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[TVB Weekly 08/06/04]

Tony Lam Wing Tung - Learning to Sing, just in case!

For the TVB audience, the name Tony Lam Wing Tung might seem a little unfamiliar, but when you see his face, you will find that you will probably recognise him as the waiter 'Ah Wong' in "Virtues of Harmony" airing every evening. It is hard to believe that the youthful Tony is a very independent person after heading out on his own at the age of nine to study at boarding school in the UK before moving out to Australia after high school to study Marketing at university. After graduation, he returned to Hong Kong to audition for the TVB acting classes - what was it that led him to make this decision?

"When I graduated, I had planned to come back to Hong Kong and find a job in business, but I found it was very difficult to get a job because just in my class there were several tens of thousands of graduates. Also I am not really suited to working in an office and I had taken part in drama groups when I was at school, so with my experience and knowledge of acting, I decided to try for the acting class. Then when I was accepted, I entered the industry."

After finishing his study with the class, Tony felt that he had already gained a lot from the experience and it had fired his enthusiasm for acting. "The things I learned from the classes were largely skills that I could never have learned from outside and cannot be bought with money. If you ask me which is my favourite subject, I would say acting. Also I have found that not everyone can become a television actor, so I am happy to have the opportunity to give it a try."

Up to now, Tony's most memorable role was that of Emperor Manli in "Blade Heart". "Maybe it was because the ancient drama script was very difficult to learn. My Chinese isn't too great and I didn't understand most of the meanings of words, but I did study hard to learn it all." As well as polishing his Chinese, it turns out that Tony has also sought the tutorship of renowned vocal coach Fan Li, saying that he would like to equip himself as much as he can in the hope that he can take to the stage and sing for everyone.

English name: Tony
Birthday: 7th Feb 1981
Entered industry: 16th TVB Acting Class (2000)
Appearances: Over 30 shows, including "Love is Beautiful", "Blade Heart" & "Virtues of Harmony II"


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