Tuesday, June 29, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Roger Kwok, Kiki Sheung and Cherrie Kong took part in a radio show interview yesterday, promoting their new series "To Get Unstuck in Time". As for the 29 point ratings result in its opening week, Roger says he is satisfied with this and he says openly that his screen mother Kiki is fantastic. Roger says: "In the show, Kiki is arranged to play my mother at at first it was hard to accept because she is not that much older than me and I was worried about the results, but we had great chemistry when we worked together and it was great. Although this was the case, one such experience is enough."

As for this being one of TVB's better results for a while, Roger says that as it was the Dragon Boat Festival last week, the ratings went up by two points and he was pleased with this. Also there are many viewers who watch on the web and these ratings cannot be measured. He believes that the most important thing are the reviews that back up the ratings. When Roger was jokingly asked if he would wear swimming trunks if the ratings were good, he replied in jest: "I can't, but ask Cherrie Kong!" In response to this, Cherrie says that whatever Roger wears, she will wear too.

Also, being praised by Roger for being a fantastic mother, Kiki also says that no matter how good it was, once is enough!


[Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

TVB's new series "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" was filming on location in Stanley yesterday at a watersports centre in a scene where the cadets go kayaking and Fiona Sit's character meets with difficulties, leading to a heroic rescue by Sammul Chan, who is also swept into the water. As they are playing police cadets, the cast were all kitted out in their uniforms, but with the heat warning from the weather forecastings, they were all sweating buckets and when she was not needed on the set, Fiona hid under the parasol with some of the other female cadets, whereas the men were more lively, playing volleyball and with water pistols.

When the press arrived, Sammul was nowhere to be seen, with the earlier rumours and denials of a rift between Sammul and Fiona, is there still any animoscity between them?

Later, when he arrived, Sammul was asked why he was not present for the start of filming. He explains: "They had arranged for some of the others to learn some kayaking basics in the morning but as I already have a three star kayaking and life guard certificate and I had a late shoot the night before, so the director told me to come a little bit later. Originally I had planned to arrive after lunch, but the assistant director said that a big group of press had arrived, so I rushed here." Talking of whether he made bodily contact with Fiona when they filmed the rescue scene, he laughs: "Isn't that a good thing to make contact? (Are you guys okay now?) I have had enough sleep and am awake now. (Are you worried about sunstroke? (No, because I am used to the sun from filming at Wong Chuk Hang."

Fiona Sit says that she has only had three hours sleep in the last couple of days, so she is worried that her drowning scene might become real. When asked if she is afraid of Sammul playing tricks on her and letting her take a few more gulps of sea water, she laughs: "How would he? He is very professional and he is my best friend. I am not afraid of drowning, more of cramping. Am I worried about body contact? I wear a life jacket, so even if there is contact it will be limited to my limbs." With her short hair, Fiona's neck looks particularly long and there are plenty of her 'long neck' pictures being distributed on the internet. She says that she finds them quite amusing, but she has not been offended. She laughs: "People didn't know I had a long neck before, but my arms and legs are quite long so my neck is too, this makes it all match."

Yesterday was Ron Ng's first attempt at kayaking, but he seemed to take to it rather quickly and he says that although this is the first time for him, he has rowed a small boat before so he has some experience. He remembers that seven or eight years ago, he and some friends went to Woo Kai Sha to row, but the strong wind blew them towards the refugee camp and they were taken away by the officers there, leaving them rather embarrassed.

When asked whether there was any danger when they came to film, Ron says: "The coach had prepared an inflatable rescue boat to cope with any emergencies. (Are you worried about fainting with the heat?) I have had enough sleep, so I should be okay." When a reporter told him not to faint in case he was mistaken for having taken drugs, he says: "I do have a nasal allergy, but it is dry and I don't have a runny nose." Also talking of him spraying people with a water pistol during filming, leading to the director telling him to settle down, he says: "I was disturbing Yeung Ying Wai's rehearsal, so the director told everyone to be quiet. In fact we are all very good and when we are waiting to shoot, we kick the feathershuttle to pass the time because we are healthy young men."


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

A promotional event was held for "Hearts of Fencing 2" yesterday and as well as some of the cast members, the author of the "Hearts of Fencing" stories Leung Chi Shan was also present. Cartoonist Suet Ching will be launching a comic version of the show in August and she presented the female stars of the show with pictures of their characters yesterday.

Monie Tung will be playing a mystery character in the new series and she will have a romance with newcomer Choi Kei Chun, but it will not be very passionate as they only have hugging scenes. As she does not know Choi Kei Chun very well, they will try and get to know each other a little before they film. When asked if she does not want to film any kiss scenes, she says that this is not the case, but it must not be forced and it needs to be natural. Monie is yet to have her first screen kiss and she laughs that she would most like to give it to Andy Lau because his kiss scene with Maggie Cheung in "As Tears Go By" left a deep impression. Also, she will be playing beach volleyball in the show, but she is afraid of getting a tan, so she has been carrying an umbrella around with her whilst filming.

With the recent news of the two members of Boyz fighting in a salon over Maggie Fu, Steven's sister Jenny Cheung was asked about this incident at the event. She says that she has read the reports, but she does not believe her brother would fight. She says that Steven and Kenny are good friends and do not fight.

Jenny says that Steven is quite timid and is quite naive, so he rarely loses his temper with anyone or argues. With rumours that Kenny yells at him all the time, she says that she believes that Kenny is just advising him and as he is older than Steven, then he is just doing this for Steven's good. As for reports that Steven is being isolated, Jenny says that she has just been on the phone to her brother and there is no such thing. When aksed if she felt that her brother's rumours with Maggie Fu is affecting his career, she feels that there will be some effect, because gossip is never ending and is often confused. She feels that her brother should concentrate o his career. How does she feel about Maggie Fu? Jenny says that she does not have any feelings about her because she has not been paying any attention to her and they have never met before/ As for whether she feels that Maggie Fu says too much, Jenny returns no comment.


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[Ta Kung Pao]

Deep Ng has made a number of public appearances since returning to work after his arrest and yesterday he took part in a telephone interview with Nancy Sit on her radio show. As well as apologising again to his parents, he spoke from experience as he warned his fellow singers: "Don't play with these things, it's not worth it."

At the request of Nancy, Deep said these words and then added: "This is not a matter of health or money, it is about being a disappointment to the people around you. The punishment has been great and I have affected many people around me. After this incident, not only do I have to bear the responsibility, many people around me have had much to bear." Nancy comforted him, saying he will get over it.

Deep goes on to say that the most worrying thing for him was how to face up to his actions and how to explain it to his parents. Nancy asked him how he will make it up to them and he said: "Be myself, love myself, learn from my mistake and apologise to my parents." Also, in response to his fans' support for him, he adds: "I will stand up bravely and fight for my opportunities, I will not give up music or singing. I will be brave, but it will be difficult and I will be determined. Although it may not work, I will still stand up again because people's words and encouragement will make me go forward again."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Reported to be basking in her newly found romance, Ada Choi joined fellow cast members for her mainland series "Heroic Doctor Legend" including Lawrence Ng, William So and Dave Wang to continue filming and when asked about her romance with Zhang Jin, she joked: "Do you want to die?" before saying that she just wants to talk about her work as she does not want to use this for promotion. When it was joked that they should be happy seeing each other day and night, she says: "I see all the cast members day and night and am still very happy." When the reporters added that even William So is happy for her finding her romance, she replied getting impatient: "If he is a friend, he should not say things like that!" Then she changed the subject.

Joking with Ada, William So then responded to the Deep Ng incident and having been through the situation himself, he totally understands his situation and hopes that people will give him the chance to change for the better.

Lawrence hopes that he will finish filming his part soon, so that he can return to Hong Kong and begin work on "Healing Hands III". Talking of his earlier negativity towards the press, he says that he was not in a good mood that day and hopes that the press will understand. He will apologise when he returns to Hong Kong.


[The Sun]

Anne Heung has been dating her boyfriend Ian Lo, executive at talent management company M8 and their relationship has been good, but Anne has been visiting the hospital a lot recently and reports suggest that her boyfriend has become ill leading to unstoppable bleeding and needing a blood transfusion, leaving Anne very worried indeed.

When Anne and Ian first started dating, there was a lot of gossip around them, first with the revelation that Ian was the nephew of casino tycoon Stanley Ho's sister and suggestions that the grandeur was only on the surface. However, this has not affected their relationship and Anne has openly talked about the happy times in their relationship. However, Anne has been heading straight to the hospital straight after filming recently and it turns out that she has gone to care for her ailing boyfriend.

Reports indicate that Ian felt something wrong with his body at the beginning of the month and then started bleeding for no apparent reason. At first he thought nothing of it, but it as it got worse, he went for medical treatment and after losing about seven pints of blood, the situation became critical and he had to have an emergency operation. After the surgery, Ian rested for a week before being discharged, but last week, he suddenly went back into hospital with an unknown condition. when the reporters called Ian, he admitted that he had quite a large operation: "It is not a major illness and I am out of hospital now and back at work. There was just a problem with my blood vessels that left me bleeding uncontrollably and at my worst, I had lost half the blood in my body. After a few weeks in hospital I am fine now, but I had to go back for another transfusion because the doctors said I could not take in so much all at once. (Was Anne very worried?) I am fine now, so there is nothing to worry about."

With her boyfriend out of hospital, Anne breathes a sigh of relief: "His main problem was anaemia, but he is almost completely better now and as long as he follows the doctor's instructions, he will be fine. (Have you made some special food for him?) My cooking is only so-so, so I asked my maid to make him some soup. When I had time I would go and see him and he recovered more quickly because he was happy."


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