Thursday, July 08, 2004

[Sing Pao, The Sun & Ta Kung Pao]

There have been reports that TVB have been unhappy with the false allegations made in articles by Next Magazine and therefore not allowed their artistes to take part in the "Next Healthy Stars Awards" Ceremony yesterday and true enough, the TVB contracted artistes who received awards, such as Roger Kwok, Ron Ng, Moses Chan, Bernice Liu and Melissa Ng were not present at the presentation. However, Kenix Kwok, Sammul Chan and Hawick Lau did attend as they are not signed to TVB artiste management and therefore not affected by this ban.

Sammul indicates that he has heard this rumour, but he did not receive any such instruction from TVB. When asked if he was worried that this would make TVB angry, he says boldly: "I have not done anything wrong, just going about my usual business. I have not heard about any action against the event, so we'll wait and see." Sammul was still wearing his neck brace yesterday and spoke very softly, because he was worried about affecting the injuries to his chest, joking he was like a robot. Originally he had to film a scene for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" yesterday where he had to cry very hard, but when he tried out in rehearsals, he felt his chest was very painful, so he will be discussing this with the producer to see if he can continue.

Kenix says she is an independent agent, so whether she attends or not is nothing to do with TVB, however, she was surprised to hear the rumours. She indicates that this magazine has always taken this rather risque approach and she has met with being a target of this before, leaving her very angry. She says: "I hope that the media will report more positive news, but it must always be the truth. (Why are you still supporting this magazine's events?) I am not here to support it, just to receive my award. These are two different things, because my fans have voted for me to get this award."

Hawick only found out from the press about the TVB boycott and his first reaction was: "Bother, I didn't know. I'm off!" before laughing that he was joking. He was at the event to support a slimming companyand he did not know what was happening, so he is sure that TVB will not be so petty.

Others present at the event included Woo Fung, Lee Sze Ki, Alex Fong Lik San and Niki Chow. Roger Kwok said on the telephone yesterday: "I received a notice from the company today, telling me I did not need to attend. (Did you ask why?) I don't usually ask anyway as the company will always make arrangements for me." As for Moses and Melissa's managers, they both indicated that they had received instructions from the company but were unable to give any more information.

As for TVB external affairs assistant director Tsang Sing Ming, the response was: "We feel that the media should be helping each other out, but as they have published too many false reports lately, we have requested that our contracted artistes not to take part in their events for the time being. This is the company's decision."


[The Sun]

Miss Chinese International Linda Chung appeared in her capacity as the Hong Kong spokesperson for Toshiba at an event yesterday and took part in a magic show with a magician. When asked whether her magician look in her ad was taking her sensuality to its limits, Linda says: "At the moment, it is as I have discussed this with the company before. (How was the fee?) Very satisfactory. (Did they give you electrical goods?) There will be some big discounts!"


[Ta Kung Pao & Sing Pao]

Having always had a great relationship with TVB, Hacken lee took part in an award presentation event as "Road Safety Ambassador" yesterday, but was met with a group of MC's who all work for Cable. He seemed a little wary and when he went on stage, he immediately introduced himself as "coming from TVB", keeping his distance from Cable. Afterwards, the press said he was being too evasive and he said: "It is better to make it clear."

When Hacken was asked whether he is a safe driver, he laughs that when he was younger he would race with other drivers and get very close to their cars. He laughs that even when he won, he was only one car space in front and it all seemed very pointless. Now he is older, his driving speed is slowing down and although he has a sports car, he just likes its looks. He also laughs that he is very cowardly, so he rarely gets speeding tickets or is stopped and is a very safe driver. He adds that Hong Kong drivers are very safe because he once saw a couple kissing whilst driving on the high speed roads in the Mainland as well as illegal racing, which is very dangerous.


[The Sun]

Finally with his newly found success at TVB, Joe Ma has fulfilled his ambition to become a home-owner as reports indicate that he has bought a home in the Clearwater Bay area worth over four million dollars in the hope of creating a peaceful and comfortable environment for his wife and son as well as rescue his marriage with a new start.

Having shot to stardom after filming "Triumph in the Skies" for TVB and recently gaining a spokesperson contract for a slimming company, Joe has met with fame and fortune and this late spurt in his career makes him want to buy some property. From the real estate information, thirty-five year old Joe has been looking at homes in the Clear Water Bay area, but in the end it was Maggie Cheung who introduced him to this place and he has just spent over $4million on the house and its rooftop space that is just one street away from Maggie's home.

Before his rise in popularity, Joe's income was limited to renting a village house in Clear Water Bay, but it was only last year when his gossip reports were getting out of hand that his wife got angry and took their son with her to Europe. She reportedly left their home to move into a home in Tseung Kwan O. However, Joe appears to have won her over again, so he is settling down in a home they can call their own.


[The Sun & Sing Pao]

The 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants were at three functions yesterday, first going to the Bird's Nest sponsors seminar and tasting event, then onto a charity event set up by the Hong Kong Single Parent Association to take part in a flower arrangement contest with the members and finally heading to a slimming sponsor's centre for a tour. When the girls arrived at the bird's nest tasting, excitement was high as the sounds of the girls wowing lost them a little of their grace.

The girls all worked very hard, but this was still overshadowed by some negative press as an anonymous letter was faxed to all the papers, indicating that 5 Cecilia Yeung is co-habiting with her boyfriend in America and that her manners and attitude is terrible, describing her as bossy, arrogant, false, materialistic, manipulative, disrespectful and gutsy. To this, Cecilia feels that this fax is rather amusing and she does not feel that she is materialistic. Although she has dated when she was studying in America, she has not lived together with anyone as she lived with her sister when she was at university. She says that there is no way that everyone can like her, but she cannot think of anyone who dislikes her so much. She is not worried about more of these letters appearing because firstly she cannot control it and secondly it is untrue so she is not afraid of it affecting her image.

There are also reports that 18 Jacqueline Wong has had cosmetic surgery on her nose. Jacqueline says she has seen these reports but she feels she does not need to explain anything because she has never had it done. She says that since taking part
she has lost over 10 lbs and this is why she looks a little different. She adds that as well as the support from the other contestants, her family and boyfriend have also comforted her. When asked whether there is any part of her body she would like to improve, she says confidently: "I am already happy with all parts of my body."

Also, the press met Nat Chan at the slimming centre, is he also undergoing slimming treatment? He says: "I am here to watch and learn! (You're such a flirt, do you need to slim down?) (laughs) I have to wear swimming trunks!"

2 Irene Yu revealed that when SARS broke out last year, she was a trainee nurse and still had to work: "My mother heard that birds nest could help with the immune system, so she would make it for me to eat at 5am and I was very touched."


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