Monday, July 26, 2004

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[Oriental Daily]

With Bosco Wong suffering a head injury and returning to Hong Kong for treatment, there have been two stories as to the reason for this flying around at TVB. Having firstly admitted that the injury was caused during filming, the bosses at TVB appear to have changed their tune as they point out that the injury was caused during leisure time whilst out relaxing in a bar with colleagues. It would appear that in order to protect the image of their promoted star, TVB has decided to take on all the blame themselves.

Reports suggest that Bosco had joined several other stars such as Benny Chan, Akina Hong and Sherming Yiu at a karaoke bar after work, during which a group of people got drunk and started some trouble, throwing bottles and glasses at them. Unable to hold his temper, Bosco is said to have run to the next table to argue with them and although one of the female artistes stepped in to stop them and pull him away, the other person had lost their temper and brought a bottle down on Bosco's forehead, leaving him covered in blood, needing hospital treatment and in danger of scarring.

As Bosco's face was so swollen, needing seven stitches and with no chance of him appearing on screen, TVB had arranged for him to return to Hong Kong for a check up and to avoid severe scarring of the wound. The doctors in Hong Kong replaced the stitching and he has returned home to rest now. Some TVB bosses have also been to visit him in hospital, showing how seriously they view his position.

Although Bosco has injured his face, he is still eager to return to Beijing to continue filming, even for the fight scenes. However, the executives have put a stop to this, instructing him to rest for a week in Hong Kong and let the swelling subside before he returns.

When Production Department Assistant Director Tommy Leung was contacted for confirmation, he would not admit that Bosco was injured in a bar, but he did concur that the injury was not caused as part of his work. He would only say that it happened whilst he was on his leisure time and the injury to his forehead is not serious, requiring just a few stitches and so there is no need to replace him in the show. After allowing Bosco to rest for a few days, they will make arrangements for him to return to Beijing. When asked if they will be setting down some rules for their artistes in Beijing, stopping them from going partying after work to avoid accidents, Tommy indicates that their artistes are very good and know how to control themselves and not run around, so they do not need to apply such a rule.

Also, Akina Hong responded from Beijing that the first she had heard of Bosco's injury was when she found out that they had changed the filming schedules from the crew. She was told that he had injured himself in the course of his work and had returned to Hong Kong for treatment. She says: "I did ask how seriously injured he was... they said he had had a knock and I did not know anything more because I was not at the scene."

As for another alleged witness Benny Chan, his manager indicated that he has not been able to contact Benny, but from what he knows Benny does not know Bosco very well and it is unlikely that Benny would have been present when Bosco was injured.

The speculation continues...


[The Sun]

Nancy Sit has been filming in a Chang Er costume for a moon cake advert and has also invited several 300 lb boys to play sumo wrestlers as she jokes that they look like her sons: "Even their figure is close to mine, but after my successful slimming, I am not so fat now." Nancy also changed into several low cut tops to wear for the shoot because the boss has increased her fee, so she has to do her part. Nancy is looking forward to William Hung returning to Hong Kong and she says she has already primed him on how to deal with the Hong Kong media, saying: "We will be singing 'She Bangs' together and I am worried we will be in a different key, so we will have to record in different studios."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Ada Choi has been to Thailand recently to film for a shampoo advertisement and at first she thought she could take the opportunity to go shopping there, but after arriving in Bangkok, she was taken on a four or five hour journey to a small village for filming. Although the boss had rented out several villas for the filming and accommodation, the environment was not very pleasant.

Ada says: "A lot of the places there did not have doors and the windows in the bathrooms and toilets did not have glass in them. There were also a lot of lizards and I watched a centipede on the ceiling as I fell asleep frightened. When I woke up the next day, I found that I had squashed a lot of large ants in my sleep. The worst thing was that my assistant was even more afraid than me and I had to comfort her!" Also, there was a time when the make-up artiste sleeping downstairs had to come and escape to Ada's room because there was a toad that had jumped into her room and they had to call a worker to come and remove the toad. When asked if she was afraid, she said amusingly: "Of course not, I have always loved nature!"

Ada's new series "To Catch the Uncatchable" achieved an average of 31 points in its first week and "Twin of Brothers" gained 27 points. Last week's "Number 1 Celebrity Water Games" only achieved 21 points despite the bouncing bosoms of the Miss Hong Kong contestants, falling to a low of 11 points at one stage. The cast of "To Catch" will be holding a celebratory dinner for their good results.


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