Sunday, June 27, 2004

[Summarised from Sing Pao, Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

After his arrest for suspected drugs offences, Deep Ng has been suspended from his work with EEG, but he has still had the support of TVB as they allow him to continue filming for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" despite the pending police investigations. Having hidden away from the world for three days since his arrest, Deep returned to TVB City yesterday for filming, but obviously affected by the incident, Deep seemed rather pale and weary.

Deep's return to work attracted a mass of media attention and facing the press for the first time after his incident, Deep offered a few smiles, but it was difficult to hide his dejection. Accompanied by his manager and two assistants, he left his home at around half past three and when he saw the reporters, he posed willingly for photos as he said numerous times "I am so sorry for the trouble I have caused you all." When asked if he has not slept well, he forced a smile and said: "I slept okay."

Deep's fans were also out en force to show their support for him as a group were gathered outside his home, chanting "Forever Support Deep" as his car drove away. As he pulled into TVB City, another group of fans had gathered there too.

When Deep arrived at TVB City and saw the show's producer Tse Wai Sing, the two exchanged a few words and before starting work, Deep again posed for the press to take some photographs. When asked how he felt, Deep was happy to answer the reporters' questions. He said that he felt 'just the same' and then apologised profusely: "I am very sorry to you all, bringing you so much trouble. I really must apologise to you all. I want to say to everyone at the company and to everyone who has supported me that I will carry on working hard for all those people who have been upset by what has happened." When asked about the status of his contract with EEG, Deep says that when the time is right he will discuss this matter. As for his career, he said: "At the moment, I don't want to think too far ahead, the most important thing is to do what I need to do now and film for this show. I am very thankful to the producer for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to continue with this show." Although there are rumours that TVB is worried about changes in his circumstances meaning he is unable to complete his work and are therefore bringing his scenes forward, Deep does not seem to mind and said: "It is a good thing, opportunities do not come across all the time and I am thankful to the producer for giving me this one."

When asked about his history with drug use, Deep indicated that he was not in a position to discuss this matter. Deep said that he has been in contact with EEG boss Albert Yeung since the incident and that Mr Yeung was asking about his condition and encouraging him to face his court case. As for whether he will be allowed to return to his work, he is as yet unsure. Does Deep have any regrets? "There will be some regret and some of my friends are very disappointed with me. When my family go out, they will often see the press around and this has affected everyone and I am very sorry, especially to my colleagues at work who have done so much for me and are being affected because of this."

Producer Tse seems to be very understanding towards Deep and with his suspension from EEG, why is Tse still supporting Deep? He says: "Deep is just a youngster and the matter has not yet been settled. Even if he has made a mistake, then we should give him a chance to change. I don't want to destroy the career of a young man with great potential and so I have not once thought about changing the role because of this incident."

When Tse was asked about the irony of all these incidents affecting the shooting of a police related series, he responded: "It is just coincidence. (Do you need to tell the other cast members to be careful?) No, I have told them to treat themselves as real police cadets." Tse was also asked whether the Police Liaison teams were concerned about these matters, he explained that as they are more concerned about the backgrounds of artistes playing the police officers, then Deep is unaffected as he plays one of the criminals in the series.

During the interview near Deep's home, there was a small incident as one of his neighbours, a boy about ten years old indicated to the press that he knew where Deep lived and when the press asked him if he knew what Deep had done, he responded directly with the innocence of a child: "I know, he takes drugs! Nasty!"


[Additional from The Sun]

Sammul Chan was working opposite Deep in yesterday's scenes and he responded to the press saying: "I have not worked with him before and I have not been paying any attention to the reports, so I will not be intentionally comforting him. I have been good and never been tempted nor have I seen any drugs." As for whether he has made amends over his previous feud with co-star Fiona Sit, he laughs: "Nothing happened, so why do we need to make amends?"

Fiona was asked whether she was worried that the finished series would be shelved as a result of this incident and she says: "I am not worried, TVB is continuing to use him. If I get the chance, I will ask how he is." She adds that Deep was very absorbed with his filming and did not seem distracted.


[Oriental Daily & Ming Pao]

TVB's annual TVB "Childrens Festival" opened yesterday and a group of Childrens Ambassadors including Jerry Lamb, Roger Kwok, Shirley Yeung and Don Li appeared at the opening event to play games with the kids and having evaded TVB's 'freeze', Jerry seemed very enthusiastic about his work.

After being reprimanded sternly by TVB for his earlier public criticism of the company's policies, Jerry's punishment was to be frozen for a short while, but due to a suitable replacement not being found for his host role for "Jade Solid Gold", it would appear that Jerry has managed to escape punishment. With his appointment as a Children's ambassador and then the arrangement for the new series of "Super Trio Show" to begin filming in August, his work has luckily not been affected.

As for getting away so lightly, Jerry is very happy and admits that he must hold his mouth sometimes, but is glad that his good relationship with people has led to good words being said for him and for this he is very grateful. After this lesson, Jerry says that he has been asking for advice on how to say things from people such as Eric Tsang, but he says that he will maintain his stance if he meets with other unfair situations in the future as he will support reason and not familiarity and he hopes people wil understand this.

As for Roger's new series "To Get Unstuck in Time", the first weeks ratings will be revealed today and he says he is quite afraid in case it breaks the record set by "Square Pegs". Although the storyline has been criticised as being a copy from the film "Frequency", he feels this is not important because it has been successfully remade.

Also, Roger denies that he plans to get married before next spring due to next year being a 'blind year' pushing his wedding plans to the following year. Although Roger is nearly forty years old, he is still in no hurry to start a family before he gets married. Roger laughs: "Hong Kong has laws and I have an image, my actions will affect other people, so I will not do things rashly."


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