Thursday, June 03, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

As a host for the TVB coverage of this year's Olympic Games, Joe Ma has visited Athens to film for the lead up and locations included the venue of the very first games in 1896, where this year's Marathon will be held. He will also be introducing some of the other sights in Athens such as the cathedrals, the university and the temples. However, the most disappointing thing for Joe is that the trip was very tightly scheduled, so he didn't have a chance to go and visit some of the Greek islands, especially as these are places he would most like to go to.


[Ta Kung Pao]

Winnie Yeung celebrated her birthday yesterday and in TVB's June Birthday Stars event in the afternoon, she received a birthday present from her colleagues and this made her very happy. She will be celebrating in the evening by having a meal with her family. When asked what present her husband has bought her, she says that her husband bought her a present whilst he was in Beijing earlier, but he wanted to keep it a secret and would not give it to her in advance, saving it until the evening and so she does not know what it is. When asked what she would like to receive, she says that there is nothing she wants, because the last year has been a happy one and not only does she have a good job and some great friends, her family has been healthy, her cats and dogs have been good and this makes her very satisfied. However, she has a suspicion that she will win the lottery as she broke a crystal ball yesterday and she sees this as a good omen. If she wins, she will share the money with her family and buy a big kennel for her beloved pet dog. She adds: "My mother has once won a small prize on the lottery, so if I am her successor, then it should be my turn to win, so I will play the lottery once in a while."


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Christine Ng and Bowie Lam play a couple in new TVB series "Grey Tracks" and yesterday along with the other cast members such as Deric Wan, Louisa So and Cindy Au, took part in a blessing ceremony for the show. Christine was spotted being very flirtatious with Bowie and caught the eye of everyone. She laughs: "I think I have gone over the limit, in so many years of acting, I have never had such a strong feeling towards a co-star, but after filming a kiss scene with Bowie, it gives me the feeling of puppy love again. It is not the technique of the kiss, but it made me feel we had a bond, like I was giving him my all, as if we were really married, so I have prepared lots of birthday presents for him now." She adds that she has never watched Bowie's performances in the past, but she was watching the repeat of Bowie's "Vigilante Force" last night and even though she was busy with an article she was writing, she still had to watch the show, despite neglecting her husband. She says: "I am a person without any secrets, if I like something I will say it out loud. I really regret meeting Bowie this late on, because he really does have the honour of a gentleman and is the dream husband of any woman. [Em: I can vouch for this!!!] (Are you worried about spreading rumours?) No, if there are rumours, they are real! (But earlier reports suggested that Bowie was gay?) We aren't to know, but I don't mind. To like and to love are different and as well as Bowie, I do like many other men, such as Andy Lau and Leslie Cheung, but they don't know and I don't need their response." She indicates that she is not afraid of her husband worrying that her feelings will become real because she says that she has never met with this in her life.

Also, Bowie admitted openly that he felt Christine's admiration towards him because she has told him before that after the kissing scene, she dreamed about him and ignored her husband to watch his performance. He has warned her not to do anything to upset her husband. When asked if he felt electrified when working with Christine, Bowie says: "When we are filming, I really do treat her as though she is my wife, but I will not hold that feeling, nor are there any biological reactions, after all there are so many people watching. However, she is great fun and I do feel I met her too late." He also admits that worried her husband will become jealous, so he has asked her to invite him out for dinner together.


[Sing Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily]

The 18 contestants for Miss Hong Kong together with guest Gigi Leung headed out for their next shoot at the the Kenyan National Park's Red Crane Lake. As the wild animals roamed freely in the park, Gigi was extremely excited and ran around taking photographs and when she noticed a herd of zebra, she was so excited that she kept jumoing around. After returning to the hotel, the contestants appeared in their bikinis before the trip officially drew to an end and they headed back to the airport for the long flight home to Hong Kong.

As the eighteen appeared in swimsuits again, they showed off for a second time all their weak points, excess flesh, scars and cellulite. During the shoot, 4 Jaymee Tang's bikini bottoms were very loose fitting, but luckily she didn't reveal herself. As for 8 Winnie Shum, she seemed a little awkward and during the filming, she covered up her belly with her hands. 18 Jacqueline Wong was found to have rather unnatural curves on her right breast. When she was later asked about this, she says: "Maybe it was an imprint left by the bra, or perhaps the bikini wasn't a very good fit." Afterwards, she went on to say that she has been like this since she was young and insisted that she has not had surgery on them. When asked if she would raise suspicion amongst the other contestants, she says: "Not at all, even if people think I have had them done, I am naturally like this and I never realised that not everyone is this shape as I have never really looked. (Have you had any gynaecological surgery in the past?) No. (You seem to have a scar on your abdomen.) No." During the interview, Jacqueline kept her calm and her smile, but she was obviously rather embarrassed and uncomfortable.

The crew arrived back in Hong Kong at around 4pm yesterday and some were met by their parents at the airport, whilst others left by the airport express. While they were waiting for their parents, 7 Tiffany Leong and 13 Eunice Wong seemed a little unnerved when they found that they were being followed by the press, but when Tiffany's mother arrived, she asked the press politely not to take photos of her mother, because she did not want to appear on camera.

During the trip to Kenya, many of the girls were reported to have 'huge bums', cellulite and other defects. Being dubbed as having 'a winning top and bottom', 8 Winnie Shum says that as she has a big build, then of course her frame will be bigger. She also says openly: "Entering the contest means I am prepared to be criticised. (Why didn't you get fit beforehand?) Why do you have to get fit for a beauty contest? Entering it is to enjoy the competition and the process. (Are you happy with your figure?) I am not so happy with my sides and would like to lose a little there, but the most important thing is to be even. (You have become the focus of the news on this Kenyan trip.) I don't know and haven't asked my family, I am only thinking about keeping my figure."

Having had her cellulite pointed out, 6 Kate Tsui didn't understand what 'orange peel skin' meant and when the assistant explained that this was the marks left from slimming, she insisted that she has never tried slimming because she is naturally slim and adds: "Taking part in the contest is okay, I am used to it so I don't mind." 11 Devily Leung has been accused of pretending to faint, but the assistants jumped to her defence saying: "How would she? How could she faint with no-one knowing about it, did she not tell the crew?" As for being left out by the others, Devily insists that she has got to know the other girls better and learned a lot of things.

As for Gigi, she did not return with the crew as she will stay in Kenya for a little while to film for "Wandering Hero Medics". During the shoot, Gigi's latest song received a Jade Solid Gold Award and TVB arranged to have the award presented to her there, leaving her very happy indeed.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

With volleyball as the topic for this year's new youth drama and follow up of "Hearts of Fencing" tentatively titled "Prints on Red Sands", the show will begin filming at the end of this month and TVB arranged for the show's young stars including Choi Kei Chun, Chan Siu Pong, Koey Wong and the four members of Sky to take part in volleyball lessons on the beach. Some of the girls wore shorts and little tops and newcomer Lok Lok worked the hardest as she often bent down to play ball and steal the show by revealing a little too much.

The cast's volleyball skills were not bad, so there were no embarrassments and beforehand they had all warmed up and run around so they were not tired. Among them, the rather studious Koey says that it is not hard work and adds: "I played volleyball when I was at secondary school, but I wasn't in the school team. I did win in the 100 and 200m races though. (Are you afraid your arms will hurt playing volleyball?) No." Making TV series for the first time, she reveals tht she is currently taking acting lessons from Lo Koon Lan."

Also, the producer Chin Kwok Wai reveals that guest stars for this year's show will include top stars such as Cheung Kin Ting, Alan Tam and Cheng Dan Shui and Sandy Lam who play a little and large married couple.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Shirley Yeung and Hawick Lau were filming yesterday for new series "Treasure in the Family" in a scene where Hawick is causing trouble at a wedding party and in the commotion, Shirley is hot by a cake in the face due to her happy rival in the show Hawick jumping away at the right time. Hawick laughs: "Of course in real life I would not jump away, I would grab Shirley and lie down to avoid it." However, when this was heard, a reporter joked: "You wouldn't stop it for a Miss Hong Kong, but maybe for a Miss Chinese International Bernice Liu!". Shirley took the chance to joke with Hawick, saying: "I took part in Miss Chinese International too, but too bad I wasn't a winner!", leaving Hawick speechless.

Although Shirley was ready with a dig back at Hawick, she still had to face having a cake thrown at her three times because the result of the first two shots were not satisfactory, so she could only wipe it away, clean the cream from her face and hair and do it again. When asked for her feelings about having cake thrown at her three times, Shirley says: "Usually I won't NG when I am filming, but I have never had a cake thrown at me. Three times is not bad I guess, I will have to go home for a shower later, because it is my friend's birthday. Now I am even sweeter than before!"


[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Mandy Cho and Kevin Cheng are not only filming together, but they have also been invited to shoot some advertisement shots for a wedding portrait company, but maybe as this was the first time for them both, their poses were rather wooden and Kevin kept wiping sweat from his brow. When he was asked if he was nervous, he said: "I'm not nervous, it is just very hot today. This is my first time so I don't want to disappoint anyone. (Does Mandy Cho meet your criteria?) Wow, she is Miss Hong kong, of course she is pretty, but the woman I marry does not necessarily have to be pretty."

Mandy Cho reveals that she has the urge to get married: "This is the first time I am making a wedding advertisement and it is good fun, I don't have a Prince Charming yet, but I hope to get married when I am thirty. (What is your dream wedding like?) It doesn't have to be lavish, but I would like to wear a Chinese wedding gown because you don't usually get to wear one. (Did you get a five figure sum for this job?) Yes."


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