Sunday, July 25, 2004

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Bosco Wong has been filming in Beijing for new series "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" since last month, but he had an accident that left him with a head injury and non-stop bleeding from his forehead that needed immediate hospital treatment. To be on the safe side, he has returned to Hong Kong especially for a scan and check up to make sure that there are no internal injuries.

As one of TVB's heavily promoted male stars and one of the six Olympic stars, the TVB executives are very concerned about him and Assistant Director of the Production department Tommy Leung indicates that he has called Bosco to make sure he is alright and he understands that the injury is not very serious. Leung reveals: "He had stitches in the Beijing hospital earlier, but for safety reasons, he has taken two days leave to come back and get checked out, making sure that th stitches are clean and having a brain scan and temperature check. After the check, it has been confirmed that everything is okay and he will head back to Beijing soon to continue with his work."

In the series, Bosco plays 'Hon Pak', filming together with Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh. Although his part is a large one, Leung indicates that Bosco's injury and leave will not affect the filming schedules. He says: "We have arranged to skip a few scenes and film other artiste's scenes first, so his time off will not affect the schedules." The press tried to contact Bosco, but he has not returned the call.

Reports indicate that there have been no blessing ceremonies since the series has begun filming and producer Cheung King Man points out that the blessing ceremony was originally to take place at the end of the month, but now there has been an injury, the artistes are rushing him to arrange a blessing as soon as possible to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

With Bosco's earlier records of partying and meeting with trouble in a club, there were rumours that his injury had been caused by a drunken incident in a Beijing club, however TVB Production Resources Deputy Chief Director Lok Yik Ling has clarified that the injury was incurred during filming and not in a club.


From top: 5 Cecilia Yeung, 12 Fu Sze Sze, 18 Jacqueline Wong; 2 Irene Yu; 4 Jaymee Tang, 7 Tiffany Leong, 10 Flora Chow; 14 Kayee Tsang

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

The 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their filming in Zhangmutou at a Buddhist Guanyin Temple and originally they had arranged for 18 large incense sticks to be presented to the gods by the girls, but even though the girls did not protest, the crew thought that this would not look very good and commanded them to only offer small incense. In the temple, each contestant was presented with a jade Guanyin pendant by Master Wong.

Visiting the ancient pottery and the Guanyin temple, the girls were wearing shoulderless dresses and among them, 5 Cecilia Yeung, 8 Winnie Shum and 14 Kayee Tsang looked the best in their outfits. However, throughout the trip, they were met with many critical comments from the onlookers, saying that they were short and ugly. To this, the rather petite Cecilia responded: "I didn't hear what they said, but I don't mind. Being short is not a problem, I am not worried about losing out." As for an online betting company placing Cecilia as a favourite alongside 12 Fu Sze Sze and 18 Jacqueline Wong and labelling 4 Jaymee Tang, 7 Tiffany Leong and 10 Flora Chow as outsiders, Tiffany says she is not disappointed: "I feel that the judges will not look at the internet, Eric [Tsang] has said that the performance on the night is very important."

Also, with an anonymous letter being sent to the press alleging that 2 Irene Yu is an informant and ruthlessly putting out leads to the press, focussing particularly on 11 Devily Leung, saying that she was smoking in Kenya, Irene responds: "There is no such thing and I have nothing against number 11, Devily and I are very good friends and including this time, it is the third time we have shared a room, where we have a good chat. I don't know why I have these rumours, if I am really so ruthless, then the sender of this letter is even more ruthless and I feel that I am the one being victimised. (But it says these letters will keep coming?) I am not worried, those who are intelligent enough will know not to believe them."


[Oriental Daily]

Earlier reports had suggested that TVB was fined HK$100,000 for disturbing the gods whilst filming a comedy scene in a Greek temple for an Olympic special show. As a result, the press had written to the Greek tourist association to seek confirmation of this news, who then queries it with TVB and it is rumoured that the news was passed back to the TVB executives, who started an internal investigation to see why there was no producer on hand at the time to resolve the problem.

TVB's External Affairs Assistant Director Tsang Sing Ming responded to these reports saying: "The truth is that these fines were not to TVB, because we had applied for a permit from the tourist association. During the filming, there were some actions that the curators were not happy about and the fines were not directed towards TVB, but at the three tour guides who led the team who were each fined 3000 Euros for the mistake. Audits show that the researchers and and directors have each submitted their reports to the company and the executives have not been informed."

Also there are suggestions that the executives are eager to find who had spread the rumours about TVB being fined $100,000 and when asked about this, Michelle Ye who was part of the team in Athens replied: "I was not part of the team filming at the temple, so it was not me! I have also not commented on it."


[Oriental Daily]

A group of cast members from TVB's new youth drama "Hearts of ...2 - Prints on Red Sands" including Patricia Liu and Chan Chai Ping were taking part in an Olympic Games promotion in Tsuen Wan yesterday, starting the countdown and playing volleyball, badmintonn and high jump on the stage. However as the space was limited, there were a few knocks as people ran around and whilst playing badminton, Vivian Lok accidentally hit Patricia on the face, leaving her with a bruised nose. Afterwards, Patricia said as she bore the pain: "Maybe we didn't see each other and ended up having an accident, I don't think she meant it!"

Also Iva Lo responded to the news that former boyfriend Lawrence Ng has set his sights on a new target, saying encouragingly: "If he likes her, then he should give it a try. (Will you be unhappy?) Of course not, we have split up for a year now and I have chosen not to start dating again, but I can't stop him from dating. (Do you have a new target?) No, it is easier for men to chase women, doing it the other way is a little embarrassing. I am concentrating on my career for now."


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