Monday, July 12, 2004

Photos from the top: Yoyo Chan; Devily Leung; Winnie Yeung, Vivian Lok; Yoyo Chan (again)

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

TVB's "Number 1 Water Games" will be taking place this Saturday and will be hosted by Winnie Yeung and Michelle Ye and so they do not need to wear swimsuits or take part in the events.

Winnie says: "Since entering Miss Hong Kong, I haven't worn a swimsuit. I feel that swimsuits are for sunbathing in, not for standing here chatting." She says that her husband does not mind her wearing swimwear and would like her to wear some sexier styles, so she often receives sexy swimwear from him as a gift. His real intention is to encourage her to learn to swim, but she has a phobia from when she was younger, after being pushed into the water by her brother when she was seven years old and nearly drowned. Every year, she wants to learn to swim, but she has never succeeded. When she has children in the future, she swears she will make them learn to swim because then they can rescue her if she gets into trouble! As for the swimsuits that her husband buys her, she will put them away and when he asks why she doesn't wear them, she will say that they don't fit her and she will choose to put on more conservative styles of her own choice. She also says that the most frightful sight is men in triangular swimming trunks, laughing that she needs to wash her eyes out afterwards and luckily her husband chooses to wear shorts instead.

Michelle indicates that she loves swimming, but she cannot become tanned. This causes problems for her filming opposite Hawick Lau because his skin tone is rather dark and hers is very light, so the lighting arrangement is difficult to get right.

Bernice Liu, 2R, Ella Koon were also present, along with cast members from the beach volleyball sequel to "Hearts of Fencing" such as Vivien Yeo, Yoyo Chan and Vivian Lok and the 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants. In one game that involved jumping across floating boards, 11 Devily Leung fell into the water and was rather embarrassed. 17 Bonnie Cheung also fell over, but managed to complete the exercise using a mixture of walking and crawling, making her the best out of the Miss Hong Kong girls. As for the "Hearts" cast, they were all very protective of themselves as they wore t-shirts over their swimsuits just in case they revealed too much, Yoyo and Vivian were very enthusiastic, but the others seemed rather reserved.

Although 2R and Bernice were present, they each had their own reasons for staying out of the water and Bernice said: "I am the deputy captain, so I don't need to join in. I just offer my support."


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