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2004" final will be taking place on 13th August and yesterday a fashion show was organised in Stanley with Gigi Leung leading the 18 contestants in sexy summer dresses to give the public a closer look and offer them some 'eye candy' in the blazing sunshine.

After their appearances at the Water games, the 18 girls bared their fles again and although the weather was rather changeable before the event, many people came out to watch. The fuller figure of Number 5 Cecilia Yeung became the focus of attention again, but all the girls were very pretty in their summer dresses.

In response to being the show-stealer, Cecilia said awkwardly: "Don't say that. I do have a good figure and this was heaven-sent and I have lost some weight recently. Before I had a bucket waist, but now I have a slimmer back, and a more shapely waist, so it makes me stand out more. (Have you got used to people just looking at your top half?) A little, but it is better than before now, the clothes are actually very tame and active - very pretty." Conversely, when Number 1 Queenie Chu wore the same dress, there was obviously something missing from her top half and she was asked if she felt inferior with the comparison. She replied: "Some people will put their focus on a certain place, some will look at height, but Hong Kong people just look at people's chests. Whether you are pretty is down to an overall look and even if you are not pretty on the outside you can still be beautiful on the inside, so there is no reason for me to feel inferior."

Since returning from Kenya, Gigi has not met up with the girls again until yesterday and she laughs that the feeling is like meeting with old schoolfriends. She says that their spirit has been raised and she particularly likes Number 8 Winnie Shum and Number 12 Fu Sze Sze because they are both very sweet: "When looking at girls, I used sweetness as my standard and although the Miss Hong Kong winners have all been mature and elegant, times have changed and we should choose someone more lively."


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