Thursday, June 24, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Sing Pao]

With a great future ahead of him now in the balance, EEG singer Deep Ng was arrested on suspicion of drug possession yesterday in Tsimshatsui and was released on bail for $5000, due to report to the police again on 21st of next month. In response to this arrest, EEG has been very anxious and has stated that if he has committed a crime, they will not rule out terminating his contract.

At around 9:30 pm, Deep was searched by a police officer at the building where his recording studios are in Austin Road, where 1.2g of cocaine was found in his possession. He was arrested and led away in handcuffs and only emerged from the police station at 12:45 am accompanied by a police officer and his solicitor as a search was made of his home. After the search ended at 1:15, he returned to Yau Ma Tei police station to be released on bail.

EEG manager Mani Fok indicated that the company has placed a lot of emphasis on his clean cut image and they have a very strict requirement from their staff. Because of this, many of their singers are invited to become ambassadors for various organisations, so if Deep has made a mistake, then the company will address this seriously and will consider termination of their contract. EEG staff contacted Deep yesterday and know he is not happy, so the company have suspended all his work and allowed him to rest for a while. Originally Deep was supposed to be filming for TVB's "Police Cadet Brave Heart", but if his suspension will affect the progress of filming, then they will allow him to continue filming as they do not want to affect the show because of him.

Also, Deep had been arranged to take part in a concert for RTHK's "Sunshine Project" summer event, but it seems likely that he will be dropped from the event. Event organiser Chow Kwok Fung indicates that they will have to see what the outcome of the investigations are before they decide whether to allow him to perform.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

With Deep Ng's arrest, the producer of "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" indicates that they will not be changing his character as the show has already begun filming and as the verdict is yet to be passed, they will not allow this to affect filming.

In the show, Deep Ng's character was originally cast to Roy Chow, but because of his own arrest for drug possession, he was replaced by Deep. With this latest incident, this role seems to be a little jinxed. Someone suggested it was because the show began filming without having a blessing ceremony and procuer Wong Wai Sing indicates that he has wanted to have this ceremony all along, but he has had trouble getting all the cast members together at the same time. The ceremony will be held in July.

Liu Kai Chi plays Deep's father in the show and he indicates that Deep has been very nervous about his work, but he had noticed that he often had a runny nose, like he had an allergy. At the beginning of the show Deep's character ends up in jail and he had just finished filming the prison scenes last week. Uncle Chi hopes that he will learn from his experiences, but there will always be times in our lives when we do wrong.

Ron Ng has been appointed the anti-drugs ambassador this year, but as he and Deep do not have many scenes together they have not worked together very much. He comments: "I don't know him very well and we don't know if this incident is true or not, so we sould not say so much. I do feel that he is serious about his work and puts his all into his performance." Former anti-drugs star Alex Fong Lik San says that Deep had great potential and it is very disappointing to see him in this situation. He says he was shocked when he heard the news. As there have been two stars in the last couple of months arrested for drugs-related offences, Alex is worried that there will be a poor reflection on his generation of young singers.

Also, Tavia Yeung plays Deep Ng's sister in the show, so they have a number of scenes together in the show. She says that he seemed rather happy when he was working and there was nothing unusual. When asked if she would call him, she says that as a friend she is obviously concerned, but she does not want to bother him, so she will just send him a message."


[Ta Kung Pao]

The third Jiangmutou Hong Kong Tourist Fair will begin on 17th July and cast members from "Virtues of Harmony" have been invited to take part in a mini-concert to mark the beginning of the event and the organisers held a special press conference yesterday attended by "Virtues" stars Nancy Sit, Kingdom Yuen, Joyce Chen, Johnny Tang and Tony Lam.

Talking of Deep Ng's arrest, Nancy indicates that young people of today don't seem to know what is bad for them. She admits that artistes do undergo a lot of pressure, but there are a lot of ways to relax and drugs cannot resolve anything. Not only is it bad for your health, it will also affect your image. Nancy hopes that this is a misunderstanding, because she finds that Deep is usually a good boy.


[The Sun, Oriental Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

A group of cast members from "To Get Unstuck in Time" including Roger Kwok, Patrick Tang, Cherrie Kong, Kiki Sheung and Hui Siu Hung took part in a promotional event at Ripley's 'Believe it or Not' exhibition at the Peak. They walked through the migraine inducting 'tunnel of time' and they had a contest to see who got dizzy first, with the winner having to sit in the electric chair. Although the plastic bags were at the ready just in case, no-one actually got dizzy, but when Roger pretended to be sick, he was immediately grabbed by the reporters and made to sit in the chair. The electric chair is a genuine one from an American prison that was used in the forties to execute twenty three criminals. However Roger seemed rather oblivious to this as he seemed rather excited and even bolted on the leg cuffs. However, just for good luck, the producer gave Roger a lucky packet. Roger said: "I don't mind, I have to do my best in any promotion this time. (If the ratings are good, will you agree to marry your girlfriend?) Let's break Ah Wong's record first!"

Patrick Tang was asked about Deep Ng's arrest and he says that he had just recently called Roy Chow, who was unhappy about waiting for his sentence and then this happens to Deep. He says: "I had spoken to him before and he seemed fine and I felt he was very much like Eason Chan! However up to now, we don't know if he was taking drugs for sure or whether he was planted, but I do hope he is okay." He also feels that this type of news will affect his generation of singers.

Cherrie Kong also took a seat in the electric chair, saying she has nothing to fear. She had earlier been to South Africa to film a travel special, but she did not buy any diamonds because she says that they are very similar to those available in Hong Kong: "I already have a half-carat diamond and my ex-boyfriend also bought me some smaller stones. (How is your love life at the moment?) Totally blank, just going with the flow."


[Oriental Daily]

Rabee'a Yeung, together with Shek Sau and Sheren Tang filmed a travel show in Indonesia's Bali and she prepared two swimsuits to show off her great figure. In order to add to the entertainment in the show, the three acted out a story whilst showing off the beautiful sights and for Rabee'a, who has little acting experience, this was quite a challenge.

Working with Shek Sau and Sharon was a great learning opportunity for Rabee'a and she says: "Sheren kept saying that I was too expressionless during my acting and I didn't put enough feeling into my lines, making it seem like I was reciting my lines. However, she is a very nice person and coached me very carefully, showing me what I should do, so I am very thankful to her."

With the terrorist attack in Bali recently, was Rabee'a worried about her safety? She says: "I did not think about these things because they happen all over the place. The safety is not bad over there and the residents are very warm and friendly, with the slower pace of life, it is all very relaxing."


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