Wednesday, June 09, 2004

[The Sun 10/06/04]

Candy Lo, Yumiko Cheng and Christine Ng were filming for "Going for Gold Get Set Go" yesterday and Christine was wearing a low cut top to play the dancing games. She laughs that she was not afraid of revealing herself.

Candy Lo will be taking part in the "Number 1 Water Games" event and will be wearing a swimsuit. She says: "When I was a student, I won a bronze medal once and I can do both breaststroke and backstroke." As for the news of her godbrother Roy Chow being found guilty of drug possession, she supports him saying: "He is facing this very bravely and is bearing the responsibility for his actions. I know he is regretful and he will turn over a new leaf in the future." She says that she has not contacted him because she has been working.


[Oriental Daily 10/06/04]

Cast members of TVB's youth drama "Prints on Red Sands" received acting lessons from TVB acting tutor Lo Koon Lan yesterday and Vivian Yeo, previously representing Kuala Lumpur in the Miss Chinese International pageant is currently undergoing Cantonese training in that for every English word she says, she is fined 10c by her manager. She laughs: "Some of the pronounciation of my words is very dangerous such as 'gau' meaning 'teach' that I pronounce 'gau' (plastic), so my manager has also tought me some slang words as well."

Also, sister of Steven from Boyz, Jenny Cheung and little flower of EEG Kary Wong both say that they are not afraid of being compared. Jenny says there are many different characters in the show and they each have a chance to shine. As for whether she will tell her brother not to sleep so much, she says: "We have lived apart for many years now and he just sleeps when he is tired. He is old enough to know what he should and shouldn't do. (Have you ever truanted from school?) No, I am not brave enough."


[The Sun 09/06/04]

Bernice Liu was filming together with Moses Chan earlier for "Blossoming Hearts" in a street in Tsimshatsui in a scene where the two are walking along when Bernice is hit by a stick of fishballs. She immediately yells at them unreservedly, but these kids don't back down and return the favour by calling her a "big mountain woman".

Scolding people very realistically in the scene, Bernice frightened the people around and later she said: "I am usually quite strict with my little brother, but this is just for his own good and I do care for him a lot really, so when I filmed this scene, it was easy to get into character. (Will you hit your brother?) No, but he will hit me because we have both learned Taekwondo and once in a final bout, we were faced against each other and I let him win. In fact, I think you have to be stricter with children beucase many children nowadays feel that life is too comfortable and are very stubborn."


[Sing Pao 08/06/04]

Singing newcomer Fiona Sit has been working together with Sammul Chan in her first TVB drama "Police Cadet Brave Hearts", but there have been many rumours surrounding her recently and she has been throwing her weight around declining interviews from the press, even her co-star Sammul has sarcastic undertones in his words when he talks about her.

There have been rumours that Fiona is exchanging her TV appearances for awards from TVB, so having reaped two awards from the last quarterly JSG awards, she has been accused of making a seven minute scene span nine hours of filming. Fiona's explanation is that her Chinese is poor, but co-star and opposite Sammul suggests slyly: "Hmm... nine hours? Take away make-up, costume, an hour for a meal - that only makes it seven hours! (Is she having problems with her lines?) Newcomers will have some problems. (Is she too busy staring at you?) I haven't noticed, maybe she is staring at the cameraman."

When asked about Fiona's standard of Chinese, Sammul feels that she has no problems with her speech and he says she has already posted up her phoneticised crib sheet in the camera, but he goes on to say: "Shame it doesn't seem to be of any use." When asked if he felt that Fiona has a lot of news, he says with an air of sarcasm: "Lots of rumours? I don't have that many scenes with her, Ron Ng has more because he is more famous and his songs are more hit! Of course they will have more news! (Will you avoid her?) Not really, in one scene I have to teach her to swim. (Are you afraid this will be used as promotion?) There has to be a value to it before it can be used, do you think it is that easy? You can't be so dumb in this industry!" Everything that Sammul said seemed to have a double meaning as he showed his witty sense of humour.


[The Sun 07/06/04]

Ron Ng and Lai Lok Yi were among the Olympic Stars that took part in a friendly bout against Bosco Wong and Amy Kwok's 'To Love With No Regrets Team' as they battled in table tennis, rowing machine relay and penalty shootout. Talking of TVB's forthcoming Water Games, Ron Ng revealed that he cannot swim: "In the past I have learned, but I am not stylish enough when I swim, so I would rather not do it." However, he will take part in the 100m sprint.

Also, Amy Kwok's show "To Love With No Regrets" has had some very good ratings in the first week and she has been dubbed as TVB's lucky star. To this, she says: "At first I was quite worried and it is great luck that the show has done so well."


[The Sun 07/06/04]

Jessica Hsuan abd Yuen Siu Yee took part in a promotional event and as a dog lover, Jessica was playing with Siu Yee's little dog, but whenever the dog tried to lick her on the cheek and the ear, she kept trying to avoid it and causing a few laughs. Later, she explained: "Actually I am very used to being licked by dogs because my own dogs often lick me, but I just found out that Siu Yee's dog likes to eat its own poo! It doesn't matter though, maybe the dog has had a bath and at least I couldn't smell anything when it was licking me."

Jessica says she has a great patience with animals: "Like my dog, it peed against my several thousand dollar wooden chair earlier and has made it start to crack. Sometimes when it is in a mood, it will even pee against the sofa - I have only moved into my new house a few months ago!"


[The Sun 06/06/04]

Having wowed many with her great figure, Stephanie Wang appeared at a catwalk show yesterday in a low cut sexy seethrough top and performed with great confidence. She says: "I have been on quite a number of shows, so I am not too nervous. (Your outfit is very sexy.) Whether it is sexy depends on the person. Actually I am helping a friend out so I will only be claiming a 'friendly fee' from them."

As for this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant causing so many rumours, having been in the spotlight herself last year, Stephanie says with experience: "The standard this year is quite good, especialy 2 Irene Yu, I have known her for a while, so of course I will support her. (Have you passed on your experiences to her?) I just warned her to be careful about revealing herself, not to be late and to keep to the rules. This is talking from experience." As for 18 Jacqueline Wong's breast enhancement rumours, Stephanie supports her saying: "I don't believe it, maybe her clothing is just a little out of shape."


[The Sun & Sing Pao 06/06/04]

TVB's six Olympic Stars took part in the premiere of their music video yesterday and each had their own group of fans to support them, with Ron and Sammul's fans taking the majority. During the event, Sammul was signing autographs for one of the fans when she said: "I am here for Kenneth Ma!" leaving Sammul rather embarrassed, but he turned it around by saying: "I don't mind, all six of us are great friends and the company gave us all an equal amount of tickets for all our fans so there should be no fighting."

Bosco Wong is pleased with the success of "To Love With No Regrets" and indicated he is feeling more relaxed after hearing the praises from the board. Bosco will be heading out to Beijing on 15th to film for "Tossing Rain Turning Wind" and will stay there for four months. As the weather in Beijing will be hot and sunny, Bosco, who has a fear of the heat, will be taking plenty of anti-sun products with him. He also adds that Raymond will be employing two assistants there and when asked how many he would be taking on, he laughs: "I will employ one, for each assistant, the cost is a few thousand dollars, so if I get any more I will be giving them all my salary!"

As for Raymond Lam and Ron Ng who are recently rumoured to be feuding, then of course the usual denials were abound as Ron says: "Of course you look away when you are eating, if we looked at each other, then you would say we are gay, then I'd rather have the feuding rumours. (Earlier, it was suggested you were at odds with Fiona Sit, is this a problem with you?) No, I don't think so. Maybe my exterior is too cool, making people misunderstand me." Afterwards, Ron appeared at a sweet distribution event in the Mong Kok streets and attracted over a hundred passers-by tp watch, but luckily no-one got too close.


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