Thursday, July 01, 2004

[Oriental Daily]

There is much fear in showbiz recently, with many artistes and singers being linked with drugs. True good girls in the industry are few and far between, but Nnadia Chan is among them, so she can boldly speak out and say: "I am not afraid."

As for her reaction to the recent drugs cases in the entertainment industry, Nnadia admits she was very shocked. Has she ever been tempted since she entered the industry? She says: "I have never been in that situation and I have never seen anyone take drugs in front of me. I have no interest in these people and they daren't come near me. I will not touch them and I am such a bore, not going dancing or clubbing. Even going to Karaoke will just be with my boring friends or my sister, so never mind drugs, I daren't even take a cold tablet without thinking twice."

Nnadia hopes that these incidents will not affect the image on the whole of the entertainment industry as she believes these are one-off cases: "There are still many good people in showbiz who are very positive and healthy. Also when people make mistakes, it does not mean that they will be wrong forever. Everyone has done wrong, but the most important thing is to learn and change. I hope that everyone will take care of their bodies and themselves."


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Nancy Sit took part in a charity event yesterday at Olympian City, signing autographs, singing and holding a sale in aid of disabled people. Nancy reveals that all the items in the sale have been donated by her sponsors: "A lot of the time, when sponsors are asking me to be their spokesperson and they ask whether they need to donate any items for charity. However, they are all very willing to do so and this is a good thing because they can help many people. As well as my own donations, I will always take time out to join in no matter how busy I am and my son has come along to help out too."

Also, the Ka Yin Mama Arts Centre has began enrolment for its various courses and Nancy says that as well as children taking part, there are also many young people in their teens and twenties signing up for courses such as the acting and DJ classes. Nancy says: "Yes there are a lot of young people who like me and they present me with flowers and send emails to me. I usually send the standard response of 'Thank you very much! I miss you too.' so as not to create any fantasies. I don't know why that there are less fans in their fifties who email me, maybe it is because they don't know how to use a computer!"

Also, Nancy will be filming in China with William Hung in their new film next month and they will shortly begin recording the theme song for the movie.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Mariane Chan has finally found three new spokespersons for her slimming and beauty company - Ruby Lin, Sofie Lee and the stylish male Joe Ma. Mariane indicates that she chose Joe not only because of his current popularity and contemporary air, but also because of his great confidence that shows when men get fit. On the day of the shoot, although this was the first time that the three stars had worked together, they hit it off immediately and the shoot went very smoothly. The three also laughed that it has taken this long for them to meet each other and feel that their pace and appearances complement each other and it is a shame they didn't meet earlier.

The usually conservative Ruby Lin is challenging the limits of her sexuality and laughs that her figure has improved greatly after using the products she is representing. She now has feminine curves and is full of confidence to try more sexy performances in the future. Mariane also says that she couldn't believe the mature elegance that was eminating from the usually childlike Ruby. Joe is also relishing in his good fortune as not only can he work with two beautiful ladies, there are a couple of shots with him and Sofie in rather compromising positions. When asked if he felt embarrassed, he says no, because they are all professionals. This is the most daring shoot he has ever done and hopes that it will give everyone a refreshing surprise.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Don Li took part in a promotion for "Spiderman 2" yesterday and took part in a lego building competition. Don won and took away with him a limited edition Spiderman Lego set. Don indicated that being a singer nowadays, you are very driven because the fans are more forceful, especially the girls, who call at him to remember to stop the car and take letters from him and even causing Don to be told off by police officers!

The story is that Don was in Central having his hair cut when six female fans who were waiting outside started fighting. When the security guards called the police, the police found out that the girls had fallen out because they didn't like the look of each other. The officer then told Don that he should teach his fans to be civilised, giving him a telling off before allowing him to leave, feeling rather subdued. He says: "I thought that only boys fought, but my impressions have changed now."

As for the suggestion that Don was trying to patch things up between Boyz, he says that he did arrange to go and play ice hockey with them, but this was not with any other intentions. He says he also asked about the incident at the salon and he does not believe there is any animoscity between them. They also made arrangements to go for a barbecue together but this was called off because of the hot weather.

Also, Don will be having his hair shaved on 5th July for new series "Ten Brothers" and as he has a scar on his head from an earlier injury, he does not have much confidence in his shaven look.

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Alex Fong Lik San was taking part in the filming for a youth sports promotion event to encourage young people to take part in some sports every day. Alex underwent some hardship for this, saying that he had to endure the sunshine and the temperatures in the thirties for four hours together with a group of young people and the crew. Although the filming itself only took thirty minutes to complete, his clothes were full of sweat and he had to change half way. Also his make-up melted in the sunshine and he was forced to appear with his 'natural look'.

Also, Alex's appeal also stretches to animals as a dog appeared during filming and was staring on at the proceedings from a distance. When Alex started his demonstrations, maybe the dog wanted to learn a few things from him too!

With the reports of the recent police investigations and questioning of several showbiz people on drugs related cases, including the ex-boyfriend of a famous female movie star and a famous male singing star, Alex says that he does not know who these people are. He also admits that with so much negative news in the entertainment world at the moment, his family are very worried about him: "They say to me: son, you can touch anything, but don't touch drugs!"

Alex adds: "They are just helping with investigations, I don't know, I couldn't get any news. There are so many people dating in this industry, so it could be anyone and these are just rumours anyway, we have to wait to see if there are any arrests before we know if it is real. The reports recently have used many aliases and we can only guess about it until something real happens." He is more worried about the impression that this gives others about his profession and the belief in artiste's images: "My family said to me that I am not to touch drugs and I will listen to them because I agree with Deep Ng's words that the basic duty of being a son is not to make your parents worry about you."


[The Sun]

Deep Ng headed out to Sai Kung location yesterday with rather puffy eyes to work on filming for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts", but when he arrived he found out that the shoot had been cancelled at the last minute, so he returned home before heading out again for the evening filming session in the studio.

Heading out for filming at 10:45 am, Deep was met by a group of press reporters, but he did not answer any of their questions, simply nodding politely before getting into his car. Therefore it was unknown why his eyes seemed very puffy and swollen. When he arrived at the location, the car stopped and waited for half an hour, seemingly waiting for the crew. Then there was some communication before Deep's assistant drove him back to his home again. Later Deep indicated that the shoot had been cancelled.

As for the rumoured fight between Kenny and Steven from Boyz, Deep says he was rather surprised: "Really, I don't think so. Let me call Kenny first!" The reason for the cancelled shoot was possibly down to the number of press reporters gathered at the location and when asked about this on the phone later, producer Wong Wai Sing said: "It was cancelled, but I need to find out why from the director because Deep should have been filming and I don't know why the director didn't need him. I will ask the director, but he is working at the moment and I haven't been able to contact him."


[The Sun]

Monie Tung was filming for a TVB music programme yesterday together with some under-tens doing some gymnastics. Monie was rather worried during filming that she would not meet with the requirements. When the gym teacher led them in some stretching exercises, Monie managed them all fine and could even do the difficult moves such as the splits and fold up her body, leaving the crew rather stunned.

It turns out that Monie has some dance training and therefore has some background. She says: "I did do some sport when I was at school, especially dance, so I have the foundations and at first I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it, because it has been a while, but luckily I managed to pick it up again after some warm ups." Monie laughs that even the children were asking her for tips, making her feel rather flattered.

Also, Monie says that she will be watching the gymnastics events at the Olympics because she wanted to become an athlete when she was younger in the hope that she could represent Hong Kong. She says: "Although I cannot do this now, I don't think I have wasted my work because as a singer, I sometimes have to do some difficult dance moves."


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