Saturday, June 19, 2004

[Sing Pao]

Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Don Li and Mimi Lo joined a group of cast members from "A Handful of Love" for a rowing and barbecue party in Taipo yesterday, but as the weather was so hot, many of the cast members were rather 'casual'. As for Jessica, she had some tummy problems and therefore did not take part in the rowing as she indicated that she has been working too hard and will be cutting down on her work from now on.

Jessica was already feeling unwell before the event had started, so she didn't get onto the boat. She points out that the problems with her stomach are down to working too hard, so her Chinese doctor has told her that she has been pushing herself so hard and not eating properly. She also says that many people in the industry suffer from ilnesses of the digestive system and they must address this issue. Therefore she has reduced the series she has accepted as of this year, only taking on "My Honourable Wife", which will begin filming in August. After finishing her promotional work for "Handful", she will be taking a rest until August and enjoy some normal life as she laughs that she will be eating as punctually as taking medicine.

Joe Ma was injured by some splinters on his oar and one went particularly deep and needed his skin to be plied away to remove it. He says that he feels Jessica is amazing when she is working because she is very determine and she will not feel unwell until after finishing work. In "Handful", Joe will be playing a piano teacher and he admits he has never played such a studious character before. After the promotions, he will be concentrating on filming for the Olympics and his role in the sequel to "Hearts of Fencing". Don says that his auntie has just had a baby recently and stayed at the hospital that recently had a food poisoning outbreak, but luckily she moved hospitals before the outbreak occurred. He thinks that some medical staff can be quite clumsy at times because once he had an injection for anaesthetic and they left the needle in his arm.


A Handful of Love

Newly weds suddenly gain five children - will this be great joy or great worry?

Music teacher and home maker Koo Ka Yuen (Joe Ma) meets the lively and energetic TV producer Kuk Wai Ting (Jessica Hsuan) and falls in love at first sight as they have a whirlwind romance and get married. However, before they have become accustomed to married life, they become 'parents' to their five nephews and nieces and responsible for raising them.

Yuen and Ting move into the Fong family home and live together with the five children - Yan (Don Li), Yee (Poon Hiu Tung), Lai (Poon ??), Chi (Yau Chi Wang) and Shun (Tse Yuen Ting).

Yuen and Ting's personalities and attitudes towards teaching the children are at different extremes, but the two use an incomparable amount of love and care to turn danger into opportunity. However the good times do not stay and the real reason behind the death of the children's father is uncovered and they hold a misunderstanding towards Yuen and Ting and decide to leave home! Yuen and Ting overcome many difficulties to find them, but when they really see the couple as their 'true parents', their relationship starts to fall apart and there are red lights for their marriage as the five kids are faced with a broken family once again...

Cast: Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Don Li, Poon Hiu Tung, Poon ??, Yau Chi Wang, Tse Yuen Ting, Mimi Lo


[The Sun]

Jenny Cheung, Vivien Yeo, Monie Tung and Joe Ma were among the cast at the costume fitting for TVB's sequel of "Hearts Of Fencing" - "Prints in Red Sands". In response to Steven from Boyz having to write a letter of regret, his elder sister Jenny says: "It is right, he is still young and he should put his work first and wait a few years before he thinks about dating. (Is he unhappy?) I saw him at home a few days ago and he was not moaning, he is fine."

Also, hailing from Malaysia, Vivien will be playing one of the three sisters along with the other two girls and as her Cantonese is accented, is she worried that this will affect her performance? She says: "I am not worried, I will try my best and I can read Chinese, just needing a few hints from my manager about pronounciation and some help from two dictionaries." When asked if she was worried about rumours about her and the other girls, she says: "I am not afraid because they are all very friendly."


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