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TVB's "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" has had plenty of negative press linked to it since it began filming, such as Roy Chow being excluded after being arrested for drug possession, followed by Deep Ng's arrest also on drug charges and then the fall out between Sammul Chan and Fiona Sit and the latest being Sammul's car accident this week. With so much happening to the show's cast, there have been suggestions that this is because the show is yet to have a blessing ceremony.

The blessing ceremony finally took place yesterday and apart from Sammul who is currently still nursing his injuries from the crash, the other stars such as Ron Ng, Fiona Sit, Michael Miu and Tavia Yeung were there. Even the troubled Deep Ng was present as he made his incense offering earnestly in the hope that his forthcoming court case will go well for him. When they cut the roast pig, Michael Miu and Chin Ka Lok who play the police trainers both hoped that Deep will overcome his difficulties and Sammul will escape any dangers. When Deep heard this, he bowed in thanks to them.

Producer Wong Wai Sing told Tavia to eat some pork, but Tavia declined because she is fine now. When Tavia was later asked what had happened, she indicated that she three or four weeks ago, she had a small crash in Mongkok, but it was a minor incident and she just didn't brake in time and ended up hitting the car in front. She paid two thousand dollars to the other driver, but her own car needed over ten thousand dollars to repair. After the accident, Tavia went to the temple to pay her respects and put her mind at rest, but she never would have imagined that Sammul would also have a crash a few weeks later. She tells of Sammul's accident: "Who would have thought that Sammul would have an accident so soon afterwards, but he was a lot worse than me because his car is in a terrible state. The funniest thing was when he told me he spun around three times, I imagined him like a spaceman, doing three turns inside th car." She says that filming is hard work and accidents should not always be linked to superstition. Usually it is down to the artiste not getting enough sleep and losing concentration whilst driving.

Deep seemed in good spirits yesterday and he says that he has been working these past few days. When asked how he was feeling, he says that he is better than before because he has been chatting to people at work and he does not want to affect them, so he will work his hardest. Many people gave him their encouragement yesterday and Deep was very thankful and touched by their support. When asked whether he had heard any particularly supportive words, he says that everyone has given him great support and he has kept all the encouraging text messages that he has received. When Deep was asked whether he was afraid that he would receive a rather chilly reception yesterday, he says he was not afraid because everyone is very good to him.

Earlier, Deep was to take part in a scene where he had to be handcuffed and Producer Wong was asked when this would be filmed. He says that they will be filming in the studio today, but Deep will not be required to be handcuffed because he will just be led away for investigations in the show. Deep did not know about this and if he had to film it, he would be willing because he is a professional artiste. As for the bad press and accidents, Wong says that this is all coincidence and this will not affect the progress of the show's filming. He adds that after Sammul's accident, he will be arranged to film some gentle scenes first with the action scenes postponed for when he recovers.

When Deep was asked whether his case would be heard on the 21st, he declined to comment on anything regarding the case because he does now know legal procedure and it is all in the hands of his lawyers. As for Deep's earlier claims of being close friends with the Chief of Security Lee Siu Kwong being followed by Lee's son Glen (TVB Actor) saying that he has only known Deep for four years, Deep was asked if he had spoken to Glen who was also at the blessing ceremony. Deep said that he had, but Glen said later he had not had a chance to speak to Deep yet. Glen also added that he had called Deep to offer his support because they have known each other for a few years and from his response, Glen felt that Deep was very strong and determined. He hopes that everyone can offer Deep their support because this has been a severe blow to him and put a lot of pressure on him.

Ron Ng indicates that he has called Sammul Chan to ask how he is and he hopes that Sammul will be okay and will get some rest. Ron had to rush to the blessing ceremony yesterday because he hopes that after this gesture, everything will go smoothly. He did not drive there though, and when asked whether this was because of his earlier speeding offence, he denies this, but says that he will be very careful when he drives, especially late at night and he will keep to the speed limits.


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Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam will be taking on the role of spokespersons for a slimming company and took part in a press event yesterday. During the event, Kenix praised Frankie for being a reliable and serious husband, take this product for example, he insisted on taking the product for a month to make sure it had no side effects before allowing her to try it.

Talking of whether they will lack convincing power as they are both so slim anyway, Kenix says that it is not really slimming product, but a way of keeping one's figure because she loves to eat sweets and cakes and Frankie likes fatty foods and they can eat all the things they like without worrying about ballooning. Kenix's current weight is 98 lbs, waist 22 inches and is bordering on perfection. The happiest thing for her is that this product can help reduce her 'bun cheeks' where there is still some baby fat that needs tending to. As for her husband's figure, she laughs: "Simply perfect!" but then she goes on to say that he does have a little belly and if he could lose that he would be even better.


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Joe Ma has been partnering Sofie Rahman and Ruby Lin as spokespersons for Mariane Chan's beauty products and after using them, he has seen results in a very fast time. Joe has also shot a set of rather sexy beach ads with Sofie, but they say that this is the limits of their performance, even with the excellent results and that their fee is very pleasing.

Company boss Mariane tends carefully to their needs, even coming down to the shoot personally to make sure it is going well and asking for the set to be cleared when there is a sensitive scene and putting Joe and Sofie's mind at rest. The setting is rather grand for this set of ads, including a yacht, two speedboats and two jetskis, together with several tens of crew members, working from 6am in the beating sunshine, but totally professionally without a word of complaint. Having increased her bra size to a 33B, Sofie indicates she got on extremely well with Joe, probably because they both have model backgrounds. To reach perfection, she didn't mind being in the water for several hours as the human and material resources were put to their test. As for Joe on the sunshine beach, he was very lively as he was able to do some sport and exercise his body, combining business with leisure. On the set, it could be seen that Joe's body does seem to be fitter than he was a month ago and the resulting ads do show off his masculinity and attraction. Mariane says she is very pleased with the results from these spokespersons and praises them for their professionalism and photographic flexibility in completing this shoot and the million dollars invested has not gone to waste.


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In light of the recent spate of false reporting by "Next Magazine", with reporters chasing after Enterprise Chairman Sir Run Run Shaw, suggestions of sordid affairs in the news teams and male artistes giving massages to executives, TVB has decided to exercise some of its power, pulling the attendance of its artistes at the last minutes for the magazine's awards ceremony today.

The "Stars of Health" awards held by Next includes many of TVB's artistes among its winners, including Roger Kwok, Ron Ng, Bernice Liu, Moses Chan and Melissa Ng who all have management contracts with TVB, but with the recent string of untrue reports from the magazine linking into TVB, the company has held an emergency meeting to discuss the mater and has decided not to allow their artistes to attend the awards ceremony.

In the past, TVB's relationships with the printed media companies has been good, but this magazine has tried the company's patience too many times and broken the links with its suggestions that the highly respected TVB Chairman Sir Run Run Shaw used his close ties with Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Mr Tung Chee Wah to buy the land at Tseung Kwan O at a hugely reduced price. Other reports of a female news anchor having many sordid love affairs and a heavily promoted male artiste giving massages to executives in exchange for career progression are also very damaging to the company's image and in order to show their displeasure, TVB have decided to take such an extreme measure.

In response to the news of this decision, TVB production resource department deputy director Lok Yik Ling said: "We are all media companies, you shouldn't use the term 'boycott', we are supposed to support each other, but these reports from 'Next Magazine' were very unfair. Take my role for example, I am responsible for the resourcing of artistes and it is my job to discuss contracts with them, but even on this matter they can still write a lot of untruths. Also saying that there are affairs in the news teams, this is very detrimental to the company and the morale of my colleagues." Ms Lok also indicates that they had sent a representative from the external affairs department to liase with the magazine, but they did not give a satisfactory response, so they had to take the next step to make their stance known. She says: "We have our own position and TVB is a very healthy organisation, so we cannot accept such false reports that reflect so badly on the company and so we are showing how upset we are through our actions."


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