Monday, June 21, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]


Deric Wan, Louisa So and Liu Kai Chi were filming for "Grey Tracks" yesterday at The Peak in a scene where Deric's character bumps into Liu Kai Chi who is the brother of Louisa, who has been sent to prison because of Deric. As 'Uncle Chi' is a little drunk, he takes the chance to hit Deric and in the scuffle, Deric accidentally pushes Uncle Chi down the hill, but this is witnessed by Louisa, whose hatred of Deric grows even stronger.

Uncle Chi and Deric are both great actors and gave emotional performances, even rolling around on the floor, but Deric still joked around as the action choreographer set the scene and safety equipment. Louisa also helped him to clean up after getting his clothes dirty and Deric praises Louisa for her very Westernised performances that he admires very much. He also laughs: "Working with her makes me very relaxed. (Who makes you uncomfortable?) People who don't read their scripts." Deric also says that he has action scenes over the next couple of days so it is very energy consuming and he is seeing this as slimming for free.

Deric will be playing a big bad egg in this show and his character will even kill his own twin brother. Yesterday's scene brings back memories of his train scene with So Hang Suen in "Looking Back in Anger" as Deric points out that as heartless as his character in that show was, this one will be more scheming.

Louisa will finish her scenes for this show in July and she says that this is the best script that she has ever come across in her many years of filming. Not only is the producer allowing the cast to add their input into their characterisations, he is also taking on board their suggestions and this makes her very happy.

She smiles: "I feel that this is my best performance ever, so I am really looking forward to this show being aired. (But what if they decide to air this on Pay-TV?) I don't think they will and if they do, I will feel rather helplesss. Also, this show has Bowie Lam in it, and all of his shows net over 30 points, so I have great confidence in it."

Talking of Deric's nasty character, Louisa was asked how he ends up and she says that originally she hoped that he would die, but because this show talks about how the law is fair, then those who commit crimes will get their punishment and Deric's character will end up in prison. Also, after filming "Grey Tracks", Louisa will be going to Japan for a holiday, but as her boyfriend does not have time to go with her, she will be going with another male friend. This will be the first time she has been away on holiday with a man other than her boyfriend. When asked if he is happy about this. she laughs: "I have asked him about it, so of course he trusts this man. (will you be sharing a room?) Ha, I haven't even thought about that!"


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