Wednesday, June 16, 2004

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[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

Not long after starting filming on "Police Cadet Brave Hearts", Sammul Chan and Fiona Sit have had rumours of them falling out with each other and recently this animoscity seems to have stepped up a level as reports from the set indicate that Fiona has been complaining about appearing in a swimsuit and there are suggestions that it was Sammul who has been passing out this news. The producer Wong Wai Sing has had to step in, revealing that Sammul has expressed a query as to why Fiona was cast into the part and saying that Sammul should be more embracing and put aside their personal differences.

In response to the producer's words, Sammul has felt rather annoyed because he feels that the producer is biased against him and his manager Ivy Chow Kwan Yin also feels that the response was very unfair after reading the reports and immediately contacted the artiste department to gain and understanding of the situation: "As a producer, he should handle things fairly, but after reading the reports, I think he is leaning in one direction. Sammul is a member of the company and should be fairly treated. I am very disappointed in this producer." As Chow is very unhappy, she immediately complained to the artiste department: "I have expressed my opinions to the artistes department and I wanted to know exactly what happened. You will meet with unfairness in any line of work, but this is very obviously over the line."

In response to the remarks made by Sammul's manager, Producer Wong says: "I have not been helping any particular side, I am just telling the truth. Having worked with Sammul in so many shows, I think he gives a very good performance and I spoke to him today. He says that he worked with Fiona today and it was fine, so I think there was just a misunderstanding in words. I also hope that they can overcome their differences and I will also speak to Fiona to understand her situation."

Appearing on a radio show yesterday, Fiona herself pointed out that it was all a misunderstanding, but she was left speechless by the host Cha siu Yan. She added that she isn't very good at speaking and apologised to the reporters on the day. As for the matter of the swimsuit, Fiona explained: "That scene did not require me to get into the water, so the company had made arrangements with TVB that I could wear a T-shirt on top." She also adds that she has received a warning: "There are a lot of rules in this show and we are not allowed to give press photocalls at the police training school, so when this happened, I was reprimanded by the company and the school and told that if this happened again I didn't need to carry on filming. I was very scared, but the company has discussed this with me and I would rather be scolded by the producer and admit it anyway, because I don't want there to be any misunderstanding."


[Ta Kung Pao]

Sheren Tang was baptised as a Christian in April and afterwards in May, she has immediately headed out to Europe and America with her church friends to spread the word of the gospel, experiencing taking part in a musical for the first time, singing and dancing and leaving her very happy indeed.

Talking of her three week trip, Sheren finds it hard to hide her joy and she says: "It turns out I have a lot of friends and family overseas and they all fought for the chance to come and see me and even when I was staying for less than 24 hours in once place, they still came to see me." After these meetings, Sheren went to Holland for a vacation and she found the place to be very romantic.

Sheren is now hosting gospel show "Save the Next Generation" and talking of her Christianity, will she be focussing on her gospel work in the future? She admits that this is the case, for example World Vision have asked her to visit the children in the mountainous regions of Shaxi province and as she loves children, she has agreed to go without hesitation. She smiles: "Although I haven't thought of having children of my own, I still love coming into contact with children and no matter what nationality they are, I will still get on with them. (As you love kids so much, will you change your mind and have some of your own?) Because I love children so much, I feel I shouldn't have my own becuse then I can share my love among more children and not just care for one of them."


L-R: 8 Winnie Shum & 5 Cecilia Yeung; 2 Irene Yu

[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

The 18 Miss Hong Kong contestants arrived at a boutique in Festival Walk to choose some clothes thanks to the sponsorship of $2000 of new clothes for each girl that they had to choose within three minutes. Among them, 7 Tiffany Leong chose a tube top dress and she says: "This dress is not too low cut, some people can wear it like that, but I will match it up with a denim skirt."

8 Winnie Shum and 5 Cecilia Yeung have both been picked out as rather chubby, with the need to lose some weight and yesterday they showed off some of the results of their hard work as they appeared to be a little slimmer. Cecilia indicates she has taken time out for slimming treatment: "My thighs have slimmed and it is most obvious when I am wearing trousers because it is a lot looser now. However, it is still not perfect and I still have to continue working hard so that when I wear swimwear, I don't have to pull my tummy in." As for Winnie, she has obviously lost the bulk from her upper arms and she says: "My friends say I have lost weight, but I don't really feel it myself, maybe because I am looking at it every day."

On the other hand, 2 Irene Yu was more relaxed, without the worry of slimming. She indicates that she needs to add weight and stirs up the envy of everyone around. She says: "Many people say I am too skinny, I also feel I should fatten up a bit. At least I don't need slimming treatments so I can save some money and use it to do facials instead."


[Oriental Daily]

TVB has recently set up its own recording section to promote its own artistes into singing the theme songs and sub-themes for series, keeping the benefits for their own staff. After many auditions from artistes, this policy is now in place and after the 'Six Olympic Stars' recording the TVB Olympic Games theme, there is a queue of artistes ready and waiting to record the theme songs for upcoming series.

TVB's deputy resourcing director Lok Yik Ling indicates: "The 'Olympic Stars' have recorded two songs and the response from these have been good, with some external recording companies asking if they can cover the song with their own singers. With such a good sucess, we have decided to allow the stars of some recently completed and nearly completed shows to sing their own theme songs. For example, Myolie Wu and Ron Ng will be singing the theme to 'Destinies of the Western Chamber' in a duet, Moses Chan will be doing the theme to 'Blossoming Hearts' and the first one that you will hear will be the theme to the 'Hearts of Fencing' continuation show 'Prints on Red Sands', because this show has already been scheduled to be aired in August during the summer holidays."

As for the new series 'Treasure in the Family' starring Alex Fong (Lik San) and Hawick Lau, although the new policy means that Hawick will have the chance to sing a song for the show, the theme will still belong to singing star Alex. Producer Wong Sum Wai explains: "Before the policy came into place, we had already discussed the theme tune with Alex as part of the package for him to appear in the show, so this remains unaffected."


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