Wednesday, June 02, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

With Sheila Chan's earlier incident of being spied on whilst going to the toilet, leading to her reporting the incident to the police, Myolie Wu praises Sheila's courage and says that if the same thing happened to her, she would also have the bravery to chase the person and beat them up. Myolie says that as a woman, she cannot let these people get away with it and if anything happens, she will call out and take action.

Myolie was taking part in a promotion for a brand of toothpaste yesterday, but she says she is not a spokesperson for them nor has she made any ads for them, but she hopes this wish will come true soon. She also revealed accordingly that she uses this brand of toothpaste, so to be able to appear as a guest at the event makes her feel very honoured, but homely. She takes care over the protection of her teeth and will brush two or three times a day. Also she feels that her teeth are untidy and she feels very awkward when they are on camera, so she is wearing an invisible brace [aka'retainer'] but this treatment has been sponsored so it has saved her some money. She has been wearing it for six months now and she can remove it after another two months.

Myolie will soon be appearing in TVB's new series "Same Work Same Bowl" alongside Roger Kwok as they bring back to life the stars from the classic fifties shows. Roger will be playing "San Ma Jai" [Tang Wing Cheung - father of Johnny Tang] and Myolie will be playing Tang Bik Wan with Kenneth Ma playing Tang Kei Chan. She says that this is the first time she will be in a comedy and playing the sharp wit of Tang Bik Wan will be a challenge, as well as acting opposite Roger who is a great actor, so she feels a little pressure. As a result, she has been watching all the shows from the era recently so that she can pick up some methods of acting from her predecessors.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Shirley Yeung, Patrick Tang, Timmy Hung, Bel Lau, Fiona Yuen and Kenneth Ma took part in filming for "Going for Gold Get Set Go" and with his ever joking mouth, host Chin Ka Lok was making fun of the guests by mentioning Marsha Yuen, Cathy Tsui and Gregory Lee all evening, saying to Shirley: "It would be a great fortune to marry into the Lee family, even the horses would support you. Shirley has a fit body, thanks to the horses - if you win this game, the Lee family will give you their stable!" When she heard this, Shirley responded laughing: "He is always joking, but if he doesn't joke, we can't laugh! I don't mind at all."

In another game, Bel jumped and landed with a bump on the mat and when she had to sit up to pass the basketball, she seemed to be very out of breath. As for Carrie Lee who has been met with critisms about her weight, she seemed calm and said that this viewer was targeting her. She says: "I haven't been unhappy about this becuase I know that I cannot make everyone happy and there will be those who like me and those who don't. (Will you accept the views?) I will accept constructive critism, but discriminatory comments cannot be accepted."


[The Sun]

It appears that Flora Chan's relationship with TVB is slowly taking a turn for the worse. Often missing from promotional events, Flora earlier announced openly that she has turned down her role in the high profile "Healing Hands III", however there are reports emerging that this is her side of the story only and in fact there is another side that tells of her breakdown in relationship with the company and production boss Catherine Tsang.

Earlier, Flora announced openly at a press event that she was unable to take the role in "Healing Hands III" due to a clash in her schedules. However, there have been claims that the real reason for her removal was not because she did not want to make it, but because she had been written out after upsetting Catherine. It is alleged that the real reason for TVB's removal of her from the cast stemmed from her manager's complaints over the character, the screentime and filming schedules and therefore delaying the confirmation of the castings and angering Catherine.

As the slot for filming drew near, any further delays would affect the scheduling, so in order to keep to the plans, Catherine was left with no choice but to drop Flora and add some new characters to the show, finally settling on Melissa Ng, Gigi Lai and Maggie Cheung. There will be some changes to the planned storyline to pad out Flora's parts and when Flora, who was stuck in the middle of all this found out, she felt very helpless.

Since Flora left TVB Management, her new manager has concentrated on making money for her and looked externally for jobs, not giving any favour to Flora's former bosses. As a result, female lead Flora has been missing from many promotional events for the recently aired "Hard Fate" and the forthcoming "To Get Unstuck in Time" and earning her the label of turning only to the money. When Flora's manager Chung Ka Hung was asked about this, he says: "There is no such thing, Flora has a good relationship with TVB and the reason she could not make 'Healing Hands III' was genuinely a clash of schedules. As for the promotional events, we have tried our best to fit them in and if we can do it then we will."


[Oriental Daily]

Ronald Cheng and the new Miss Chinese International Linda Chung have been paired up by TVB, both being sent to appear in "Virtues of Harmony", but not getting any scenes together. So instead, TVB have arranged for Linda to take part in the music video for Ronald's new song "Only need you to love me". The director especially arranged several 'bed scenes' for them as they whisper sweet nothings and massage each other in some very heartwarming scenes.

As this is the first time that Linda has filmed a music video, she was rather nervous to begin with and kept having NG's, but later Ronald had a word with her and she immediately improved. To put her more at ease, Ronald kept chatting and joking with her off the set and even doing magic tricks to get to know her a little more.


[Oriental Daily]

Winnie Yeung and Louisa So, together with a five year old child actor were filming at Ocean Park for new series "Grey Tracks". Faced with the child, neither Winnie nor Louisa felt broody as they both indicated that they only like to play with other people's children for now as this does not being such a great responsibility.

Having just celebrated her first wedding anniversary, Winnie smiles: "I don't want to have kids yet as I haven't planned this with my husband. We'll go with the flow, I will do it if I can have a kid as cute as this one!" As for Louisa who is not yet married, she says: "Don't be silly, I am not even married yet, I have to find the right partner first." When it was mentioned that she already has a boyfriend and that she might upset him, she immediately corrected herself and said: "I have the right partner, but I will just play with other people's children first, the responsibilty is not so great and I can pinch their cheeks and pick them up!"


[The Sun]

Francis Ng was a guest on a slimming programme yesterday and in response to his good friend Anthony Wong's comment that the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Association was not working for Artistes rights, Francis indicated that he is not a member of any society, but he says you cannot complain once you have joined. He says: "Once you are in, then you should know what it is all about. They are an association, not a union, so there is nothing to complain about."

Also, having gained a great image as a pilot in the series "Triumph in the Skies" last year, Francis had originally planned to take part in a special edition of the show, but he disappointed the fans by turning it down. He says: "I don't really like doing sequels and I couldn't fit it in my schedule, so I will not do it. However, I will make another show for TVB, because my wife doesn't like me going abroad and usually TVB shows mean you can stay in Hong Kong."


From top - Group photo - 8 Lulu Ng - 10 Flora Chow & 5 Cecilia Yeung - 8 Winnie Shum - 'Heart Shaped Bum' - 6 Kate Tsui

[Oriental Daily, The Sun & Sing Pao]

The 18 contestants for Miss Hong Kong continued their shoot in Kenya as they filmed their swimwear sequences with Thomsons Falls as a backdrop. Although the girls were wearing bikinis, their figures were not impressive at all.

In the morning, the girls arrived together with guest star Gigi Leung at a rural hotel to film a horseriding sequence and Gigi was the first to mount and ride the horse around. When the girls were mounting their horses, most of them seemed very relaxed, but 18 Jacqueline Wong was so scared that she burst out crying. Later when she was asked if she was too frightened, she said that this was not the case and she had had a bad experience before when she had fallen from a horse and this memory had made her very scared. In order to overcome this fear, she forced herself to mount the horse and as a result she was so emotional that she cried. The shoot went ahead smoothly afterwards.

Whilst riding, Gigi was met with the hors sniffing her chest and when it was suggested that the horse was being naughty, she laughed it was not naughty, just friendly. She says that this is her third trip to Kenya and she would like to come a fourth time. She also says that the security on the trip has been very good and she is seeing this as a working holiday.

In the afternoon, the crew headed out to Thomsons Falls for the swimwear shoot, but the steep mountain roads nearly stopped the truck carrying the equipment and the reporters from reaching the destination. As for the slight builds of the contestants, they also found the trip difficult and upon arrival at the base of the mountain, 16 Emily Wong burst out crying.

During the shoot, it was noticed that 3 Candy Mo's arm appeared to have some burn marks that resemble burns from a cigarette. She says these are incense burns as she is a buddhist and they symbolise sacrifice, like the burns on the heads of monks. As for 8 Winnie Shum, she has an obvious scar on her belly and she denies having had an operation or mole removal, saying she does not know why it is like that. Winnie's figure is among the heftiest of the girls, but she also has the best chest and responded: "I know I am big, but I don't stand out that much. (Will you be keeping fit?) Recently I have lost a few pounds, I will keep working at it." . 1 Queenie Chu also showed a three inch scar on her leg.

This is the part of the shoot where the girls can really show off their figures, but from the results, it seems that girls are not yet at their best form and many of them showed off their 'excess flesh' as well as their cellulite. Big hips were displayed by 5 Cecilia Yeung, 6 Kate Tsui, 10 Flora Chow and 15 Emmy Kwan. However, the best figures of the day were 14 Kayee Tsang and 18 Jacqueline Wong and they both supported their fellow contestants saying that their figures were all very evenly matched. Kayee added modestly: "I still have a little belly so I need to work harder."

During the filming, the girls also had fun at the falls and when Emmy Kwan climbed onto the stones, she was immediately met with wolf whilstles from the audience and with her newly found popularity, she lost touch with her Miss Hong Kong elegance for a moment as she called out: "Shout a little louder!!"


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