Friday, June 11, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun]

Kenix Kwok and Michael Tao were filming a splitting up scene in Tsimshatsui for "Blossoming Hearts" when a foreign man suddenly approached Kenix to ask her to take a photo. Everyone thought he wanted a picture with her, but it turned out he wanted her to take a photo of him and he went on to place plenty of poses against the famous backdrop. Everyone around found the situation hilarious as leading star Kenix was reduced to cameraman! However, Kenix didn't mind as she said graciously: "I'm helping the Hong Kong tourist trade, so I don't mind!" Michael wasn't far behind her as he posed willingly for photos with tourists from the Mainland.

Kenix says that this show will finish filming in July and then she will begin work on "Ten Brothers". Although this busy person will have a week's vacation. she will be taking the time to film an advertisement. "Originally we had planned to go on holiday, but my husband knows I like to keep working so he has no complaints. When we start working on 'Ten Brothers' we will see plenty of each other!" Michael on the other hand will be taking the time out for a rest: "It is my birthday in August and in the past I have always spent it working, so I hope I have a break this year. Having filmed 'Shine on You' earlier, I hope it can be released in the Summer and give a positive reflection on Roy Chow's incident."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Shawn Yu has been rumoured to be dating Emme Wong and although they deny the rumours, they have been photographed waterskiing together. Shawn's former girlfriend Natalie Tong appeared at a promotional event with Patricial Liu yesterday and was asked whether she knew about Shawn's new girlfriend. She laughed: "I am happy for him. Haven't they already written about him and Emme before. (Will you call him to confirm this?) No, because we haven't kept in touch, but this is a good thing."

As to whether she has a boyfriend, she smiles: "I don't have anyone yet. Although there is someone after me, he isn't suitable. If they aren't a couple of years younger than me then they are over ten years older. I like more mature men, because they can teach me things, but I don't want the gap to be too large. As for men who are younger than me, then I can't accept this even more."


[The Sun]

Gigi Lai was invited together with director Chan Ka Sheung to the anniversary party of a restaurant in Chengdu and Gigi indicates she will soon be starting work on "Healing Hands III". She says: "My character is not a pretty one, so I can lose my usual image of being a vase. My biggest wish is to play a mentally disabled or a single mother as this would really help me to shed the pretty girl image."


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