Tuesday, June 01, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Cast members of TVB's "Wandering Hero Medics" including Nick Cheung, Sonija Kwok, Raymond Lam and Sharon Chan set off for a location shoot in Kenya on Monday and as they left in the early evening after the schools had finished, many student fans were at the airport to see them off as well as some tourists who asked to be photographed with them.

The shoot will take a total of 21 days, so both Sonija and Nick took two big suitcases with them. Nick has brought a lot of cup noodles and cans of food with him laughing: "I will remain committed to the Chinese meal and hope that the shoot will be speedy so I can come back soon." As well as the food, Nick has also brought some medication as last time when he was in Guangxi, he had a fever and had to borrow some medicine from someone else, so he is prepared this time. The biggest regret for Nick is being unable to be present for the Hong Kong Premiere of his Cannes nominated film "Breaking News", leaving him a little longing. Although he was able to be at the Cannes premiere, the film is after all a local production and he had hoped to take part in the Hong Kong promotional events. However, even though he is not in Hong Kong, he will still call back and ask about the results and after the location shoot, he will be taking wife Esther Kwan on holiday to recharge.

Sonija has already had all her innoculations in May and one of the injections can cause possible side effects of blotchiness and vaginal infections, but she says she was fine. For this trip, she has brough facial masks, insect repellant and a pillow and not so much food. She has heard that they do bartering over there, so maybe she can swap some of her masks for food. As she does not have many scenes on this shoot, she has brought her camera with her so she can photograph the surroundings and she will take time out to go for the spa and a spot of sunbathing, in the hope she can gain a healthy tan. She will also be dropping by on the Miss Hong Kong shoot. As for the short separation from boyfriend Deric Wan, she says that he was worried about her falling ill over there and although the long distance calls are expensive, they will still keep up their one call a day habit.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Yesterday there were reports that Fiona Sit and Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan Cho Ming are to become the youth representatives at this year's "Sunshine Project". Filming yesterday for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" yesterday, Fiona indicated that this had not yet been confirmed, but if she gets the chance she would be very happy, because this is the first time that she has taken part in the youth project. When asked how she would bet better than the other female newcomers, Fiona says she doesn't know, as there are plenty of other new female singers artistes and maybe she just emerged a little earlier than the others. Will she be afraid of being overshadowed by Jackie's son? She laughs that she will not because a boy and a girl is difficult to compare against each other.

Sammul Chan was also filming yesterday and later he will have to teach Fiona to swim. He explains that maybe because he has worked for the red cross before so he has learned emergency aid for drowning, so she has asked him to teach her. When reporters mentioned that he will be able to see Fiona's swimming costume look, Sammul says that he will be a little embarrassed to teach her to swim, but he believes that she will wear a more conservative design of swimsuit because she is playing a police cadet. He adds blushing: "I will not wear the modern swimming trunks, I don't want to frighten anyone!"


[Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

This year's Miss Hong Kong contestants continued their filming in Kenya, but the tight schedules and the long journey has left some of the girls feeling unwell. In yesterday's biking shoot, there were girls crashing and feeling unwell, but they ended up fine.

After 8 Winnie Shum retiring early fron a Kenya Tourist Board ball on Sunday, she did not take part in the trip to the golf course or the coffee plantation the next day. In an interview she indicated that she felt unwell during the event, so she left early but after plenty of rest and seeking medical help, she is better now. She says that maybe because she had little appetite before and a cold so it left her worse for wear and this has nothing to do with being unable to face hard work.

Whilst filming at the coffee plantation, 9 Lulu Ng swerved her bike to avoid Gigi Leung and ended up falling over, luckily she just grazed her arms and legs and was not severely injured. Also, towards the end of the shoot, 11 Devily Leung suddenly threw away her bike and sat on the ground holding her head, scaring Gigi into running over to her immediately. Later, Devily indicated that she was feeling like she was having blackouts so she pushed away her bike. She says that this is because she has low blood sugar and low blood pressure. Reports suggest that whenever Devily appears, the girls who are chatting in their little groups will always move away from her as she has been dubbed as 'the loner'.


[The Sun]

Nicknamed 'Boney Girl', Bondy Chiu modelled at a cosmetics show yesterday, showing off her beautiful lips and receiving in addition to her fee plenty of cosmetics and skincare products. It turns out that she has great pride in her beautiful lips as she says confidently: "In the past, my foreign make up artist said my lips were very sexy and that few Oriental women have such full lips."

Currently bathing in love, Bondy was asked whether her boyfriend is happy with her lips and she says smiling sweetly: "Not only does he like my lips, he likes the whole of me!" Although she has a stable relationship with this boyfriend from outside the industry, she still has no plans to get married as yet.


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