Tuesday, June 15, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao]

After much anticipation and preparation, the long awaited "Healing Hands III" held its costume fitting yesterday and a group of cast members including Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Bernice Liu, Hawick Lau, Halina Tam and Raymond Cho joined together at TKO TVB City. However the soul of the show 'Ching Chi Mei' Lawrence Ng is still filming another doctor show in Tsingtao with Ada Choi, so he could not be there to take part. He will be back in Hong Kong in three or four days time for his fitting.

Bowie has been in the show since the first series, but apart from Lawrence also hailing from the first show, the other original cast members are nowhere to be seen. He admits this will affect his mood somewhat: "I did hope that the original cast could bring back some of the original spirit to the show and I hope that we can get together again for the fourth series." As for Flora Chan who played his girlfriend in the last show, the storyline will tell that they have split up and she has gone to live with her father in America, leaving Gigi and Bernice to develop relationships with Bowie.

Moses will reprise his role in this series as a heart surgeon and although he will have romantic affairs with Halina and Melissa Ng, the story will mainly revolve around his relationship with his son. As he has never played a father figure character, he sees this as a challenge. Although Lawrence's current show is of a similar genre, Moses is not worried that this will affect "Healing Hands" because he feels that Lawrence's image has not been affected by his recent rumours and this will also not affect the show. In fact, he feels that Lawrence is very nice and very professional.

Halina plays a very talented lady in the show, but she is too ambitious and this leads to her break up with Moses. She smiles: "This is my first time joining the cast of 'Healing Hands', but the producer felt I was too fresh and I had an air of culture about me, so he arranged for me to play an artist. I would rather play an artist because I am afraid of blood." In real life, Halina has planned to become a writer and publish a book on beauty, but is she not worried about the fierce competition in this field? She laughs: "I will make sure I collect enough information and try out the products myself as well as make some DIY products so that it appeals to the ordinary citizen."

This is also Gigi's first time in "Healing Hands" and she will be playing a pathologist. As well as carrying out autopsies, she will have to go to the morgue and the funeral parlours for filming. As she is really quite afraid of bodies and horrible things, she has started to brainwash herself so that she will not be frightened. She laughs: "I am really scared that I will be sick when I am playing the part, so I want to find some lucky charms to keep by me." In order to bring the character to life, she has asked her brother who is a doctor to take her to meet a female pathologist. They will be meeting next week and hopes that she can learn some of the processes of an autopsy. She says: "Luckily my brother has just come back to Hong Kong from England, so I can ask him about some vocabulary and names of equipment and he has become my teacher."

This is the third time that Gigi will have worked with Lawrence and they have always worked together peacefully and have had no rumours. She smiles: "I am a gossip repellant, so not only do I not pass feelings with Lawrence, even working with the gossip attracting Michael Tong has left me unscathed. The secret is that I will not easily flirt with anyone and I don't like hugging people. I also don't give people the chance to be nice to me, if I need anything, I will ask my assistant to help me."

Rumoured couple Bernice Liu and Hawick Lau will be working together in "Healing Hands III" and the story tells that they study together and are training together in the hospital. Although Hawick fancies Bernice in the show, her affections are only towards Bowie.

Bernice says happily: "I will be playing an emergency room doctor and the happiest thing is that I can speak in English. There are also lots of 'foreigners' in the show such as Moses and Bel Lau, so we all speak the same language. (Will you mind working with Hawick?) Of course I don't mine, we only met each other by working together!" Usually full of laughter, Bernice's character is rather serious and she is learning how to control her laughter. She also hopes that she can work with more people this time so that she can take on more experiences.

Also, the press laughed at Hawick, saying he does not need to secretly fancy Bernice in real life and he immediately replied rather shyly: "We are good friends and we help each other out and secret admirers aren't in fashion now anyway." He also praises Bernice, saying she is friendly and very sweet, always with a smile on her face. Talking of her having to learn how to hold in the laughing, he says: "It will be very difficult because she laughs every time she sees me!"


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