Sunday, June 13, 2004

[The Sun]

The housing market in Hong Kong has recently taken an upturn and Charmaine Sheh and Natalie Ng have both been reported to have bought new apartments. Charmaine has bought a three-bedroomed apartment costing $4.1 million and Natalie has spent $3m on a two-bedroomed home. Both have views of the sea.

Natalie indicated on the phone that this is the first time she has bought property and she says that she is still a little uneasy. "Your news is very fast and I am not too happy, I only bought the place today. Actually, we went to look at a show apartment today and were surrounded by many agents. Buying a home was like buying vegetables, it was too simple and I don't know if I did the right thing."

She indicates that she sees this as an investment because she has confidence that the market will rise. She says: "I have always rented a place, so I have high expectations of my accommodation. I am buying a place because I feel that this place has the potential to rise. I will not be living here as it is quite far out, when the price is right, I will let it go."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Nancy Sit and Angela Tong were among the stars at a promotion at the Dragon Centre for the airing of "Police Station No 7" on the TVB pay-TV channel. Nancy told of how her son had originally planned to go to Tsingtao on an exchange trip, but then they found out that his entry permit had run out, but luckily he still managed to go. She says: "When he got to Lo Wu, he found his permit had expired, so I asked my assistant to go and look for him and arrange a visa for him so that he could join up with his group in Guangzhou. Luckily he was okay."

Also, responding to the arrangement that her show "Police Station No 7" had been sent to be aired on pay-TV, Nancy admitted that she was a little disappointed, saying: "We filmed the show about two years ago, but they were showing 'Virtues of Harmony' at the time and were worried about the clash in the cast. Who would have thought that 'Virtues' is still going after so long, but this meant that they still couldn't air it. The show is pretty good, so I am quite disappointed." Nancy goes on to say that she will still put her all into the promotion, but she feels it is a little unfair on the other cast members.

As for the other lead Angela, she says: "The show has even been aired in Canada! Many of my family there have watched it and say that I did really well, so I am quite disappointed the local viewers will not be able to watch it." With the start of the UEFA European Championships, Angela will be watching the football with her boyfriend: "I stayed up with my friends to watch and that is why I am so tired. I think I will watch the whole of the championship because I like to watch the handsome players, but I don't like Beckham's squeaky voice. Zidane on the other hand has some excellent footwork."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

The 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants appeared at a shopping centre to take part in a fundraiser for the Yan Oi foundation, selling traditional rice parcels or 'Zhong'. However, the shoppers ran away as they were approached by the girls and even though some men stopped by to take a look, they just snapped a few photos with their phones and didn't buy. Finally, 5 Cecilia Yeung, 6 Kate Tsui, 8 Winnie Shum and 9 Lulu Ng ended up striking up a deal with the photo snappers, saying that they had to buy a zhong in exchange for taking a photograph and causing a few laughs. Trying another tactic, 12 Fu Sze Sze called out until her throat was hoarse.

With this bright idea, they managed to turn the sales around and raise a lot of money for the charity. When Cecilia was asked whether this was the same as doing business, she says: "You can give to charity by buying zhong and then have a photo taken, that's two birds with a stone. There is no meaning to just taking photos." Lulu's family all attended to show their support and bought many zhong from her. Lulu says: "My mum bought a lot of them, so we will be eating them when we get home. I thought I'd call them along because it is all for charity." Finally the girls managed to raise about $2000.

Also, as part of the event, the contestants made some zhong of their own along with some elders but their efforts were rather clumsy and they just caused more havoc. Winnie indicated that this was the first time she had made them, so she didn't really kno what she was doing, however she loves to eat the salted pork zhong. As for 2 Irene Yu, she had a great affinity with the audience as many of them asked for her photo and she was the most popular person.

16 Emily Wong was absent from the event after she felt unwell at the TVB Athletics event the previous day.


[The Sun]

Stephanie Wang was among the guest models at a catwalk show to mark the current football hype and wearing a rather fully packed bikini, she was then hoisted into mid air to play a penalty shootout game. With the tight harness causing her some pain and the height leaving her rather frightened, the audience were still undeterred from checking out her assets. Afterwards, she indicated that she had made the necessary precautions and was not worried about revealing herself.

Stephanie also revealed on stage that she does not like the handsome soccer star David Beckham. "I don't like men like that, he should just do his job and not create so much news. I much prefer Ronaldo." Afterwards, she was asked about whether she was worried she had upset the hoards of Beckham fans by her open criticism and she realised that she had made a mistake as she changed her tune: "Well he is quite handsome, that can't be argued. I just said what I thought."


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