Monday, June 28, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

Frankie Lam's father Lam Wai passed away recently at the age of 76 and his Christian funeral will take place today at the Hong Kong Funeral Parlour. At the wake yesterday, Frankie and his family had everything arranged, but as daughter-in-law Kenix Kwok had to take part in a costume fitting for new show "Ten Brothers", she arrived late at the hall.

Frankie indicates that as his father had been in a coma for many weeks so he did not ask for anything to be buried with him, but his mother has selected some of his father's clothes and his personal items to be placed in his coffin and the three siblings wrote a letter of farewell to their father, detailing their feelings towards him and the family. Frankie says that his mother is a very traditional woman who has been totally devoted to her husband and family since her marriage. Everything in the home was governed by their father, so losing a long time partner and husband has left her feeling quite empty. Although Frankie's father has been ill for a long time and his passing has been expected for a while, the family are still very saddened by the event.

To avoid his mother becoming too upset, Frankie and his brother and sister have taken it in turn to look after their mother in their homes, inviting her friends to join her and keep her company. However when she saw her husband's body yesterday, she was unable to hold back her tears. Frankie says: "The most comforting thing for us was that the was that my father had become a Christian whilst he was still alive, so when he passed away, my mother, sister and I prayed for him, thanking God for taking him away from the pain of illness. Originally, my mother could retire in comfort, but she had to look after my father and couldn't even go out, staying in with the maid to look after him all the time, so with my father's passing, it is a release for both him and my mother."


[Ta Kung Pao]

The promotional videos for Hong Kong made by this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants was premiered earlier and as well as the event being attended by the 18 girls, the director of filming Cheng Dan Shui was also present. The contestants were split into three groups, covering the topics 'shopping', 'green fields' and 'cultural history' to film three different clips for the competition.

The winners were chosen via a public vote, but because there was a draw between the first two groups, tutor Cheng Dan Shui was asked to cast the deciding vote. Finally group 2 consisting of contestants 7 to 12 won. Their film on the topic 'green fields' depicted 8 Winnie Shum playing Lui Kei and 9 Lulu Ng playing Rose in a classic scene from 'Kei Gor and Rose'. Their starring roles were voted for by the others in their group who took on backstage roles.

Chen went on to comment that the girls were very united and are very articulate. There are some suggestions that this year's contestants are over-enthusiastic, but he feels that this is not a bad thing because this proves that they are not afraid of anything and this can bring out the best of their acting in the clips.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun]

Raymond Lam and Niki Chow were guests at the opening of a health food store yesterday and amidst reports that some herbs mixed with drugs will cause poisoning, Niki says that she has consulted with her doctor first and she will not take medicines without checking them carefully as she is afraid of losing her mind. Niki also indicates she is very pleased with the fee, but she is not yet the spokesperson for the company. After finishing her current work, she will be taking two weeks off. Originally she had planned to take her parents to America for a vacation, but she doesn't feel there is enough time and will be going away to South East Asia instead. However, she is also afraid of mosquito borne diseases in hot places as she tells of how she was terrified when a moth flew into her home earlier and now all the windows in her home stay shut so that no insects or reptiles can crawl inside.

Talking of this unwanted guest, she is still a little afraid as she says that she was watching television when this very big moth flew straight for her face. She was so afraid that she slammed the door and called for her father to kill the intruder. Her father killed and cremated the insect to remove any trace of germs. Another time, her sister found a lizard and she used the idea of picking it up with the vacuum cleaner and waiting for the maid to come and clear it up the next day. She laughs she has become a pest removal expert.

With Rain Li's earlier indication that she had received rude text messages earlier on in her career, there have been guesses that have dragged Raymond's name into this issue. Having been filming in Beijing for "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud", Raymond who has returned to Hong Kong for a short while was unaware of the news and asked whether it was a trick played by her fans.

Raymond says: "If it wasn't fans, then it is rather outrageous, but could it be some prank messages that she received by accident? Maybe it wasn't done on purpose." He also says that he has never received any provocative text messages and that it would be quite frightening if he did. Only his friends know his phone number and they will all call him directly and not send messages. Also, if he had a girlfriend, he would not send text messages to her because he prefers to contact people directly.

Raymond took part in the store opening event yesterday before heading straight back to Beijing to continue filming. He will be back again soon to promote new series "Twin of Brothers". He says that for this show he and Ron have sacrificed a lot, apart from their 'important parts', all the other parts of their body will be on screen, so they have great expectations for this show.


[Sing Pao Special Report]

Angela Tong is famous for her beautiful white and smooth skin and her squeaky voice, leading to her being cast often in 'mistress', 'third party' or flirtatious characters. However, with her Western personality, Angela does not mind these roles being negative and is not worried at all about being set in this image or being misunderstood as she stands by her lively and tempting ly attractive manner.

Angela took part in Miss Chinese Internation 1995 and entered the showbiz industry as a result, signing for TVB as well as making some films. Approaching ten years at the TV station, Angela feels her progress has not been bad as she quickly left a lasting impression on the viewers. Among her trademarks is her beautiful white skin and this is all down to her constant care and hard work in looking after her skin. "I am very afraid of getting a tan, mainly because there will be a swimsuit imprint, so I will constantly keep putting on sunscreen."

However, this pretty girl has her clumsy times and earlier when she was filming a travel special in Egypt, she had her sunscreen at hand, but after putting it on, she suddenly felt very itchy, later she found out that it was out of date. If there is a need for it, would she tan her precious skin? "That's not a problem, as long as it still looks beautiful when it is tanned." As well as her pale skin, 'flirty' and 'cutey' seem to equal Angela. In the past, her characters have either been spoiled little girls, flirtatious women or marriage breakers - does she feel bad about this? "No, I think it is great fun, but a lot of people do think that I am really conceited and a flirt."

Angela was filming a travel special earlier with Evergreen Mak and after working with him for a few days, he laughs that he never imagined Angela to be the way she is. She says: "Many people think that I am very racy and fussy, but when people get to know me they know I am not like that. I will act cutey, but only towards my family." In her ten years in the industry, she has rarely been linked romantically with anyone and Angela finds this rather strange. "I don't know why, maybe it is because people who know me know I am not the type to play around. Usually when I go out there is a big group of male friends with me, so even if someone wants to date me, they will be frightened away!"

Since her emergence, Angela has given people a very sensuous feeling, but she has not really had any groundbreaking performances. She says she does not mind: "If I feel comfortable being sexy then I don't mind. Of course I will not show anything." Although this is the case, Angela's attraction is still 100% and recently she has been voted in as of of the most wanted female stars for a one night stand. She says she does not mind at all and laughs out loud: "Really! I really don't mind. Out of so many female stars, they remember me, that makes me very happy! As for what other people think, I can't control this."

Reporter: Ah Wing


[The Sun]

Having returned from filming in Bali earlier, Sheren Tang seemed to be in high spirits and this is because of her romantic experiences on her trip as she and Shek Sau went to visit a special weddings hotel. Touched by the romantic atmosphere, it left her with the urge to get married. She says: "I have filmed many marriage scenes but the feeling this time was very good because the hotel was very romantic and there were three girls singing hymns. It was so touching, so although I still don't have a boyfriend, I would like to get married. When I do get married in the future, I would like to come here for the ceremony."


[The Sun]

There have been reports that 'Fussy King' Kwong Wa has been subjected to a boycott from his fellow co-stars on the set of "Proud Heroes of Chu and Han" currently filming in Wuxi, due to his tardiness after make-up and his refusal to film in the depths of the forest, making Melissa Ng cry.

Since TVB's new show starring Adam Cheng, Kwong Wa, Maggie Cheung, Cerina De Graca and Melissa Ng started filming, the borders have been clearly marked by the cast as 'Xiang Yu' Kwong Wa appears to have thousands strong armies in front of the camera, but is being singled out behind the camera. In fact, when the cast and crew were still filming in Hong Kong, there had already been some friction with his constant late arrival for filming, but his fussiness has not subsided after heading to Wuxi as he leaves everyone waiting for him as he still checks himself in the mirror and stirs the tempers of the crew.

Coupled with his self-acclaimed 'big brother' status, leading to his temper tantrums and refusal to continue, even Adam is left speechless. The worst thing is the delay to filming when he causes problems due to his bad moods. In one scene being filmed on a mountain, his scenes were done first and then he was asked to make up a few shots with Melissa, but he is reported to have said: "We don't need to film these parts, we did them in Hong Kong." After this, he left and after three or four hours of waiting, Melissa was left crying uncontrollably. When other cast members heard about this, they felt that they could not stand Kwong Wa's behaviour and have decided to hold a mass boycott against him.

Yesterday when Melissa was asked about this on the telephone, she says that she did not want to talk about it again as it has passed. She just says: "I don't want to comment on other peoples attitudes and actions, I will just do my own work and I know that justice is in my heart. TIme will prove everything." Luckily she will begin filming for "Healing Hands III" soon, working with her old friends Bowie Lam and Moses Chan once again.


[Oriental Daily]

TVB's new series "Ten Brothers" will be led by Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam who have not worked together in ten years who play the parents of the brothers. Yesterday, they took part in the costume fitting at TVB city together with several of the brothers. Producer Poon Ka Tak is very nervous about these ten young male actors and personally checked their hairpieces and make up. As each of the brothers has a uniquely strange look, they will be tied in with plenty of computer generated imagery to bring them to life on the screen.

However, only some of the actors yesterday had their heads shaved, including 'Flying Five' Nicky Law Kwun Chung, 'Metal Head Six' Kwok Ching, 'Tunnelling Eight' Russell Cheung Chi Heen and 'Big Mouth Nine' Cheung Wai. After receiving their lucky packets, they left with a fresh feeling head, just right for the hot weather, so they don't feel too bad about losing their hair.

As for 'Thick Skin Four' Don Li, 'Thousand Mile Eye' Lai Lok Yi and 'Strong Man Three' Jack Wu, they all have work on hand to complete before they can go under the shears. Among them, as Lai Lok Yi has to film for the Olympics, then he has had special dispensation from the producer to keep his hair until after the Olympic coverage. As for the other brothers, they have all received notification from TVB that they will have their heads shaved on the 5th of July at a lucky hour.


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