Saturday, June 26, 2004

[Sing Pao]

After his arrest under the suspicion of drug possession, Deep Ng has been contemplating his position at home for two days and yesterday he released a written statement, thanking his colleagues for their concerns as well as stating that he will bravely face the road ahead of him and face life boldly. He will be returning to filming at TVB City tomorrow for "Police Cadet Brave Hearts" and carry out his pledge as he continues to work hard.

With the press camping out outside his home, Deep has not emerged for two days and in truth, he has needed the space to reflect on what has happened. With his true feelings unknown, Deep issued a short hundred word statement, telling of his feelings after what has happened, thanking everyone for their support, apologising for all the trouble he has caused, but explaining that he cannot comment on the incident itself as it is still under investigation. He says that when the time is right, he will give everyone a full explanation.

Although these are sensitive times, he wil be carrying out his promise to face life strongly and not cause any more disruption, so he will continue his filming work tomorrow for TVB and there will certainly be some pressure as he faces the press.

After Deep's incident, his manager at EEG Mani Fok gave a rather hard-lined reaction to reflect the interests of the company, but Deep's colleagues at EEG are very upset about what has happened, especially those who work closely to him, who blame themselves for not keeping him in line. Deep feels very sorry for upsetting his friends in this way. Reports indicate that Deep is a hardworking person, but has recently become involved with some bad friends who have become detrimental to his life and career.


[The Sun, Sing Pao, Oriental Daily & Ta Kung Pao]

This year's Miss Hong Kong finalists joined with Miss Hong Kong 1999 Sonija Kwok at a cosmetics promotion and Sonija shared her experiences with her juniors, saying that they should stay relaxed and enjoy the experience of the contest.

Besides 1 Queenie Chu and 14 Kayee Tsang who were absent due to stomach pains and skin irritation respectively, the remaining 16 contestants joined the promotion hosted by Sasa, who presented them with $3000 cosmetics vouchers. A vote was held for who had the most beautiful arms and this was won by 5 Cecilia Yeung and 6 Kate Tsui. The winners were very happy to gain the recognition from their peers. Cecilia says that as her fingers are quite small, she grows her nails to make them look prettier and longer as well as doing various treatments for her hands. Kate says she has always put great care into her hands such as using hand cream every time she washes her hands.

2 Irene Yu was the focus of attention amidst reports of her claims to be a university student were actually inaccurate. She explained: "I have studied for a certificate of higher education at the Polytechnic University and later I will be joining the Nursing Faculty, so I have not falsely indicated my education." This was also confirmed by Deputy Production Manager Rosa Chan later on.

Sasa spokesperson Sonija praised all the girls for being very friendly. When asked who she had her eye on to win, Sonija says she has not chosen yet, but she gave some advice to the contestants: "I understand the pressure that they are under, so they should try to relax and if they have time to go and do facials. The most important thing is to relish the process of the contest and don't dwell on it too much."

Later, Sonija will be making a new advert for Sasa and then heading out to Beijing to film for "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud". When asked what her ideal location would be for the advrtisement, Sonija says she would love to do it in the Maldives instead of the usual photographic studios. With the 40 degree heat in Beijing and the ancient drama costumes, Sonija says she is prepared for the hardship as all the light clothing she bought for her earlier Kenya trip will be useful on this trip. With the news of bad food found in China once again, Sonija says she is not worried, because she knows that there is a supermarket and an American fast food restaurant near the studios and there shouldn't be a problem with the food there. When asked whether her mother will be with her, Sonija says: "Although I really want her to be with me and she had already asked to come along with me to Africa, I don't want her to be too weary. (Won't she be bored in Hong Kong?) She has the doggy for company."


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily]

Michelle Ye has been filming in the mainland lately and has been absent from the Hong Kong scene for a while. Appearing at a promotion for a gym yesterday, she bumped into a TVB producer who jokingly asked her if she had undergone cosmetic surgery because she has become so much prettier in the time she has been away!

Michelle immediately explained that the main reason is that she has been away filming in China and not appeared for a while, so with the hard work and sunshine on the mainland, she has become slimmer and darker, thus giving people the feeling that she looks differently. Although Michelle has been out of the press for a while, the happiest thing for her is that the amount of gossip surrounding her has also reduced.

Later, Michelle will be heading out to Athens to film an Olympic related travel programme before becoming a sports reporter for the Olympic Games coverage in August. As she will be constantly flying around, she has not even bothered unpacking since returning from the mainland because she will heading out again soon.

Becoming an Olympic games host for the first time, Michelle is quite excied because she will have no-one helping her out and she will have to go and interview the gold medal winners herself. Recently she has been passed some related information on tape for her to watch in the hope she can learn from this and be prepared for the job. Michelle says she will give her all for this task.


[Oriental Daily]

With a jam-packed schedule of advertisements recently, Bernice Liu will also be taking part in the filming of Sam Hui's new film and has also confirmed her appearance at Sam's additional concerts, so with so much work, she has made up for the lost chances due to her earlier illness. Bernice has earned herself the nickname "Susie" after appearing in the dance for Sam's song "Tsimshatsui Susie" and to have received so much support, she has regained her confidence and laughs: "Even Hawick calls me that now!"

At the moment, Bernice is busy filming for TVB's "Blossoming Hearts" and "Healing Hands III" so in order to take on Sam's movie, she has had to fit it into her schedules. Although there will be more pressure with this, Bernice has many ways of relieving stress, but she will never take drugs because Bernice says that she values her future too much. When she is free, she will do some excerise to relax her mind, such as yoga or boxing as these will help take away any unhappiness and discomfort. Alternatively, she will talk to people as this is another good way of getting things out of the system.


[Oriental Daily]

Bobby Au-Yeung will be heading out to Beijing with Sonija Kwok next Tuesday to film, so he and Sonija took part in an early shoot for next year's calendar photo. He laughs: "Having it done early is good, because it gives them time to fix the photo. I went for some document photos earlier and had to ask them to remove the bags under my eyes and I also asked if they could make my eyelids deeper and they said that they could. It's quite amazing!" Bobby says that he has had calendar photos with most of the beauties in TVB, but is just missing Jessica Hsuan and Flora Chan. He says: "I have partnered Ada, Kenix and Mariane. I did have many chances to work with Flora, but they never materialised, so we just lack a little fate. Working with Sonija this time is still good, she is pretty and great fun." As for Deep Ng's incident, Bobby says he does not want to comment, but he says that after so many years in the business, he has finally quit smoking a few years ago because he was worried about having poor health.

Also, having been named in the Hong Kong International Film and TV Market (FILMART) among the "Top 5 Overseas Value Television Artistes" together with Gallen Lo, Bobby says: "I am very happy to have been named in the top five as this is an encouragement for the hard work we put into our work. I hope there will be more of these polls in the future." As for Gallen, he says: "Recently moving back into series, I am very happy to be in the top five and I am even happier that old friend Ada Choi was part of the top five female artistes."


[Oriental Daily]

Maggie Cheung was issued with a ticket for speeding and driving an unlicenced vehicle earlier, but as she was filming in Wuxi, she had not paid the fines to the court and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Maggie appeared at a hearing yesterday at Kowloon City Law Courts, where she admitted the charges and later outside the court, she indicated that as she was busy filming in Wuxi for "Proud Heroes of Chu and Han" and her assistant was with her, she was unable to pay the fines. Maggie was charged with going 15 km/h over the speed limit in the Clear Water Bay area on 11th November last year in a car that had not been registered and breaking the laws of the road. The judge ruled that the fines for the two offences totalled $770 but as this was late, she also had to add court fines and costs totalling $1,650.

Case reference: KCM 122-123/2003


[Oriental Daily]

TVB's ancient drama "Twin of Brothers" (formerly referred to as "Double Dragon of the Tang") starring Raymond Lam, Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung will begin airing in July and the two 'kings of newcomers' will begin a series of on-screen 'battles' with each other. However, even before airing, the first battle has been won by Raymond, who will be singing the theme tune to the show.

Raymond and Ron are both young leads who are being heavily promoted by TVB and although they have some conflict in their careers, they are good friends in real life and dislike the comparison made between them by everyone. Little wonder that when Raymond was asked how he felt about 'winning' Ron on the theme tune matter, he immediately defended his friend: "You can't describe it as winning, the reason why the producer asked me to sing it was because I have a recording contract and it doesn't matter who sings the theme tune. (Will you let the conflicts affect your friendship?) I believe that this will not affect our relationship now or in the future, I think the reason they cast Ron and I to be the 'double dragons' was because we are really good friends."

As for whether Ron is bothered by not singing the theme tune, he says acceptantly: "No, it doesn't matter who sings it but Raymond has more experience at singing and he has a record contract." Ron says that although he was unable to sing the theme tune for "Twin", he will be singing the theme to "Destinies of the Western Chamber" that will be aired soon, together with Myolie Wu.


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