Wednesday, June 30, 2004

[The Sun]

The weather forecasters issued another extreme heat warning yesterday with temperatures in the thirties and with most people staying inside for the air conditioning, a thought was spared for the artistes filming on location and having to endure the hot weather. Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok and Bernice Liu were filming in Tsak Yu Chung in a promotional video for "Blossoming Hearts" and although they were all so hot that they could barely breathe, it was amazing to see that Michael was still wearing long sleeved clothing. Using up tens of tissues inn just half an hour, Michael caused concern as to whether he might succumb to heat stroke! He said: "Earlier we had to film a fight scene on the beach and I suffered from mild sunstroke, but I am too vain! (What is the best thing about your clothes?) My wife bought it so of course it is the best!"

The girls on the other hand were smart as they wore little tops to release the heat and when they weren't needed on set, they stood in the shade of an umbrella. Kenix laughs: "If you are dry-fried then of course you will suffer from the sun! If I am not needed on set, I will sit in the car and enjoy the air con!" Bernice also has her mother's ginseng honey water to help with the heat.


[Sing Pao, The Sun, Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Shirley Yeung, Hawick Lau and Alex Fong were filming in Kowloon Tong for "Treasure in the Family" yesterday. The scene tells of Hawick declaring his love for Shirley and as they gaze deeply into each other's eyes, they naturally share a kiss, but Alex who secretly admires Shirley watches on enviously.

During the filming, Alex was particularly mischievous as he used his phone to take photos of Shirley and Hawick when they kissed and even filmed them with the video camera, also giving them hints on how to kiss when they watched the playback in between takes. In the end, they had to kiss three times before the director was happy with the shot and Alex laughed after the second take: "If this carries on, let me do the kissing!" Alex was later asked whether he has plenty of kissing experience, making him such an expert. He says: "I have experience of a first kiss, but not in front of the camera because I have never filmed any kissing scenes. (If you had to film a kiss scene, who would you choose?) Anyone will do!" He also says that this could be taken that is is not fussy, or it could be taken that he'll have anyone who comes!

As for Hawick, who has filmed kissing scenes before, he seemed extremely nervous about the scenes and before the shoot, he kept asking the director when they would be filming. Before the shoot, he took a few deep breaths and the director had to tell him not to get so excited. Hawick admitted he was rather nervous and laughed: "It was a good job there were no tongues needed, otherwise it would have been even more embarrassing. The most surprising thing was how excited Alex was - when he had a scene earlier where he had to give Shirley a piggyback, he was already extremely happy!"

Shirley indicated that she was quite nervous beforehand, but found herself very calm when the actual scene was filmed and she never imagined how nervous Hawick would be. The director made them shoot several takes because he felt that the girl was taking the lead too much. Shirley was also asked if she had brushed her teeth beforehand, she laughs that she had not brushed her teeth, but she did chew some gum. She indicated that this is not her first kiss scene and she did not have to notify her boyfriend.


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