Thursday, June 17, 2004

[The Sun]

Eileen Yeow headed out to Egypt earlier to film for a travel programme and before heading out, she knew she would be appearing in a swimsuit and was sponsored her swimwear, so she quietly went for some slimming treatments. She laughs: "I wanted to appear at my fittest so that the results of the shoot would be good. I also took a lot of sun products to avoid being sunburnt."

Eileen and Angela Tong both appeared in their swimsuits on the location shoot including sunbathing on the beach and going for a massage. With many tourists from Europe and America looking on, the two girls were not embarrassed at all as Eileen says: "There were a lot of people looking on, but I have filmed swimsuit scenes in Hong Kong before where there were even more people."


[Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

The 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants took part in the opening of a new Spa alongside model Ana R. and Meg Lam, but Ana won over the girls by far in terms of her beauty and her figure. During the event, Anna Yiu read the girls' fortunes using Tarot cards and 2 Irene Yu was told that even if she did not win, she would get lots of prizes. She was also praised by Meg, saying her smile is very sweet. In response to Meg's words of encouragement, Irene was very happy, but says that she has not thought about taking any awards. Many of the guests pointed out that she looks a little like Kelly Chen and Irene laughs: "When I was studying people had already mentioned that I look like her and I do admire Kelly."

As for 18 Jacqueline Wong, chose the card 'Romantic Dreamer' always thinking about dating and other things apart from the contest, she admits that she has a boyfriend and when asked if she wanted to marry into a rich family through entering the contest, she says immediately: "I haven't thought about that, my boyfriend and I have a lot of trust."

8 Winnie Shum's fortune was interpreted as being 'closed off' as she seems strong on the outside, but is really as weak as a little girl crying all the time. She says that at home and with her friends, she is very childish and when she was dating at fourteen, she would cry all the time over little things. However, this is rare now and she will do her best in the competition and go with the flow.

As for 'gossip magnet' 11 Devily Leung, she picked the card representing 'conflict' suggesting that she may have some misunderstandings with the other contestants and one of the girls said later: "That's quite accurate!"

The six girls picking the best cards were 1 Queenie Chu, 2 Irene Yu, 10 Flora Chow, 15 Emmy Kwan, 16 Emily Wong and 17 Bonnie Cheung, making them favourites to win and the spa boss awarded them all a gesture of encouragement in the form of $10,000 Spa Vouchers. However, there was some embarrassment when the presentation was made to Queenie as the boss passed her voucher to one of the promo girls instead!


[Oriental Daily]

Having just returned from filming in Wuxi, Roger Kwok returned to TVB yesterday for the costume fitting for "Same Work Same Bowl" that continues TVB's genre of 'golden oldie' shows following in the footsteps of the highly successful "Old Time Buddy" set in the encouraging time of '70's Hong Kong. Roger will be playing the part of 'Charity Opera King' Tang Wing Cheung and as Tang was always of a very slim build, Roger has had to lose 7-8 lbs to play the part. As for the other resemblance to Tang, Roger feels it is his scratchy voice.

As Roger has been away from Hong Kong for a number of months, he has not been able to ask Johnny Tang about his father's life, but he has taken the chance to watch some of Tang's films and copy his gestures and expressions. Roger has already grasped how to perform the role. After watching a show called "Wedding by Instalments" Roger felt that Tang's performance was very spritely with very exaggerated expressions and gestures, with a hint of those of Charlie Chaplin.

As well as watching Tang's films, Roger has also been to the library to do his research and he has found that Tang was a very talented man. He says: "Brother Cheung was very clever, he was able to perform Cantonese and Peking Opera and I have to sing a few lines in the show. It doesn't matter if I don't sing it well, let's see how badly I do!"

"Same Work Same Bowl" is set in Hong Kong in the '70's and Roger's character will show some of the little petty savings that the citizens made at the time and how to find ambition in life. Cherrie Kong will be playing Lam Fung, Kenneth Ma has been cast as Tang Kei Chan and as for Myolie Wu, who will be playing Tang Pik Wan, she refused to be photographed, saying she has not got any make up on.


[Oriental Daily]

Christine Ng was filming earlier for TVB's "Going For Gold Get Set Go" and although she was wearing a very low cut pair of jeans, she did not stay reserved and was very absorbed in the fun. She also revealed that she has planned to leave her husband Lin Hoi Tong behind in October and fly out to romantic Paris on her own to look out for some handsome men. Christine laughs: "I will go there for a few months and learn some cooking and some French. If my husband has time, he will come and visit me, but if there are handsome men asking me on a date, I will go with them. Don't think of it so negatively though, I do have my limitations!" She also reveals that she has been to France three or four times: "Each time was with a different boyfriend, I have even been with an Italian man, he was so dashing!"

Also, Don Li will be filming for new series "Ten Brothers" soon as he plays the character of 'Thick Skinned Four' and he must shave his head for the role. He also says jokingly: "I will miss my hair, but I had to submit to the orders of my record company. I am worried that I will look terrible when my seed-shaped head is revealed."

Patrick Tang also revealed that he will be publishing a book about his dog Seth, with the aim of helping children with their English. He adds: "Seth is the product of my love with my girlfriend (Marsha Yuen), but we don't plan to have kids so soon."


[The Sun]

Mandy Cho headed out earlier with Yau Hoi Man to South Africa to film a special show about diamonds and in the seven day tour, she visited diamond mines and diamond showrooms to look around. Mandy also had the chance to model some award winning designer jewellery and she says: "I took a black evening dress with me on purpose to match the jewellery because it looks very elegant in contrast." When asked if she has a collection of diamond jewellery, she says: "I have some, but they are not very big stones. On this trip I have seen many very beautiful stones and got to know a lot more about them."

Yau Hoi Man indicated that the weather there is quite cold, but they were only allowed to wear springtime clothes whilst filmimng so she had to take some tablets in case she caught a cold. She also revealed that she bought a Grade D diamond for US$7,900 (HK$60,000): "Originally the stone was valued at US$18,000, but after discount and haggling, I got it for this price."


[The Sun 15/06/04]

(Note from Em: I missed this article out on Monday by accident, but will add it here because it is the forerunner to yesterday's article.)

Good girl newcomer Fiona Sit was filming with Sammul Chan for "Police Cadets Brave Hearts" at a club in Tuen Mun earlier, but wearing a swimsuit and T-shirt, she was unhappy that there were reporters at the scene and refused to remove the t-shirt. Sammul noticed this and said: "You will look a bit odd going into the water looking like that." However Fiona refused to remove the t-shirt, saying that her record company do not want her swimsuit pictures to appear in the papers.

Afterwards, TVB staff brought out a very conservative swimsuit for Fiona, but she would not give way and became rather impatient. After about an hour, TVB finally gave in and just filmed some warm up shots with Sammul beside the pool before calling it a day, postponing Fiona's swimsuit scenes for another day.

When producer Wong Wai Sing was asked about Fiona's refusal to remove her t-shirt leading to a hindrance in the progress to filming, he said: "I will have to ask the director, but I know that Fiona's record company has called TVB about this incident, saying that they were unhappy about the press being present at the shoot. However, that is a public place and we could not control that."

Executive from Fiona's record company Warner, Chan Chi Kwong said: "We have already spoken with TVB beforehand and we knew there would be some swimwear scenes and we will be happy for her to film them if she has to, but the most important thing is that it is not forced."

As for Sammul who was wearing his swimming trunks, he showed off his obviously more toned body and when asked about Fiona's refusal to wear her swimsuit, he said: "I don't know, why don't you ask her."


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